Fairview Cemetery Records Explained - Some problems with the Cemetery Records At Fairview

By looking at old newspapers and obituaries, it is very evident that not all of the burials in Fairview Cemetery were recorded in the Burial Registry (a very big book, with columns for name, (newer ones have col. for date of death); Date of burial, Plat, Range, Lot,
Grave; Cause of Death, other comments; and Doctor's name.

Some of the 1850 & 1851 burials were re-entered in the burial register as new burials in 1858 & 1859. These double numbered burials were not identified as such until after Fairview Cemetery Vol. 1 was compiled and published. Since they are not entered in
exactly the same wording and handwriting and spelling is poor, no connection was made until recently. Examples:

  • AKIN, Wm. c/o;1150; 18 mos; 14 May 1851; NBG P 4 R 8 Lot 10 appears to be the same burial as:
  • ·
  • EAKENS, Willie; 3006B; 18mos; 14 May 1859; P 4
  • ·
  • ALDRIDGE, Mary; 984; 23 mos; 4 Aug 1850; NBG public ground appears to be the same burial as:
  • ·
  • OLDREGE, Mary; 2839B; 23 mos; 4 Aug 1858; Public Ground
  • ·
  • ALFORD, Jacob s/o; 1122; 22 yrs; 9 Mar 1851; NBG P 4 R 9 Lot 17 appears to be the same burial as:
  • ·
  • ALFORD, Jacob s/o; 2977B; 2 yr; 9 Mar 1859; P 4 R 9 Lot 17

    During the Civil War, the records were poorly kept. These burial entries may have been transcribed from another source, since the handwriting is the same for these of these years. In 1860 - 190 burial listed; 1861 - 309 burials listed; 1862 - 225 burials listed;
    in 1863 - 503 burials listed. In 1864, there were only 261 of burials listed in the register, but in 1865, there were over 364 burials. Here is where we ran into the problem of some of the burials dated 1865 having obituaries in 1864, proving that some of the burials
    listed for 1865 actually died in 1864. This happened previously - some 1861 burials actually had 1860 obituaries. Then in 1866 - there are five no burials recorded and only 192 burials listed for 1867. That is one reason not everyone can be located in the early
    Fairview Cemetery Volumes.

    Several year ago, two members of the Fairview Cemetery Committee, went thru the plat books and made a list of the names of persons listed on an lot with no burial number, death date, or age written beside them. Obituaries were located that matched with
    several people in this list to help identify them. This list is being compiled and someday there will be a book published by the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society listing these burials.

  • ANDERSON, Anna Scribner; owned by P4 R15 Lot 1 G5; owned by Catherine Marsh appears to be the same as Mrs. Scribner, #4509, 62 yrs, bur 4 Nov 1864 [1863 obit], put in P 4; NADL 4 Nov 1863 p2 c3: Died, in this city, on Tuesday, Nov. 3d,
    Mrs. Annie O. Scribner, daughter of the late James Anderson, in the 63d year of her age.Funeral from the residence of her son, B. F. Scribner. [husband also listed on plot]
  • BEIN?/SHIPMAN?, Samuel; P 4 R 21 Lot 21 G 4; Norburns Shipman-Jan 1856; p 386 - [There appears to be a baby at foot of this grave] - Adelia Bean, Oscar Bean, Media Bean also buried in this lot [possibly - NADL 13 Feb 1865 p 2 c 3: Died, on the
    12th inst., Samuel Shipman, Sr., aged 78 years. His funeral will take place from Wesley Chapel, tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock.] [note: There was no Samuel Shipman was listed on John Shipman’s lot on page 217 or Wm. Chas. Shippman’s
    lot on page 219, burial entry not found.] - no surname listed in the plat book beside the name of this person buried and there is more than one surname listed this lot
  • BENJAMIN, Sarah E.; 1859; ; P 3 R 4 Lot 16 G 4; E. Benjamin-4 Jan 1860, trans. to Jacob V. Miller-1860; pg 33 - possibly same as Mrs. Benjamin, #3223; 26 yrs.; bur 25 May 1860 [1859 obit]; P 1 R 1; Childbed fever; - NADL 24 May 1859. p2, c2:
    In this city, May 24th, Sallie E., wife of Elijah Benjamin, aged 23 years, 3 months and 26 days. The funeral will take place at the residence of Rev. Wm. Webb, on Upper Vincennes street, between Main and Market, this (Wednesday) morning, at 9 o’clock.
    – [No given name in burial register]
  • HUNCILMAN, Joseph; P4 R17 Lot 6 G1; Joseph Huncilman-22 May 1862, trans. to Richard A. Huncilman "Only Heir"; pg 336; possibly Jos. Huncilman, #11019; 65 yrs; res. New Albany; d 13 Feb 1894; bur 5 Sep 1894; P4 R7 Lots 5 & 6; born
    New Albany; paralysis; L. S. Levy; Merker & Gwin — [NADL 5 Sep 1894 p5 c2: The remains of Joseph Huncilman, who died in February, were taken from the Sinex family vault and interred in the family lot in the Northern cemetery this afternoon.]
    [not notated in burial register that he was moved from vault to grave]
  • WOODFAL, Flora A.; P 4 R 7 Lot 18 G 4; John Brown-19 Mar 1850; pg 242; possibly NADLS 8 Oct 1874 p4 c4: Died, Woodfill-In this city, Wednesday morning, Oct 7, 1874, Flora A., daughter of William W. and Serelda Woodfill. The funeral will
    take place from the family residence, on Chartres street, tomorrow, Friday, at 2 o'clock p.m. The friends and Acquaintances of the family are invited to attend without further notice. [Surname mispelled In Burial Register]
  • WEEKER/WELKER, Henry W.; 37 yrs; 1846-1847; P 3 R 6 Lot 36'x36'; Mexican Soldiers Mon.; Mexican War; pg 131 - possibly Henry W. Welker; Floyd County, mustered in 20 Jun 1846, at New Albany, Indiana, by Colonel Samuel Churchill,
    discharged 12 Feb 1847, on Surgeon's Certificate. [surname is illegible]
  • WARREN, Franklin; 1860; P 1 R 8 Lot 17 G 2; Dr. William Cooper & Franklin Warren –Mar & May 1843; pg 60 - possibly Franklin Warren, #5432, 71 yrs; bur 6 May 1869 - NAL 7 May 1869 p2 c1: Death of Franklin Warren - One by one . . .
    Franklin Warren, whose death occurred at a quarter past six o'clock last evening, after a long, but perhaps not, to him, very painful illness. . . . . Squire Warren, though of a retiring disposition, was well known in the community. He came to New Albany
    from Washington county, New York, in January 1828, when this was but a village. He engaged in mercantile affairs, and was soon afterward elected a Justice of the Peace, which office he held for many years. On the Death of Harvey Scribner,
    he was appointed County Clerk, which position he held for some time. In 1856 he was elected Mayor of the city, and was subsequently reelected, holding the office for three years. . . . The deceased leaves an aged widow and two sons - Eph. and Miles D.
    to mourn their loss.. . . At the time of his death he was nearly seventy-one years of age, having been born on the 23d day of May, 1798. . . member of the First Presbyterian church, from which place his funeral takes place this afternoon. [Wrong death date
    may be listed on plot.]

    It it not unusual to find that a person dying away from New Albany and brought here for burial, the burila was not was not listed in the register. Often times, bodies were put in vaults, and were supposed to be removed to a regular plat. When the bodies
    were moved, it was not always notated. That is why so many persons are listed in these vault that would not nearly hold that many bodies.

    We are fortunate to have the records that do exist at Fairview Cemetery, even thought the information in the books is not always 100 percent accurate.

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