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Post by: J. Mark & Natalie Davis on February 21, 2001

I am looking for any information on the Schale and Bookstore families that lived in Prowers Co. Abraham Schale and family are on the 1920 census.

Post by: Joanne on February 21, 2001

I am looking for information about the Bledsoe and Childs family. William Bledsoe and his sons Jacob, Cary, Edward, and Marion were in Prower County around the year 1910. I have found homestead records for several of them in the BLM files. They settled in the area near Holly. My husbands father Gleyn was born in Holly in 1910.

Edward Bledsoe married Annie Childs in 1909. Her father James Hamilton Childs owned a store in Lamar. His wife's name was Isabel. They was active in the Salvation Army.

I would apprecate any tidbit of information that is available on the Bledsoes and Childs in the area. Thank you.

Joanne in Seattle

Post by: Leanne (Booth) Bowen on February 16, 2001

My name is Leanne (Booth) Bowen. My Great Grandfather, I am told owned and operated a music store in Lamar for quite some time. His name was Roscoe Martin Booth, Sr. and my Great- Grandmother was Beatrice (Hyde) Booth. I am looking for some more information on either one of them.

They are both buried in the main cemetary that is south and east of town, behind the college. If any one has more information, please help, my email address is mrlrbowen@hotmail.com. Thank you for any help.

Post by: Doris Stuck on February 15, 2001

Did Holly, CO have a newspaper in 1929? What funeral home might have handled a death in Holly in 1929?

A cousin, Nadine Gillstar (Gilstar?) died in childbirth possibly Feb./Mar 1929 leaving 3 small children. They were living in Holly and husband Tom was working at the sugar factory. The spelling of the name might be verified if a death record could be found. Although she was reportedly buried in Holly it would be doubtful there was a stone. Is there a custodian of cemetery records at Holly? Thank you! Doris Stuck, Sterling, CO.

Post by: Duncan Morrow on January 27, 2001

I am researching family history and hope you can help.

I seek obituaries of two family members who lived their last years in Lamar. Unfortunately, I have only death years for each.

Eliza (Heskett) Wybrant was 97 when she passed away in 1937.

Ed Bondurant, died in 1943, when he was about 81 years old. his wife, Lucy (Wybrant) Bondurant, was Eliza Wybrant's daughter.

A local history of Ellis County, OK, includes this passage:

"In 1932 Ed, Lucy and Grandma Wybrant moved to Lamar, Colo., where Lucy pastored the Church of God in Lamar for 3 years, during which time, and for 13 additional years, she taught in and was superintendent of Lamar Bible School. while living in Lamar, Ed passed away in 1943. In 1949, when her health began to fail, Lucy moved to Duman, Texas, to the home of her daughter."

I would, of course, be delighted in there are any local histories of Lamar or Prowers county that include discussion of this family, too, but I think it less likely, since they left no descendents there.

I fully expect to repay all reasonable costs for searching, copying and mailing anything you can locate.

I am:
Duncan Morrow
5300 Nutting Drive
Springfield, VA 22151

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


Post by: Mike Matern on January 16, 2001

TAYLOR surname of Lamar,Prowers Co., Colorado from the late 1800's onward

Charles Morse Taylor of Lamar
Willis (Bill) Vance Taylor of Lamar and later Las Animas

Looking for anyone with info on this family and any living relations, Bill Taylor was my great-grandfather.

Please contact Mike Matern at mike_matern@waters.com

Post by: Judy Myers Davis on January 8, 2001

I am looking for a Myers School, Dist.No.31, Prowers Co.,Col. Term began September 10,1900: closed May 01,1901.I have a list of the students attending.

Board of Education
President: G. Silberberger
Secretary: G.L. Cowan
Treasure: A.J. Myers
County Supt: Maime H. Exline
Teacher: Ethal. G . Hoffman

My G-Grandfather was Andrew Jackson Myers the treasure and I believe G.L. Cowan (George) was my G-Uncle.

Any information on this school would be greatly appreciated. If anyone is interested in the names of the students I would be happy to share them with you.

Thank You
Judy Myers Davis

Post by: Janet Branson on December 17, 2000
I am looking for information on Lottie Haurigan Morton. She died in Lamar July 1974. If someone could find her obit and send me, I'd sure appreciate it.

Post by: Virginia on November 21, 2000
Looking for the death date for Eva H. Gibbs who died between 1901-1904. Her husband Charles W. Gibbs remarried Mar. 5, 1905 and the questionaire said she was deceased. Her daughter and son in law lived in Granada and had several children born there. Would like to know when Eva died and where buried. Her daughter's name was Edith Knowlen. If anyone can help me please email me at gfrisone@concentric.net

Virginia from Ohio

Post by: rfhay@netins.net on November 9, 2000
I am trying to locate two people that are both males. They are father and son. There names are John Monroe Cunningham "father" and Harvey Abner Cunningham "son" They both left Iowa in 1905 heading for Lamar Co. The family got a post card from them in Lamar and never was heard from scense.

If anyone has any information at all on these two, would you please contact me at rfhay@netins.net

Posted by: Maryann Lindsly on Sep 10, 2000

Revising Original Post: 8/27/99
Seeking information:
Marriage: Edwin Melvern LINDSLY/LINDSLEY to Edna Pearl DANIELS around 1916.
Death: Edna Pearl DANIELS, after March 1920 before 1936. Unsure as to where or when she died.

I have the birth certificate for the oldest son, Wesley Daniel LINDSLY, born September 29, 1917; Lamar, Prowers County, CO. Looking for the birth of the second son, Kenneth Edwin LINDSLY, he was born January 15, 1920 unknown if he was born in Lamar, CO.

I am also looking for others who may be researching this family. Thanks for any help in advance.

Please contact me at: mlindsly@earthlink.net or
Maryann Lindsly
5038 Hilltop Drive
El Sobrante, CA 94803-1616

Posted by: Dean Geiss on July 29, 2000
Seeking contact or information re: descendants of either Lewis M. Appel or Ray Appel, who were listed as residents of Holly, CO, in the 1915 obituary of their father. These two individuals would have been first cousins of my Great-Grandmother Dorothea Appel Geiss.

Posted by: Shirley Bohannon on July 25, 2000

Looking for info on my g-grandfather Charles Morse Taylor. His death certificate info was given by A.B. New. Who is this? His obit says that he died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. A. B. New. His daughter Luella Maud was my grandmother, and she married my grandfather John Turner in Lamar, in 1906. If anyone in the New family is still in Lamar, or if anyone knows about this family, please e-mail SBohan4992@aol.com, or sbohan@rabbitbrush.com.
Thank You, Shirley Bohannon

Posted by: Dianne Jenkins Spitzer on July 12, 2000

I'm trying to find the date of death and the final resting place for my great-uncle Niels Ferdinand Fredrickson. He was most often called "Fred" or "N.F.". He was born in Denmark and immigrated with his father--later followed by his mother & siblings. He lived in Allen Co., Kansas, for many years but after a separation he lived the rest of his life in Prowers Co., CO--possibly Bristol or Lamar. His elderly grandson said he died sometime in 1940 in his home alone. Can anyone help with the actual date &/or place of burial? Thank you.
Dianne Jenkins Spitzer in Michigan

HENERY or HENRY in Lamar.
Posted by: ddhfresnoca@yahoo.com on July 9, 2000

Know of father George (b. 1 Nov 1884 in Ohio), mother Mary Anna (b. 28 Jun 1889 in Grey Creek, CO - maiden name: SARAH, and sons, George Lee (b. 20 Apr 1911 in Lamar), Arthur Melvin (b. 18 Oct 1907 in Wiley), and Russell Lawrence (b. 27 Oct 1912 in Lamar).

Posted by Gene Hefner on Tue, 30 May 2000
Surname: Hefner

looking for info. about Charles Allen Hefner and John David Hefner

Did BARKER siblings marry DANNAR siblings?
Posted by Marcella on Wed, 24 May 2000

I am looking Emmett BARKER who 1. married Violet DANNAR or DANNER d.1929. They had a son named Marvin BARKER or Melvin BARKER. Emmett remarried after Violet died.
I am also looking for a Georgia BARKER who 1. married Robert DANNAR or DANNER d. 1930 around Lamar, Prowers Co., CO. They had one or two children. Georgia also remarried after Robert died.
Violet and Robert are siblings.
Could Emmett and Georgia also siblings?
Your help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Posted by Earlene Bale on Fri, 21 Apr 2000

Searching for any information on great grandfather, James Augustine Fowler, b. 27 Aug. 1836, Butler Co. OH, d. 09 July 1916, Bristol, Prowers Co. CO. May be buried in the Bristol Cem. but I'm lacking proof. James was suppose to have been the son of Bemjamin and Hannah (Carson) Fowler. James m. Matilda Jane Stevens, b. 02 Nov. 1842, Lee Co. IL, d. 22 July 1886, Fairburgh, Jefferson Co.NE, Their dau. was Hattie Jane Fowler b. 24 Feb. 1867, Lee or Jefferson Co. IA, d. 12 Jan. 1948, Tracyton, Kitsap Co. WA., m. 1887/88 Unknown place to Samuel Newton Synder Lindsey, b. 08 Mar. 1860, Galesburg, Knox Co. IL, d. 19 Aug. 1946, Tracyton, WA. Their son, Samuel James Lindsey, was b. 15 Aug. 1892, Chromo, Archuleta Co. CO. d. 02 Nov. 1967, Bremerton, Kitsap Co. WA. He m. Nina Opal Morris, b. 1893, KS, d. 1971, Bremerton, Kitsap Co. WA. I have other information I will gladly share with anyone.

Posted by Michael Gleiforst on Sat, 15 Apr 2000
Surname: Mender

I am looking for info on the Mender Family who had a Foundry 10 miles south of Lamar and 4 miles west in Prowers County. My Grandmother was his granddaughter.

Posted by Peter Utas on Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Surname: ROYSTON

Original Posting January 5, 2000---In 1929 one Howard L. ROYSTON (perhaps sometimes known as Herbert ROYSTON), from California, was charged with a robbery and murder in Lamar, Prowers County, CO, convicted, and subsequently executed. There are articles in the San Francisco papers. They are dated beginning in August, 1929, with the trial and sentencing in October. The execution was covered in the July 20, 1930 edition of the S.F. Chronicle.

My queries: Are there any local newspaper or court accounts available from Lamar? Where would the execution have taken place?

Posted by Roberta A. Kravitz on Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Surname: CREAGHE

Original Posting January 16, 2000---I am currently searching for information on my great-grandfather, St. George CREAGHE, who retired to Lamar, Prowers County, in 1898 from St. Johns, Arizona, where he was Apache County sheriff, and anyone in the CORNING family who originated in Lamar.

Posted by Royce Bailey on Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Surname: KENNEDY

Original Post January 19, 2000---My grandmother was born in Prowers County in 1892, her name was Mary J. Kennedy. I was trying to trace her family back. I do know she was born in Lamar and she told about a flood on the Arkansas and her dad or mother putting her up on a table in their house to be out of the water, she was three years old at the time she said!

I guess what I wanted was just conformation of her birth there.

Posted by Norma Hauser on Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Surname: TABLER

Original posting January 19, 2000---Would like to find the death date and the cemetery where my husband's Grandpa Calvin E. (Elhanan) TABLER. We think he is buried in a cemetery around Lamar, Prowers County.

Posted by Tom Gibbons on Sat, 08 Apr 2000

Original Posting January 22, 2000--I am researching the birthplace of my grandfather, Ray William Holliday. I am told that he may have been born in Lamar (Prowers County), Colorado, in 1892.

Posted by Don Phillips on Sat, 08 Apr 2000

Original Posting February 21, 2000--I am searching for relatives of George W. Robertson (1883-1911) married on 9 November 1856 to Mary Elizabeth Corkins (?-1915). They lived for several years in or near Lamar, Prowers County, Colorado. They both died at Lamar, but were buried at Winfield, Kansas. I would like to contact descendants.

Posted by Beth Tatum on Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Surname: CHAVEZ

I am looking for a man by the name of Frank Chavez. He was my great-grandfather. My grandfathers name was Sam Chavez. He was born in Holly, Prowers County, in 1906. I can't even find a birth cert. on him to make sure Frank was really his father. Any ideas?

Posted by John Spence on Thu, 06 Apr 2000
Surname: Cox, Vernal

Looking for information on Melville Benjamin Cox who was living in Holly, CO in 1911. Melville was married to Eliza Vernal. Would like to know where they are buried and any information on their children, Horace and Percy. Thanks.

Posted by Dickie Stewart on Wed, 05 Apr 2000

I am interested in knowing about the little town of Wiley, just outside of Lamar, Prowers Co. My Grandfather lived in Bacca Co. and died in Prowers Co. (1953) Was there other members of his family in Prowers co?

Posted by Jeanie Richardson on Wed, 05 Apr 2000

Original Posting 1/30/00--My grandfather was married prior to marrying my grandmother. We have tried to trace this previous marriage to Etta Komer. We do have the marriage application and license but do not know if this marriage was annulled or if there was a divorce. Family rumor has it that Lydia had the marriage annulled. It's like she disappeared.

The marriage date is as follows:
Jesse Barker of Lamar, CO. Prowers County
Etta Komer of Lamar, CO. Prowers County
Married on 8-24-1910 in Bent County
Married by Fred H. Zimmerman

Jesse-Mother was Lydia Adeline Carrico-Barker residing in Lamar, CO.
Jesse-Father was John Barker residing in Lamar, CO

Please let me know where to go from here. If the marriage was annulled would it have to have been annulled in the County there were married in or could the annulment taken place in Lamar, CO.

Thank you.

Posted by Hallie Smeltz Martinson on Wed, 05 Apr 2000
Surname: McCain, Crabtree

Original Posting 2/20/00--Samuel McCain m. Barbara Crabtree they lived in Ohio and came to Prowers County in it's young years. They moved away and came back in their later years. They both died in the Lamar area and are buried at Riverside Cemetery beside their son Jeremiah McCain.

Samuel b. no dates on the headstone
Barbara b. May 16, 1838 d. Jan 19, 1905
Jeremiah b. June 4, 1853 June 4, 1853 d. Jan 22, 1908

Was Jeremiah ever married?

Samuel and Jeremiah both held land patents in Prowers County.

Barbara was the sister of Druzilla Crabtree Keairns. There were other Crabtrees in the area. Are they related to any of the above?

James S. & Druzilla Crabtree Keairns had a dau, named Minnie who m. Charles Grant Smeltz. Charles and his brother John Marrion Smeltz both held land patents in Prowers County. The Crabtree's and McCain's came from Jackson & Scioto Counties, Ohio. The Smeltz's from Carroll County, Ohio.

Any information on these families would be very much appreciated & I would be happy to share.

Posted by Dickie Stewart on Wed, 05 Apr 2000
Surname: Wiley

Original Posting 3/8/00--I am looking for the grave of my grandfather Robert Lee Wiley. He died 14 Sept 53 in Lamar, Prowers Co., CO. I know that he lived in Bacca Co., so he may be buried there. I am thankful for any help.

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