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NOLANCharles----3/19/1876ae 64y
NOLANCatherine----2/14/1878ae 64y 10m 16d, Wife of C.
SMYTHFlorence I.19201921 
SMYTHJohn W.18811921 
SMYTHJohn W.1/24/18469/19/1880Co C 91 Ohio Inf/ 2 stones
SMYTHAnna M.May 18528/14/1922 
MULVANEYPatrick----7/18/1879"Sacred to the memory of"
MULVANEYPatrick--------Co C 30 ILL Inf. /2nd stone
PATTEEFrederick H.19131982 
PATTEEMartha S.1906---- 
PATTEEMary Hardin18831944 
PATTEEFedrick B.18821976 
PATTEEBertram A.18741877 
PATTEEElizabeth Nye18431930 
PATTEEJ. Howard18351909 
FOSTERJames W.5/15/186410/6/1893small stone J.W.F.
FOSTERJames L.12/5/181311/26/1893small stone J.L. F.
FOSTERRhoda M.12/28/18264/21/1876small stone R.M.F.
FOSTEREdna M.18851962 
FOSTERElizabeth----11/21/1886ae 70y, Wife of J.P.
FOSTERLizzie A.18581911Wife of W. P.
FOSTERWilliam P.18591941 
DUNCANIda Bell6/9/18603/6/1886Dau of J.& A.L.
DUNCANCol. J.11/14/17919/10/1878 
DUNCANRobert L.--------1st Sgt Co F 17 ILL Inf.
SNYDERGeorge18271892In Memory of George and his Wife
HARDINGMary R.18331900Dau of Gen. A.C. Harding and his wife Rebecca Liebrick
HARDINGMary Gertrude5/4/18535/8/1855 
HARDINGInfant Son----1/10/1855Son of Geo. & M.R.
HARDINGInfant Daughter----11/13/1869Dau of Geo. & M.R.
HARDINGGeorge Jr.18611931In Memory Of
HARDINGSchuyler C.18671935 
SALTZMANJ. H. S.11/17/187-5/4/187-child of J.& M.
SALTZMANA.W.S.----9/17/1879ae 1m 4d, child of J.& M.
SALTZMANL.M.S.8/7/18779/28/1877child of J.& M.
ROBBWm. H.18541935 
ROBBLena R.18591923 
ZIMMERJohn E.18901976 
ZIMMERGertrude Robb1890---- 
CALDWELLCatherine----12/14/1875ae 71y
CALDWELLDavid----10/16/1881ae 40y
CALDWELLLeroy----1/26/1882ae 5m, Son of D.& B.
HUTCHISONKatharine Irwin18601908 
HUTCHISONJohn Calvin18321916 
HUTCHISONElizabeth C.18361916 
HUTCHISONJennie G.18721955 
TAYLORHarriett H.18701935Mother
HOODMary J.18531926Mother
STEVENSMay H.18811938 
SEARSClara H.18731935 
BRUCESarah----4/26/1862ae 27y 3m 19d, Dau of J.& E. Kendall
BRUCEEmma J.----June 1865ae 1y 18d
BRUCEInfant Daughter--------ae 5m 15d
KENDALLJohn1/2/17954/6/1877ae 82y 3m 4d, Husband of Elizabeth
KENDALLRobert----1/17/1882ae 81y 9m 7d
KENDALLDavid M.6/27/18305/15/1900 
KENDALLWm. E.----4/12/1858ae 21y 4m 28d
KENDALLClark A.----2/17/1862ae 20y 4m 3d, died at Fort Donaldson, Co F 17 ILL Inf./ 2 stones
WILLIAMSAnne J.----2/7/1884ae 21y 10m 12d
WILLIAMSMaggie B.----10/15/1892ae 11y 16d
KENDALLAnn R.----2/14/1870ae 70y 8m 6d, Wife of Robt.
ALLENBryson B.----2/11/1863ae 25y 10m 3 d, died at Fort Donaldson, TN in defense of his country, Co C 83 ILL Inf/ 2 stones
ALLENDavid B.----2/1/1863ae - 1m 11d, died at Fort Donaldson, TN in defense of his country, Co C 83 ILL Inf./ 2 stones
ALLENJoseph A.--------Co C 36 ILL Inf.
ALLENGeo. H.----3/1/1889 
BUTEN. D. LaFayette----9/20/1863ae 21y ----17d, Corp. Co C 36 ILL Vol Inf,  died at Chickamauga/ 2 stones
BUTECyrus----2/6/1892ae 72y -20d, 2nd Lt, Co A 183 ILL Inf./ 2 stones
BUTEMargaret----6/11/189275y 5m 11d, Wife of Cyrus
BUTEJohn M.----11/13/1888ae 40y 2m 17d, late of Co L. 12 ILL Cav./ 2 stones
BUTESarah Ann--------unreadable
BUTEJoel Franklin--------unreadable
BUTEbroken stone--------15y 1m 16d
EARPEffie Matilda18671922 
EARPLorenzo D.--------Corp. Co K 11 ILL Cav.
EARPAchesa J.18471918 
EARPInfant----12/24/1872Son of L.D.& A.J.
DUNNAllen18331912Sgt. Co E. 102 ILL Inf./ 2 stones
DUNNEliz. J.18321916Mother
DUNNAddie Bell----10/23/1876ae 5y 3m 17d, Dau of A.& E.
DUNNPresley Albert----3/31/1861ae 11m 2d
DUNNInfant Son----Feb 1869ae 3d, interred in Norwood, ILL
DUNNEliz. J.18321916 
HAMSHERT. Oliver 18311897 
HAMSHERJane M. Shoemaker18381922Wife of T.O.
HAMSHERElizabeth R.18571950Dau of T.O. & J. M.
HAMSHERRuth Etta18611901Dau of T.O. & J.M.
HAMSHER----1897one date, no first name
HAMSHERJohn W.18661939Son of T.O. & J.M.
HAMSHERElizabeth18681942Wife of J.W.
PENNEYElizabeth S.18541913 
KETTERINGE. M.--------Grandma
KETTERINGInfant Dau18821882 
KETTERINGHarry F.18771879 
NORTONElisha B.18071876 
NORTONAlmira18091893His Wife
NORTONSamuel Hedrick4/7/18431/12/1938 
KELLOGGCharles E.18621947Father
KELLOGGLottie J.18661892Mother
KELLOGGAlice B.18661950Mother
KELLOGGFrank M.19021956 
ButlerAnn Louise Jones4/19/18091/4/1906Wife of Isaac BUTLER
GAINERElla----2/10/1872ae 2y 3m 6d, Dau of J.F.& E. A.
GAINERMinnie----2/13/1872ae 8y 5m 17d, Dau of J.F.& E.A.
GAINERCora----2/26/1872ae 6y 24d, Dau of J.F.& E.A.
McCONNELLDavid T.----10/15/1887ae 69y 7m 15d
McCONNELLWilliam H.----9/23/1871ae 19y 9m 25d
CONNELLWilliam2/2/180212/15/1891a native of Sterlingshire, Scotland
STRANGRev. David----12/8/1872in the 73 yrs of his age
STRANGJanet M.----1/8/1886in the 78 year of her age, wife of Rev. D.
MOODIEMargaret----12/24/1871in the 61 year of her age
STRANGDavid18531929Son of Rev. David
STRANGMartha----8/1/1914in her 75 yr, Dau of Rev. David & J.M.
STRANGAgnes----3/16/1914in her 77 yr, Dau of Rev. David & J.M.
WICKCatherine4/1/18233/18/1889Wife of C.
WICKThomas F.9/30/18449/30/1858 
WICKHenry J.3/30/18495/6/1851 
TEAREHenry----2/19/1912ae 73y 2d
TEAREElvira----10/16/1893ae 46y 5m 26d, Wife of Henry
TEARECora Etta----1/14/1885ae 16y 3m 4d, Dau of H.& E.A.
DOUGLASMary Ann2/28/18243/23/1901Wife of Samuel
DOUGLASHercules S.9/13/184610/29/1887 
DOUGLASS. L. Dick-------- 
DOUGLASCharles E.--------Son of Dick
BRADYE. Douglas--------All Names on side of large stone---there are no dates
BRADYMary Ann--------
MERRIFIELDGreenup--------Co G 1 ILL Cav.
DOUGLASSamuel--------1Lt. Co G 1 ILL Cav.
SLUGGSJohn L.--------Co F 17 ILL Inf.
ALLENMary A.`----10/9/1878ae 48y 8m 8d, Wife of J.H.
ALLENSarah E.----5/8/1883ae 27y 1m 13d, Dau of U.& M.
ALLENJames E.----4/10/1890rest of stone unreadable
ALLENMargarete B.--------Dau of J.H. & M., rest of stone unreadable
ALLENPhoebie C.18961971 
ALLENHarold L.189519-- 
ALLENJohn H.18291910Father
ALLENMary A.18301878Mother
ALLENSarah E.18651883 
ALLENJames E.18541890 
DUNCANRoe Allen18611931 
DUNCANB. F.18581933 
PULSELewis A.-------- Co H 47 ILL Inf.
PULSEMargarery----1800died Aug or Apr 1800, ae 16y, Dau of -----
WOLFEWillie H.----8/20/1868ae 1y 3m 5d, Son of C.E.& L.F.
HOLLIDAYMarion Lewis11/17/19017/26/1902 
HOLLIDAYWm. H.Dec 187812/19/1878 
HOLLIDAYEmma Jewell7/9/18531/14/1890 
HOLLIDAYLynnette B.18591942DAR
HOLLIDAYWilliam S. Dr.18501915 
HOLLIDAYEmma J.18531890 
BAKERJacob----8/20/1869ae 52y 11m 18d
DIFFENBAUGHHarry R.10/14/18695/20/1941 
DIFFENBAUGHLillie May9/11/187112/1/1878 
IRWINEugenia Cable18521937 
IRWINJames C.18421929 
COYEva P.----1/16/1878ae 24 days, Dau of A.H.& L.J.
GUILINGERJohn L.18121878 
LEESusan J.18261898Mother
LEEMary M.18571936 
LEEAlma G.18641938 
LEEMary Richey18661946Wife of Chas.
DUNNE. T.--------top of stone broken off
EDWARDSThompson V.18471937 
EDWARDSMary M.18471925His Wife
EDWARDSElmer E.18721877Their Son
REEDMary5/18/18275/7/1872Wife of Samuel
NUMBERSMary V.3/27/18535/14/1920 
DARRW. W.-------- 
MAPLEGeorgiana M. Glenn18911943Star on headstone, Dau of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865
SCHELLLucille O. Glenn19061928 
GLENNMattie M.18711957(star on stone)
GLENNJohn A.18631946 
GLENNDavid G.18281878Co B. 158 PA Inf./ 2 stones
CRAWFORDSamuel Knox M.D.1/21/183512/1/1902Surgeon 50 OH Inf 23rd 1862-1865/ 2 stones
CRAWFORDMaria Irvin11/9/18409/12/1912His Wife
CRAWFORDAda Louise10/7/186612/8/1874 
CRAWFORDSamuel Knox Jr.2/8/187412/3/1893 
CRAWFORDGrace May5/8/18805/3/1942U.S. Army Nurse WWI, Post Comd. Mars-Sur-Allier Post 270 Am.Legion Dept. Of ILL.
FISHERGrace E. Crawford--------Wife of Crawford
FISHERFrederick Francis-------- 
JOHNSTONDavid D.----11/1/1875ae 35y
JOHNSTON--------1879ae ---- (Unreadable)
KOBLEREmma Nordgren10/1/187512/5/1959 
KOBLERLouis A.5/3/187412/1/1944 
KOBLERPaul Truitt6/5/1907----Mason teacher
KOBLERRuth E. Nelson3/13/19059/5/1966teacher
KOBLERCarol Mae2/27/1945just one date
NORDGRENAugust8/19/18699/29/1869Son of T.R.& B.
NORDGRENTruitt R.3/31/183011/30/1919Father
NORDGRENBotilla S.5/10/18385/1/1911Mother
NORDGRENRollin N.5/23/188412/23/1929 
NORDGRENElizabeth A. Frost6/23/18898/24/1928 
NELSONOlof N.18701952 
NELSONAnna N.18671961 
HALLAMOrlin E.18621927 
HALLAMCharles M.18691885 
HALLAMMary Murphy18421913 
HALLAMDavid Milton18371901 
BOWLESJohn J.9/14/18399/29/1898 
BOWLESMary E.3/25/184912/15/1916His Wife
BOWLESVictor3/3/18749/13/1875 Children of J.J.& M.E.
HERDMANEmma J.18381911 
HERDMANJames H.183319101st Lt. Co B 83 ILL Inf. GAR marker/ 2 Stones
HERDMANRalph F.18701897 
HERDMANMary L.18741947 
HERDMANJessie M.18681946 
WILLIAMSTwin Lambs--------(the names are unreadable)
WILLIAMSM.L.W.--------small marker
McDERMETC. E. 18771946 
BUNKERLorenzo--------Co L 12 ILL Cav.
BUNKERAlonzo--------Co C 83 ILL Inf.
BUNKERPolly Love 10/29/182412/2/1901  
BUNKERJames M.----11.26.1868ae 52y 7m 29d, Co C 11 ILL Cav/ 2 stones
CLARKHattie----2/9/1880ae 40y, Wife of John
CLARKThomas & Frank--------Children of John & Hattie
CLARKRosa & Ann--------Children of John & Hattie
CLARKJohn--------Sgt Co I 61 ILL Inf.
TURNBULLHannah J.18311908 
TURNBULLJohn 18231890 
HETHERINGTONW. F.----2/1/1883ae 31y 3m
SUVERLeonidas G.18531948 
SURVERMary I.18511865 
SURVERNancy A.18261912Mother
HAZARDRobert M.--------Bglr. Co D 13 ILL Cav. (GAR post 330)
HAGGERTYWilliam--------Co. L 12 ILL Cav. (GAR post 330)
STAFFORDJohn--------Landsman U.S. Navy (GAR post 330)
HOBBSRholandus--------Sgt. Co F 17 ILL Inf.
POWELLLewis--------Co I 130 Ind. Inf.
LITTLETONLorenzo D.--------Co  C ILL Cav. (GAR post 330)
BURNSPatrick--------Co K ILL Cav. (GAR post 330)
WINTERSTEENHenry--------Co 12 Iowa Inf.
NOLANPeter--------Co A 6 N.Y. Inf (GAR post 330)
LOCKWOODGeorge W.--------Co K 103 ILL Inf.

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