Terpening/Armstrong 68th & counting Reunion

September 04, 2005  Sunday before labor day September 5, 2003

Lincoln Park Pavilion

Lincoln Park, Galesburg, IL  61401

We eat 1 PM

            Bring a covered dish to pass, your own place settings, drink, whatever you want to please your family.  There is always coffee, tea, and lemonade.   We have ice cream to serve with your delicious desert you’ve brought to share.

                 Also, if you have any old photos or new ones of your family, your family group sheets that you haven't turned in yet, old newspaper clippings or anything else of interest to share with the others at the reunion would love to have you bring it along.

                You can notify everyone or anyone with family ties to us to come to the reunion.  Would like to get more people coming to get more information and things on family members.  I challenge each and everyone of you to contact somebody who hasn't been to the reunion for awhile to get them to come this year.  I have lots of new information on some family members.  I've found a 3rd cousin on the Wallace side of the family; plus, a 3rd cousin who is related to Mindwell Smith Terpening.  She is out of the Smith's one of Mindwell Smith's sister's.  She lives in Oregon and so does Carol although not together or anything.  Just a coincidence.  Trying to get these things put together to be able to give to some of you who are out of our direct lineage from Ezekiel Terpening to John Thomas Terpening.  Also, have information on Olive Terpening who married Forestus Hibbard and her off spring married Ferrington's.  Olive Terpening Hibbard never remarried.  She was only married once to Forestus Hibbard and died in MO.  So, the Mrs. Boswell in the John Peck Terpening Biography and which I have online is not correct in referring to this sister.  So, there is a mystery we could hope to solve.  Also, would like a photo of the Tylerville church, and any old photos of the old Tylerville area.  Donald Clay Terpening had given me some and I had scanned them in then had a hard drive crash and didn't get back out to get them replaced before his untimely death.  Miss Donald as my daughter does, too.   Any help from any of Donald Siblings would be greatly appreciated or anyone else.  Thanks and hope to see you all there. 

Foxie Hagerty, SecretaryFoxie, Augusta, Ron wed-bliss

1635 Sherwood Road

Dahinda, IL 61428

Phone: 3093375530



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