The cemetery is divided into four sections with the four sections with the original Church’s Crucifix and Baptismal font in the center.  The first row of each sections starts nearest the Navilleton Road facing the church . The first grave of each row starts at the center aisle.  Sections I and II start at the center aisle and progress to the right; sections III and IV start at the center aisle and progress to the left.
A surname index is attached for easy reference.  However, many research clues can be overlooked by using only the index.  In small communities such as Navilleton, the cemeteries will have family sections.  Relatives, including in-laws, will frequently be buried in the same area.

 Section  IV 
Section II 
Church’s Crucifix 
and Baptismal font in center
Section III 
Section I 

Census of St. Mary Catholic Cemetery, Navilleton, Indana

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