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Transcribed Illustrated Ads by: Gwin & Son   City Brewery  Crumbo & Melcher  Geo. Helfrich, Sr.  New Albany Carriage Works

Payton House    T & A Hopkins


New Albany, Indiana


Polk City Directory,

From the Indiana State Gazetteer & Business Directory 1882-83[1]

NEW ALBANY. The second town in population and commerce on the Ohio river, is the county seat of Floyd county. It is distant from Indianapolis 110, from Chicago 344, and from Cincinnati 128 miles. The city is nearly opposite Louisville, Ky., with which it has hourly connection, both by rail and boat, thus giving it all the transportation facilities enjoyed by the latter place, which, together with the Ohio river boats, L., N. A. & C., J., M. & I., and L., E. & St. L. R’ys, give it unexcelled advantages for cheap transportation. It was laid out as early as 1813, and is to-day for its size one of the most important manufacturing towns in Indiana, giving employment to over 4,000 hands, the DePauw American plate Glass Works alone employing over 1,000 and this, with several other mills, factories, etc., engaged in the manufacture of furniture, forgings, railroad iron, leather, woolen goods, cotton batting, brick, hosiery, castings, cooperage, oil stoves, boilers, engines, carriage wood stock, handles, boats, beer, stoves, brass goods, flour, boots and shoes, edge tools, fertilizers, lumber, spokes, carriages, glue, queensware, iron fence, sash, doors, blinds, tobacco boxes, car axles and pumps, comprise the manufacturing industries of the city. Its educational and religious advantages are unexcelled and comprise churches of nearly all denominations, excellent graded and high schools, the New Albany Business college, and the DePauw College for Young Women. The last mentioned is a meritorious institution well conducted, and rapidly growing in favor, having increased the membership of students 100 per cent during the last year, and extended the course of study two years. The city has a population of 17,500, carries a bonded debt of $393,809, is well lighted by gas, has excellent water works, an efficient and well equipped fire department, several miles of street railway, substantial county buildings, fine business blocks, and many handsome residences. It supports 5 banks—1 private and 4 national—a good opera house, city hall, and several hotels. The press is represented by the Ledger (daily and weekly), Public Press, herald, Review, and Deutsche Zeilung (weekly), and the Das Echo Der Gegenuarl and der Zeilgeist (semi-monthly). New Albany has every facility for manufacture in the way of cheap transportation and fuel, and its location is unexcelled. It has Adams and L. N. A. & C. Ex. and W. U. Tel. Offices. Madison M. Hurley, Postmaster.

Adams Express Company, John Harbeson, agt, Opera House Building.

Adolph Adam, merchant tailor, 30 Lower Market.

Adrian Emma J Mrs, music teacher, Upper Market nr 3d.

Albert John, produce, 17 e Market.

Albertson James, grocer, cor Market and Lower 1st.

Alexander Stephen J sr, physician, 90 E Main.

Alexander Stephen J, druggist, 406 E Main.

Allison William E, merchant tailor, 61 Pearl.

American Foundry; W. C. DePauw, prest; George L. Danforth, vice-prest; Albert Trinler, manager; Water bet Lower 5th and 7th.

Armstrong Wesley, general store, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Ast Nicholas, saloon, 182 Main.

Austin Thomas E, druggist, cor Main and Park Place.

Axline David C, carriage manufacturer, 60 Upper 3d.

Bach Henry W, cigars and tobacco, 68 E Main.

Bader Jacob, saloon, cor 10th and Upper Market.

Baer John, dry goods, 103 Pearl.

Baker John F, cigar manufacturer, 6 E Main.

Baker William B, cigars and tobacco, cor Main and Bank.

Baldwin Thomas, grocer, cor Lower 2d and Main.

Baner Anthony, notions, 15 Lower Market.

Banes William & James T, carpenter, cor 9th and Upper Market.

Bareford Mary Mrs, milliner, 67 Pearl.

Barke T & Son, boots and shoes, 34 E Main.

Barth A & Co, tanners, cor Upper 10th and Water.

Bartliner Sallie Mrs, dressmaker, 72 Lower 1st.

Page 2

Crumbo & Melcher, Dealers and Contractors in Sawed and Rough Stone (ad)

Payton House, Jas. N. Payton and F. McH. Payton (ad)

Helfrich Geo., Sr., Dealer in all kinds of Building Lumber (ad)

City Brewery, Paul Reising, Proprietor.  (ad)

Page 3

Bassett, Burney & Vance, publishers Review, Spring w of Pearl.

Beck, George W. & Son, edge too, manufacturers, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Beddow Thomas, saloon, cor Main and State.

Bender Henry, books, 72 E Main.

Bentley Alfred W, insurance, cor Main and State.

Bently William R, carpets, 32 E Main.

Bernstein Jacob, variety store, s s Market nr Pearl.

Best Jacob, cigar manufacturer, 37 Upper 6th.

Bettmann Charles, grocer, 397 Upper Market.

Bettmann John G, florist, 424  E. Main.

Beust Bernhard, druggist, Upper Market bet 13th and 14th.

Beust Max, druggist, cor 15th and Spring.

Biel Charles H, meats, cor Market and Washington.

Bir Louis, grocer, 343 Upper Spring.

Bir Sylvester, grocer, cor 10th and Upper Market.

Bizot August A, clothing, 77 Pearl.

Blunk Edward W, sale stable, 104 Pearl.

Blust George, blacksmith, Corydon pike.

Blust Mary Mrs, grocer, 48 Main.

Blust William T, huckster, cor 9th and Lower Main.

Board Joseph, furniture, 81 Upper Market.

Bohl Charles W, barber, 93 Upper Market.

Boland Michael, saloon, Sycamore e of 15th.

Bonefer Andrew, wagonmaker, State nr Monroe.

Bonner Joseph W, rags, Pearl nr Spring.

Borgerding Fred, grocer, Lower Albany.

Bossle Henry, shoemaker, 260 Upper Market.

Bott Anton, saloon, 18 Upper Market.

Bott Henry, stock yard, State nr Ealy.

Bourquin & Co, wholesale notions, 64 Pearl.

Bowen Charles, grocer, 118 Lower Market.

Bowman Charles, physician, 119 Upper 3d.

Bowman David F, cotton batting manufacturer, State s of Main.

Bracher Charles, notions, cor Elm and Vincennes.

Bradford Charles H, jeweler, 93 Pearl.

Bradley A & Co, flour mill, cor State and Elm.

Brasher Samira Mrs, dressmaker, cor Spring and Upper 4th.

Braunbeck Joseph, saloon, cor Market and Vincennes.

Bretz Charles H, grocer, Market bet Bank and 3d.

Brewer J C & Son, dry goods, 75 Pearl.

Briggs John S, hardware, 65 State.

Brigham Reeder S, oculist and aorist, s w cor Upper 3d and Main.

Broeker Bros, general store, cor Main and Lower 8th.

Brothers James F, agricultural implements, 140 State.

Brown Charles C, merchant tailor, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Brown Conrad, physician, 33 Bank.

Brown Gerhard, baker, 124 Upper Market.

Brown James, marble works, 96 State.

Brown Jesse J, prest First national Bank, cor Main and Bank.

Brown William & Son, agricultural Implements, Engines, Lime and Cement; Agts South Bend Chilled Plow; 39 State.

Buche Frederick, shoemaker, State n of Monroe.

Buche John, saloon, 78 Pearl.

Buchheit Barbara Mrs, brewery, cor Upper 10th and Market.

Buchheit John B, grocer, cor 8th and Upper Oak.

Burd Jeremiah W, painter, Upper 9th nr Market.

Burk Robert E, sewing machines, 9 E Main.

Burk R E & Co, insurance agts, 9 E Main.

Burney William A, physician, Spring w of Pearl.

Cadwalader T & J, general store, 53 State.

Cain Charles, notions, cor Main and Lower wd.

Cannon George H, physician, 404 E Main.

Cannon Greenbury H, physician, Market nr Bank.

Cardwell George B, lawyer, 103 Pearl.

Carpenter David W, saloon, 68 Pearl.

Carpenter Frank, barber, 185 Pearl.

Carpenter, Frank & Bro, barbers, 100 Pearl.

Carpenter House, cor Lower 1st and Main.

Carpenter Joseph, barber, cor State and Oak.

Carpenter Robert, barber, 122 State.

Carter James C, barber, 85 Main.

Carter & Tartarat, spoke manufacturers, n end Pearl.

Castiau Edward, New York Exchange Saloon and Restaurant; meals at all hours, 63 Pearl.

Cavin James O, grocer, Water nr Upper 5th.

Central Hotel, William D. Curtis, propr, s w cor Market and Bank.

Cerf Francis Mrs, milliner, 57 Upper Market.

Cerf Ida Miss, milliner, 11 Lower Market.

City Brewery, Paul Reising, Propr, cor Spring and lr 4th. (see adv.)

Clapp William A, physician, 11 E Main.

Clemensen & Co, carpenters, cor Pearl and Elm.

Cline Benjamin F, lumber, upper Market bet 7th and 8th.

Page 4

Clynes Ann M.  Mrs, grocer cor Upper  4th and Main.

Coleman Jilson J, Supt and General manager, New Albany Street R’y, cor Vincennes and Chartres.

Collins Henry H, boots and shoes, 46 E Main.

Collins John C, grocer, 133 State.

Collins Thomas, justice, Spring w of Pearl.

Condiff Mercell D, insurance, 49 E Main.

Conger David J, brick manufacturer, Lower 6th s of Main.

Conner James H, druggist, 121 Pearl.

Conner James W jr, publisher Saturday Herald, 121 Pearl.

Conner Fred B, deputy internal revenue collector and insurance, 301 Main.

Conrad & Kamerer, fertilizers and glue manufacturers, cor Green and State.

Copeland George, notions, 258 Upper Market.

Corbett Fred G, bill poster, Opera House Building.

Craig & Gifford, carpenters, Upper 9th nr Market.

Crane John E, crockery, 73 Pearl.

Crawford Thomas B, florist, Chartres nr R R.

Crowe John, flour and feed, cor Main and Lower 7th.

Crumbo & Melcher, stoneyard and Marble Works, Pearl opposite L, N A & C Depot. (see adv.)

Culbertson William S, prest New Albany Water Works, and vice prest First National Bank, 49 E Main.

Curl Perry N, grocer, 90 Lower Main.

Cutter Mrs, grocer, Charlestown road.

Das Echo der Gegenwart and der Zeitgeist, F. W. A. Riedel, publisher, Bank nr Spring.

Davis P C Mrs, bleachery, cor Market and Lower 3d.

Dawson Benjamin F, grocer, lower 9th nr Water.

Day Ezekiel R, books, 34 State.

Day Theodore & Son, tanners, cor Upper 4th and Oak.

Day Theodore S, sewing machine supplies, 34 State.

DePauw’s American Plate Glass Works, W C DePauw, Propr; N T DePauw, Cashr and Manager; C W DePauw, Assistant Manager, Water bet 10th and 13th.

DePauw College for Young Women, Francis A. Friedley, Principal, cor Upper 9th and Main (See adv.)

DePauw C W, Assistant manager DePauw’s American Plate Glass Works, Water bet 10th and 13th.

DePauw Newlin T, cashr and Manager Depauw’s American Plate Glass Works, Water bet 10th and 13th.

Deuser Alois, boots and shoes, 133 Upper Market.

Devol Horatio N, stoves and tinware, 285 Main.

Dieckmann John W, barber, 76 Pearl.

B. Gwinn & Son Fashion Stables, Berry Gwin, J. W. Gwin  (ad)

T & A. Hopkins, Tanners – Thomas Hopkins and Albert Hopkins (ad)

Page 5

Dietz Reinhard, cigars and tobacco, 7 Upper Market.

Dishman Frank E, oil stone manufacturer, 7, 9, and 11 Lower 2d.

Dotson Elizabeth Mrs, notions, Bank n of Market.

Dowd Michael, grocer, 234 Sycamore.

Dowd Thomas O, grocer, 157 Upper Market.

Dowling Alexander, lawyer, cor Pearl and Market.

Downing Lewis, restaurant, State s of Main.

Draper Ann E Mrs, notions, cor Bank and Market.

Dwyer Mary, dressmaker, 46 E Main.

Dye Eugene B, grocer, cor 9th and Upper Spring.

Easley Elihu P, physician, 40 Upper Spring.

Eckerle Frank, tailor, 70 Bank.

Eckhart Frank H, grocer, cor Washington and Market.

Eckhart Henry J, grocer, cor 8th and Shelby.

Edmondson John W, produce, 98 Pearl.

Ehrhart George, grocer, 399 Upper Spring.

Ekert Bernhard, saloon, Upper Market, nr 10th.

Elgin Joseph L, druggist, 76 E Main.

Embs Henry, grocer, 62 Lower Main.

Endris Anton, saloon, 15 Upper Market.

Endris J Otto, jeweler, 111 Pearl.

Enright Michael C, physician, 12 W Main.

Eppihimer James F, medicated food, State n of Elm.

Epstein B Mrs, clothing, 83 State.

Eschrich John, baker, cor Vincennes and Charlestown road.

Evans John S, sewing machines, cor Main and State.

Fawcett Eph W, ice, 49 E Main.

Fawcett Henry W, coal, cor Pearl and Water.

Featheringill Meredith, agricultural implements, 63 State.

Feilbach George, Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Cooperage, shop opposite L, N A & C R’y.

Fein Herman H, city marshal, city hall.

Fein Jacob, cigars and tobacco, 73 State.

Fein Joseph, grocer, cor Vincennes and Market.

Fein Paul, saloon, 41 Upper Market.

Feiock Casper, saloon, cor Market and State.

Fenger Charles, cigars, cor Upper 7th and  Spring.

First National Bank; Capital, $300,000; Surplus $75,000. Jesse j. Brown, Prest; William N Mahon, Cashr; cor Bank and Main.

Fisher Philip, cooper, Cherry w of State.

Fisher Washington M, Propr Merchant’s and Farmers’ Hotel, cor State and Spring.

Fleischer George, grocer, cor Vincennes and Spring.

Fontaine Cincinnatus H, saloon, 72 Pearl.

Force I F & Co, manufacturers carriage wood work and handles, river bank w of 10th.

Forman James H, grocer, 46 Upper Market.

Formberg Henry, tailor, 7 W Main.

Franck Maggie Mrs, notions, 96 Upper Market.

Franklin House, cor Oak and Pearl.

Frederick Lafayette, real estate, 289 Main.

Friedley Francis A, Principal DePauw College for Young Women, cor Upper 9th and Main. (See adv.)

Friend Isaac B, doors and blinds, cor Oak and Pearl.

Fronmiller Mathias, merchant tailor, 95 Pearl.

Garey Dumont, druggist, cor 8th and Lower Main.

Gassmann John A, saloon, cor Main and Lower 5th.

Gerst Gottlieb, notions, cor State and Monroe.

Gibson House, 118 State.

Godfrey George H, manager W U Tel Co, 7 E Main.

Goebel F & Co, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Leather and Shoe Findings, cor State and Market.

Gohmann Mary Miss, dressmaker, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Goodbub George F, confectioner, 42 State.

Goodbub Jacob, confectioner, 74 Pearl.

Graf L A & Bro, harness, etc, 311 Main.

Graff Francis A, blacksmith, cor Spring and Lower 1st.

Graham John K, nursery, cor Main and Vincennes.

Grandidier John B, shoemaker, 118 Main.

Graves Gaius C, grocer, 35 Lower Market.

Graybrook Henry B, grocer, 134 State.

Greene Frank C, dentist, 276 Market.

Greene John O, lawyer, State n of Spring.

Gregoire John, grocer, w end Main.

Gresham Benjamin W, grocer, cor 11th and Oak.

Grosheider George W, grocer, cor Market and Pearl.

Gruber William E, grocer, cor Main and Lower 4th.

Gunkel Ziprian, saloon, Spring nr 13th.

Gwin B & Son, Livery, Sale and Feed Stable, cor Upper 3d and Market. (See adv.)

Gwinn Josiah & Son, proprs Public Press, 61 Pearl.

Hadfield George, saloon cor Charlestown and Saline Roads.

Hahn John, general store, 144 Sycamore.

Haines J M & Co, flour mills, Main e of Pearl.

Halm Conrad, shoemaker, 76 Bank.

Page 6

Hammond Wesley G, grocer, 272 Upper Market.

Hankey George H, grocer, w end Main.

Hanlon Thomas, county auditor, court house.

Hannan James, grocer, cor Market and Vincennes.

Hans Lewis, carriage manufacturer, Upper 3d s of Main.

Harbeson James A, grocer, 80 Lower Main.

Harbeson John, agt Adams Ex Company, Opera House Building.

Harmon John, grocer, Corydon Pike.

Harms Bernard, brick manufacturer, e end Spring.

Harrison James G, insurance 9 E Main.

Hartley John W, grocer, Lower Market w of State.

Hasenstab John, tailor, cor Market and Pearl.

Hassenmiler Nicholas, wagon maker, 391 Upper Market.

Hauss John, grocer, cor Lower 1st and Main.

Haverstick J E, agt J, M & I R’y, foot of State.

Hebel Sophia Mrs, confectioner, cor Lower 1st and Main.

Hidden Phelps & Co, dry goods, cor State and Market.

Hidden W A & Co, hosiery manufacturers, cor Main and State.

Hegewald Charles & Co, founders, Water e of Pearl.

Heimberger C & Son, photographers, 103 Pearl.

Heimberger Margaret Mrs, notions, cor 9th and Upper Market.

Helfrich Angie Mrs, dressmaker, 191 Upper 8th.

Helfrich George, sr, Building Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Sash and Blinds, cor 5th and Upper Oak. (See adv.)

Hemmer Charles H, grocer, cor Upper 4th and Oak.

Hendrich Charles G, cigar manufacturer, 355 Upper Market.

Henry Edward G, lawyer, cor State and Pearl.

Herbst Mathias, merchant tailor, 99 Pearl.

Herter Jacob, lawyer, 65 State.

Heyd George, general store 384 Upper Market.

Hicks Joseph, saloon, cor Upper 11th and Spring.

Hieb John, Wholesale and Retail Clothier and Merchant Tailor, Dealer in Gents’
Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, etc. particular attention Given to Custom Work, 105 Pearl.

Himer Barbara Mrs, grocer, cor 14th and Upper Market.

Hinds & Graham, painters, cor Main and Upper 9th.

Hinkebein Gerhard H, shoemaker, 108 Upper Market.

Hipple George M, laundry, 165 Pearl.

Hisey William J, lawyer, s e cor Pearl and Market.

Hoffeld Alfred, druggist, cor Market and Upper 4th.

Hoffeld Rudolph C, physician, Oak nr Pearl.

Hoffer Frank, wholesale liquors, 101 Pearl.

Hoffmann Alois, coal, 18 State.

Hoffmann Otto, grocer, cor Market and Vincennes.

Hogan Albert, shoemaker, 154 State.

Holland George, shoemaker, 74 Market.

Hood George, shoemaker, 108 State.

Hoover Charles L, wholesale druggist, 4 and 6 W Main.

Hopkins T & A, Tanners and Dealers in Sumac, Cherry w of State. (See adv.)

Hoppenjon John H, shoemaker, 151 State.

Horn John, grocer, 83 Pearl.

Horton Joseph K, second hand goods, 60 Lower Market.

Huckeby Lawrence B, justice, cor State and Market.

Hueston William H, dry goods, 40 E Main.

Huncilman Andros, real estate, Spring w of Pearl.

Huncilman Angie Mrs, notions, Upper Spring bet 4th and 5th.

Huncilman & Harbeson, horses and mules, 4th bet Market and Main.

Huncilman & Kirk, stoves, 80 Upper Market.

Hurley Madison M, postmaster, cor Pearl and Spring.

Hurrle Ludwig, boots and shoes, 80 Pearl.

Hyatt Sarah Mrs, grocer, cor Floyd and Lower 10th.

Israel house, 40 W Main.

Jackson Abner L, grocer, 407 Upper Spring.

Jackson Thomas J, lawyer, Spring w of Pearl.

Jackson William B, city clerk, City Hall.

Jackson & Thomas, carriage painters, 135 Pearl.

Jacoby John, grocer, cor Elm and 3d.

James Joseph A, blacksmith, cor State and  Elm.

Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis Railway, E W McKenna, Supt; H R Dering, General passenger and Ticket Agt. General Offices, Louisville, Ky. New Albany Depot, Foot of State. J E Haverstick, Agt.  (See adv.)

Jenks & Haller, saloon, 97 Pearl.

Jenner Sarah Mrs, general store, cor Lower 8th and Main.

Page 7

Johannigman John, confectioner, 116 Lower Main.

Johannigman William, cigar manufacturer, 37 Lower Market.

Johnson Elizabeth Mrs, restaurant, foot of State.

Johnson James, carpenter, cor Upper 5th and Spring.

Johnson William C, physician, Bank bet Market and Spring.

Johnson William J, barber, 648 Upper Market.

Johnson William M, physician, Main nr Upper 5th.

Jones Isaac, watchmaker, 340 Market.

Kaiser Josephine Mrs, confectioner, 107 Pearl.

Kallaher Mary Miss, dressmaker, 59 Pearl.

Kannapel Nicholas, grocer, 302 Oak.

Keach William, hotel, cor Elm and State.

Keach William H, sale stable, 124 State.

Keane Michael J, shoemaker, Main bet 3d and 4th.

Kelly Henry H, grocer, cor 5th and Lower Main.

Kelly John B, propr Israel House, 40 W Main.

Kelso James V, lawyer, 65 State.

Kemble John, boots and shoes, 46 W Main.

Kent Abbie Mrs, hair goods, 142 Pearl.

Kent Bela C, mayor, City Hall.

Kepler Elijah, picture frame manufacturer, 323 Main.

Kepley Philip M & Co, livery, 75 State.

Kern John P, general store, 134 Pearl.

Kerr Samuel B, lawyer, 75 Pearl.

Kesler & Dudley, job printers, 3 E Main.

Kiefer Martin, saloon, 14 Upper Market.

Kiel Gustav, cigars and tobacco.

Killinger John, shoemaker, 38 Lower Main.

King Enoch W, physician, 253 Upper Spring.

Kiser John b, photographer, cor Main and Pearl.

Kistler A J & Co, lumber, cor Main and Upper 13th.

Kistler & Tuley, saw mill, cor Upper 14th and Water.

Kistner Joseph, merchant tailor, 69 Pearl.

Klarer Mathias, saloon, Pearl n of Market.

Kleiber Christian, grocer, Main e of Vincennes.

Kleiber Christian jr, grocer, cor Lower 2d and Spring.

Klein Jacob, boots and shoes, 246 Upper 8th.

Klerner H & Sons, furniture, 71 Pearl.

Klingman Adam, boots and shoes, 24 Upper Market.

Klingman Catharine Mrs, notions, 22 Upper Market.

Klosse Henry, druggist, 59 State.

Klosse Henry jr, job printer, 59 State.

Knabke Frederick, grocer, 9 Upper Market.

Knabb, Adam, Constable, Special Attention Given to Collections; Office, n e cor State and Market.

Knirihm Herman, insurance agt, spring w of Pearl.

Knobloch & Steinhauer, barbers, 59 Pearl.

Knoefel August, druggist, 19 and 21 Lower Market.

Knoefel Robert C, physician, 21 Lower Market.

Koch John, Jeweler, 44 State.

Koch Louis Mrs, milliner, 58 Upper Market.

Kodalle Louisa Miss, baker, 209 Vincennes.

Koehler John J, grocer, 134 State.

Kohler John F, shoemaker, 17 Lower Market.

Kraemer George, grocer, 98 State.

Kraft Conrad, Saloon, Fine Wines, Liquors, etc., 13 Upper Market.

Kraft Ferdinand, shoemaker, cor Market and Upper 14th.

Kraft F A & Co., furniture, 47 E Main.

Kraft Robert F, cigars, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Krementz Martin, grocer, 244 Upper 8th.

Kremer Charles A, notions, cor Pearl and Main.

Kuehn Magdalena Mrs, notions, cor Bank and Market.

Kuhls George H, physician, Elm bet Upper 7th and 8th.

Kuhn Charles, iron fencemaker, 139 State.

Kyees Lou Miss, dressmaker, cor Market and Upper 4th.

Laden John B, saloon, 99 Upper Market.

La Follette & Tuley, lawyers, 15 E Main.

Lang Frank, cigar manufacturer, 84 Pearl.

Lapping George W, grocer, cor Market and Upper 4th.

Lasch Charles, furniture, 32 Lower Market.

Lavigne M & J Misses, notions, 56 Upper Market.

Ledger (daily and weekly), Ledger Company, publishers, 115 Pearl.

Leist Kasper, merchant tailor, 9 Lower Market.

Leist Nicholas, jeweler, 3 Upper Market.

Leist Victor, barber, Market w of State.

Lemmon A & Son, brass founders, Spring w of Pearl.

Lemmon David, grocer, cor 6th and Lower Main.

Lemmon Henson B, grocer, cor Market and Lower 8th.

Lemmon Thomas, general store, 62 Lower Market.

Page 8

Lemon John H, physician, cor Bank and Spring.

Lennox S & L, dry goods, 81 Pearl.

Lindemann John, ice dealer, 90 State.

Littell, Orlando B, dry goods, 117 Pearl.

Lobig George, harnessmaker, Pearl nr Spring.

Logue William, dyer, cor Bank and Spring.

Logue William jr, dyer, 249 Main.

Longacre Lindsey E, grocer, cor State and Oak.

Losson Ernst, grocer, 56 State.

Losson Frank, baker, 236 Lower Main.

Losson John, baker, cor Market and Lower 1st.

Losson Nicholas, grocer, Market bet Bank and Pearl.

Loughmiller J & Son, hardware, 54 State.

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway, R S Veech, Prest and General Manager; E D Staniford, Vice-prest; John McLeod, General Supt; A B Southard, General Freight Agt; Murray Keller, General Passenger and Ticket Agt, Louisville, Ky; Josiah Bettis, master mechanic; W D Woodruff, Agt, cor Oak and Pearl. (See Adv.)

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago R’y Company’s Express, Ed C. Burton, manager, 40 E Main.

Lowry William W, agricultural implements, 61 State.

Luhr Jacob, shoemaker, cor Upper 4th and Main.

Lung Henry B, physician, 76 Main.

Lyndall Charles W, clothing, 91 Pearl.

Lyons & Russell, saloon, 92 Lower Main.

McBride Eliza Mrs, boots and shoes, 64 Lower Market.

McBride Malcolm, grocer, 78 E Main.

McClintick & Bro, grocers, 131 Pearl.

McClung & Deming, boot and shoe manufactures, 21 Pearl.

McDonald & Co, flour Mill, 169 Pearl.

McGowan Mattie Mrs, milliner, Main, e of Pearl.

McGuire Robert, blacksmith, n end State.

McIntosh, John, propr Carpenter house, cor Main and Lower 1st.

McIntyre John, Riverside Hotel, opposite J, M & I depot.

McKay William A, grocer, 111 Lower Spring.

McKay William H, General Insurance, Manager Indiana Department U S Life Insurance Company, 14 Upper Main.

McKay & Deeble, feed store, 137 State.

McMullen Daniel H, notions, 109 Pearl.

McNally Thomas, grocer, cor Upper 5th and Market.

McNeff Samuel, carpenter, 85 Upper Market.

Mahon William N, cashr First National Bank and agt Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, cor Bank and Main.

Maienthal Isaac, clothing, cor Market and Pearl.

Main Reuben P, wholesale grocer and liquors, 142 State.

Mann J S & L C, flour and feed, 39 Market.

Mann Lewis C, flour and feed, cor 4th and Lower Main.

Mann Martha E Mrs, notions, cor Main and Bank.

Mann Peter, flour mill, 50 State.

Mann & Fawcett, wholesale grocers, 67 State.

Mansfield William W, lawyer, 80 Pearl.

Markmeyer Charles, potter, cor State and Monroe.

Marsh Edwin, blacksmith, cor Lower 3d and Water.

Marsh Samuel S, blacksmith, Water bet Lower 2d and 3d.

Martin John H, grocer, 30 State.

Martin Willis, barber, 28 State.

Martz Killian, shoemaker, 114 State.

Mazzola Lucy Mrs, tailoress, 90 Upper Market.

Meekin Charles H, township trustee, court house.

Meisenhelder Charles, confectioner, 40 Upper Market.

Merchants’ National Bank; capital, $100,000; John H Butler, prest; Edward C. Hangary, cashr; cor Pearl and Main.

Merchants’ and Farmers’ Hotel, Washington M,. Fisher, Propr, cor State and Spring.

Mergy Peter, confectioner, 225 Upper 8th.

Merkel John, blacksmith, 87 Upper Market.

Merker & Gwin, Undertakers, cor Upper 3d and Market.

Metz George F, blacksmith, 399 Upper Market.

Meurer Theodore, physician, 78 Upper Market.

Meyer Henry J, blacksmith, cor Oak and Upper 8th.

Meyer Henry R W, sheriff, cor State and Spring.

Meyer John E, grocer, cor Bank and J, M & I R’y.

Meyer John H, wagonmaker, Market nr Upper 3d.

Meyers Frank J, grocer, cor Market and Lower 6th.

Miller Alois, general store, 178 Upper Spring.

Page 9

Miller Andrew, grocer, 187 Pearl.

Miller Catharine Mrs, grocer, cor Railroad and Chartres.

Miller Conrad, grocer, 219 Upper 8th.

Miller Isaac, county treasurer, court  house.

Miller Kate M Miss, boots and shoes, 42 Upper Market.

Milligan James, confectioner, 3 W Main.

Miner Bennie W, painter, Oak w of Pearl.

Mitchell John B, county clerk, court house.

Mitchell William W, grocer, 351 Vincennes.

Monney Martin, shoemaker, w end Main.

Moore Laura C Mrs, notions, 222 Lower Market.

Morrill Wilbur F, dentist, 10 W Main.

Morris James B, cigars, opera house building.

Morris John R jr, shoemaker, 292 Lower Main.

Moser George, tanner, n end Upper 8th.

Mousty Kate & Augustine, milliners, 290 Lower Main.

Mouth Emelia Mrs, notions, 113 Pearl.

Mullineaux Thomas L, painter, 119 Pearl.

Mundle Caroline Mrs, grocer, cor Locust and Vincennes.

Munster William, blacksmith, Pearl nr Spring.

Murray & Hammer, ship builders, Lower Albany.

Myers Anna Mrs, Manufacturer of all Kinds of Hair Work; also Stamping on Block Type, 14 W Main nr State.

Myers John D, painter, 14 W Main.

Nadorff Frank, brewer, n end Vincennes.

Neafus David B, saloon, 16 W Main.

Neafus John, carpenter, 89 Upper Market.

Neat Thomas C, physician, Market bet Washington and Vincennes.

Needham Hugh J, Physician and Homoeopathic Pharmacist, agt for the States of Indiana and Kentucky for Malto Cocoa, n e cor Market and Bank.

New Albany Banking Company; capital, $100,000; John B. Winstandly, prest; Isaac S. Winstandly, sec and cashr; cor Pearl and Market.

New Albany Board of Trade, Peter R Stoy, prest; John K. Woodward, sec and treas; n w cor Pearl and Market.

New Albany Business College, Strunk & Hammond, principals, cor Pearl and Market.

New Albany Carriage Works, F M Tribbey, propr, 163 Pearl.

New Albany Cornet Band, cor Main and Pearl.

New Albany Deutsche Zeitung, Otto Palmer, propr, Pearl bet Elm and Oak.

New Albany Gas Light and Coke Company, 20 E Main.

New Albany National Bank; Capital, $200,000; James M Hains, prest; Harvey A Scribner, cashr, Main e of State.

New Albany Opera House, John Harbeson, manager, cor Pearl and Spring.

New Albany Orphans’ Home, Pearl e of Vincennes.

New Albany Rail Mill Company; capital, $40,000; W C De Pauw, prest; G L Danforth, vice-prest; Albert Trinler, manager; Water bet Lower 5th and 7th.

New Albany School of Design, Milton C. Pritchett, Principal, 7 E Main.

New Albany Steam Forge, Water nr Upper 6th.

New Albany Street Railway Company, R V Vredenburgh, Prest; Jilson J. Coleman, Supt and General manager, cor Vincennes and Chartres.

New Albany Water Works, 49 E Main.

New Albany Woolen Mills, 17 E Main.

New Albany and Portland Ferry Company, office cor Pearl and Water.

Newberger Henry, gents’ furnishings, 46 State.

Newbill Edwin D, grocer, cor Spring and Lower 5th.

Newhouse John, coal, Water nr Lower 5th.

Norman James H, grocer, Corydon pike.

Nunemacher John R, printer, 38 E Main.

Nutt Cyrus N, physician, 110 Bank.

Ohio Falls Iron Works; capital, $200,000; W C DePauw, prest; Peter R Stoy, vice-prest and treas; Edward B Stoy, sec; Water bet Lower 4th and 5th.

Oldenburg Minnie Mrs, fancy goods, 54 Upper Market.

Orme Morris M, harness, 257 Main.

Owen Samuel H, druggist, cor Spring and Upper 9th.

Owens Ollie, druggist, Vincennes opp woolen mills.

Palmer John J, physician, lower Main nr 3d.

Palmer Otto, propr Deutsche Zeitung, Pearl bet Elm and Oak.

Park Israel P, coal and ice, cor Water and Bank.

Parsons Hester, dressmaker, 5 W Main.

Paulson August & Son, barbers, 18 W Main.

Payton House, Payton & Son, Proprs, cor Lower 7th and Main (See adv.)

Payton & Son, Proprs Payton House, cor Main and Lower 7th.  (See adv.)

Peacock J & Co, produce, 48 and 50 State.

Peake James S, dry goods, 286 Market.

Pennington & Atkinson, painters, 37 Pearl.

Pepper William F, barber, State n of Spring.

Petery Jacob D, grocer, 324 Upper Market.

Petrie Lawrence, baker, 20 Upper Market.

Page 10

Phillips James, notions, cor 13th and Spring.  

Pierce, James, manufacturer tobacco boxes, 108 Lower Market.

Plotz John, coal, 36 Pearl.

Plumer & Co, stoves and tinware, 38 State.

Poutch James, gunsmith, cor Lower 2d and Main.

Poutch Joe D, boots and shoes, cor Main and State.

Preis August, cigar manufacturer, 148 State.

Pritchett Mamie Hosbrook Mrs, artist, 7 E Main.

Pritchett Milton C, Principal New Albany School of Design, 7 E Main.

Public Press, Josiah Gwin a& Son, proprs, 61 Pearl.

Reamer & Hurley, steamboat agts, wharf, boat foot of State.

Rehmann Henry, grocer, cor Main and Upper 5th.

Rehman Margaret Mrs, saloon, cor Upper 4th and Water.

Reibel Joseph, saloon, 16 Upper Market.

Reibel Joseph H, saloon, 60 State.

Reilly Simon, grocer, cor Spring and Lower 7th.

Reisert John, saloon, 58 State.

Reising Paul, propr city Brewery, cor Lower 4th and Spring.  (See adv.)

Reisz Peter, produce 136 State.

Renn Jacob J, grocer, cor 15th and Sycamore.

Renn Joseph jr, bottling house, 146 State.

Renshaw Lena Mrs., milliner, corner Upper 4th and Market.

Review (weekly), Bassett, Burney & Vance, publishers, Spring w of Pearl.

Rice Mary Mrs, grocer, 83 Lower Market.

Rickman Edward, Barger, 92 State.

Rickman James, hair work, Main nr Upper 4th.

Riedel Frederick W A, publisher, Das Echo der Genwart and der Zeuitgeist, bank nr Spring.

Riely Edward A, insurance, 48 State.

Ringgenberg John sr, grocer, cor Green and State.

Rippel Frederich, shoemaker, cor Spring and Market.

Ritter Nicholas, baker, 295 Oak.

Ritz Frank, boots and shoes, 70 E Main.

Ritz John, grocer, 159 Upper 4th.

Riverside Hotel, opp J, M & I depot.

Robellaz John L, gunsmith, Pearl bet Elm and Spring.

Roberts George, notions, nr cor Lower 5th and Main.

Robinson Henry, grocer, Upper Main bet 4th and 5th.

Robinson Matthew J, carpenter, cor Lower 4th and Water.

Rockenbach Herman L, tanner, 14 Oak.

Ross & Hice, produce, 8 W Main.

Rude Lou Mrs, dressmaker, 135 State.

Rumbold Joseph, notions, cor 6th and Lower Main.

Ruppert Nicholas, confectioner, 5 Upper Market.

Russell Llewellyn, Books, Stationery and Wall Paper, 12 E Main.

Ryan, Patrick, grocer, Vincennes nr river.

St. Mary’s School, cor 8th and Upper Spring.

Sackett O & Bro, wholesale druggists, cor Market and Pearl.

Sands William, grocer, 52 Main.

Saturday Herald, James W. Conner jr, Publisher, 121 Pearl.

Sauer Nicholas, saloon, Upper Market nr 5th.

Saul Samuel J, grocer, 187 Vincennes.

Scales, Alfred, second-hand goods, cor Market and Lower 1st.

Scales William, stoves and tinware, 29 State.

Schaaf Henry, Propr Franklin House, cor Oak and Pearl.

Schaefer Peter P, grocer, cor 13th and Sycamore.

Schan Charles boots and shoes, 65 Pearl.

Scharf, Anton, saloon, cor Upper 5th and  Spring.

Scharf Stephen, stoves, 348 Upper Market.

Schaub Peter, willow ware, 55 State.

Schechter Jacob, baker, 362 Upper Market.

Scheff Alexander B, saloon, 191 Vincennes.

Schepp Joseph J, grocer, cor Elm and Vincennes.

Scherer Louis, tailor, 61 Bank.

Scherer Philip, saloon, cor Pearl and J, M & I R’y.

Schlageter Elizabeth Mrs, baker, cor State and Monroe.

Schlosser Andreas, cigars and tobacco, 66 Pearl.

Schmadel Magdalena Mrs, boots and shoes, cor Upper 8th and Sycamore.

Schmidt Frederick, shoemaker, 39 Lower Market.

Schmidt Justin P, shoemaker, 62 E Main.

Schmidt Louis, brewer, cor Main and West.

Schmidt Louisa A Mrs, notions, 39 Lower Market.

Schneider Phillip G, planning mill, Oak nr Upper 5th.

Schneiderhan Anton, confectioner, 62 Lower Main.

Schnicker Margaret Mrs, milliner, 68 Bank.

Schuler Michael, grocer, 12 upper Market.

Schwartzel Charles, county recorder, court house.

Schwaz Leo, dry goods, 37 State.

Scott H E & Co, general store, 116 State.

Scribner Edmund B, druggist, cor Oak and Upper 8th.

Page 11

Sears Frank A, grocer, cor Upper 4th and Main.

Second National Bank; capital $100,000; Laurence Bradley, prest; Merrill A. Weir, cashr, 14 E Main.

Seehausen Louis, tanner, cor Lower 2d and Main.

Sehlbrede Henry W, grocer, cor Spring and Upper 4th.

Seip John, notions, 91 upper Market.

Seithel Theresa Mrs, notions, 60 E Main.

Sherman & Bro, clothing, 32 State.

Shrader John sr, Manufacturer of  Furniture, Dealer in Carpets, Oil Cloths, and Window Shades; Undertaker, and Jobber of Undertakers’ Hardware, Cases and Caskets, 253 and 255 Main.

Shrader John H jr, furniture, 22 E Main.

Shrader Louis I, shoemaker, 80 E Main.

Shrader & Son, Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, Main nr Pearl.

Sieveking Charles, shoemaker, 187 Upper 8th.

Sievers Frederick, blacksmith, Spring w of Pearl.

Silberman Ricky, wall paper, 40 State.

Singer Manufacturing Company, Opera House Building.

Sloan John, physician, cor 6th and Upper Main.

Smith Edward F, marble works, cor Upper 7th and Shelby.

Smith Engelbertha Mrs, notions, 205 Vincennes.

Smith Frank X, clothing, cor Market and Lower 1st.

Smith George M, county surveyor, court house.

Smith, George W, books, 48 E Main.

Smith Jerome N, Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, State bet Cherry and Ealy.

Smith Thomas L, lawyer, 135 Pearl.

Snodgrass Addison F, hotel, 132 Pearl.

Spainhowr David, brick manufacturer, Elm cor Thomas.

Sparpe, Alpha R, carpenter, Pearl bet Spring and Elm.

Sparrow Agnes E Mrs, notions, Upper Market nr 3d.

Springer Andrew, furniture, 42 E Main.

Stace Philip, wagon maker, cor Lower 1st and Spring.

Stalcup Samuel S, general store, 36 State.

Starr William L, physician, cor Main and Upper 5th.

Staser Francis Mrs, bakery, 215 upper 8th.

Stein Frank N, grocer, 138 State.

Stein Nicholas, grocer, cor Upper 8th and Sycamore.

Stein Peter, boots and shoes, 58 Upper Market.

Steinhauer Charles W, barber, Market nr Vincennes.

Stephenson Isabelle Mrs, notions, 95 Upper Market.

Stewart John L, physician, State n of Spring.

Stocker Edward, Dealer in mantels, Stoves, Tinware, Roofing and Guttering and Sheet iron Worker, 45 State.

Stonecipher John W, meats, Upper Market nr Washington.

Stonecipher  Sarah E Mrs, grocer, cor Lower 5th and Main.

Stotensburg John J, lawyer, 103 Pearl.

Stoy Peter R, hardware, 10 E Main.

Streepey Michael, watchmaker, 249 Main.

Strobel Simon, leather and findings, 8 Upper Market.

Strobel & Son, queensware, 10 Upper Market.

Strunk & Hammond, principals, New Albany Business College, cor Pearl and Market.

Swarens Jackson H, meats, Spring e of Upper 4th.

Tellon Maggie Mrs, notions, Lower Main nr 3d.

Terstegge, Gohmann & Co, stove manufacturers, 35 State.

Terstegge Joseph H, boots and shoes, 31 State.

Thompson Thomas, grocer, cor Lower 7th and Main.

Thurman Henry C, harness, 57 State.

Thurman H C & Son, livery, 77 State.

Tigart Cornelius, grocer, 145  State.

Tinklaer Mary A Miss, dressmaker, Market nr 3d.

Todd W B & Co, lumber, cor 10th and Lower Main.

Treser Charles H, meats, Upper Market e of 10th.

Trueter George, grocer, 421 Vincennes.

Tribbey Francis M, Propr New Albany Carriage Works, 163 Pearl. (See adv.)

Trick John F, shoemaker, 183 Pearl.

Trinler William J, boots and shoes, cor Market and State.

Truman James A, druggist, 326 Upper Market.

Trunk George E, druggist, 134 Lower Main.

Tucker John W, saloon, w end Main.

Tuley Edward P, harness, 43 State.

Turner George F, grocer, 501 Spring.

Tyrauf Maggie Mrs, notions, 9 Lower Market.

Ulmer John M, tailor, 337 Main.

Unclebach Frank, general store, cor Upper 8th and Sycamore.

Underhill Benjamin F, gunsmith, 47 State.

Underhill Martin L, wood yard, Pearl s of Main.

Page 12

Veit August, barber, 64 E Main.

Veit Christian, shoemaker, 25 Upper 6th.

Vernia John & Co, Marble works, n w cor Pearl and Elm.

Vernia Louis, grocer, 38 and 40 Upper Spring.

Vredenburgh R V, Prest New Albany Street R’y Company, res Memphis, Tenn.

Wagner Henry E, grocer, cor Upper 7th and Sycamore.

Wagner Wilhelmina Mrs, milliner, cor Main and Pearl.

Waibel Joseph, saloon, cor Market and Upper 5th.

Walker & Mix, brass foundry, cor Water and Lower 1st.

Walter John P, blacksmith, State.

Walts, George A, propr Gibson House, 118 State.

Wattam Joseph, second hand goods, Market nr Lower 1st.

Wayman Riel C, planning mill, Upper Oak bet 5th and 6th.

Weber John, saloon, cor Bank and Main.

Weber Joseph b, barber, 44 upper Market.

Weber & Plott, grocers, cor Upper 10th and Market.

Webster & Pitt, founders and machinists, Lower 1st bet Main and Water.

Weidmann Edward M, saloon, Pearl w of Spring.

Weinmann Henry, grocer, cor Main and Vincennes.

Weinmann John, grocer, cor 6th and Upper Spring.

Weinmann Peter, grocer, cor Upper 8th and Sycamore.

Weinmann Peter jr, grocer, cor Vincennes and Charleston road.

Weir Samuel B, city treasurer, City Hall.

Welman Wilford H, boots and shoes, 16 E Main.

Wensler Jordan, tailor, Lower Main nr 1st.

Werle John, saloon, cor Oak and State.

Western Union Telegraph Company, George H Godfrey, manager, 7 E Main.

Wheeler S A Mrs, dressmaker, 352 Upper Market.

Whitten Robert O, painter, 21 E Main.

Wicks Henry H, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour, Meal, Butter and Eggs, Raisins, Currants, Prunes and Sardines, Cheese and Chow Chow, Pickles, Catsup, Jellies, Preserves, tomatoes, Mince Meat, French and Kentucky Mustard, Macaroni, Vermicella, hominy, Sugars, Teas, Coffees, Tobacco, Cigars, Syrups, Molasses, Pure Cider Vinegar, Coal Oil, Soaps, Other Articles too Numerous to Mention. Call and See Me, 112 Lower Main.

Wiegleb William A, barber, 75 State.

Wilcox Peleg S, representing Dr. Willet M Wilcox’s great remedies, liver and stomach bitters, 276 Upper Market.

Wilcox & Son, Physicians and Proprs Dr Willet M. Wilcox’s Great Remedies, Liver and Stomach Bitters, 276 Market bet Pearl and Bank.

Wiley Isaac, blacksmith, cor Market and Upper 5th.

Williams Andrew J, shoemaker, cor 9th and Lower Main.

Williams, Benjamin F, sewing machines, 50 E Main.

Williams Bros & Co, dry goods, 36 E Main.

Williams Epaminondas, grocer, 131 Main.

Wilson & Son, Photographers, cor Main and State.

Wndell Thomas, dentist, 77 Lower 1st.

Wiseman David, grocer, cor Lower 7th and Market.

Wolfe Hamilton, physician, Lower Main n 3d.

Wolfe Simeon K, lawyer, 103 Pearl.

Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Mrs, Delilah Pearson, Secy’, cor Main and Pearl.

Wood Lafayette, queensware, 6 Upper Market.

Woodruff William D, agt L, N A & C R’y, cor Oak and Pearl.

Woodward John K, dry goods, 18 and 20 E Main.

Woodward John K jr, real estate, 20 E Main.

Wourms Victor, chairmaker, 89 Upper Market.

Wunderlich Fred, Wholesale Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco, cor Spring and Pearl.

Wunderlich Reinhard, tanner, Upper 8th and L N A & C R’y.

Page 13

Yochum George, grocer, cor Oak and 13th.

New Albany Carriage Works, Francis M. Tribbey, Propr, 163 Pearl.   (Ad)

Yocum Rosana Mrs, grocer, cor 9th and Elm.

Young James, barber, Pearl nr Spring.

Zeller Albert, shoemaker, Upper Market nr Vincennes.

Ziegelbaur Frank B, grocer and saloon, cor Upper 4th and Sycamore.

Zier M & Co, boilermakers, Lower 2d and  Water.

Zimmermann Joseph, baker, 66 E Main.

Zinsmeister Franz, grocer, State bet Cherry and Ealy.

Zinsmeister J Bro & Co, Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants, 71 State.

Zipprian Christian, saloon, 80 State.




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[1] This was transcribed from a scanned document online, The scanning was done by Thomas Keesling for  the County Historical preservation Society and copyrighted 2004-05 by Ronald Branson.