New Albany Daily Ledger 11 JUL 1879

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Dr. William Cooper

This Community was startled this morning, as the report spread of the death of such an old and esteemed citizen as Dr. William Cooper. The people could hardly realize the fact. But a few short hours before his familiar form had been seen in our midst, going his accustomed rounds, ministering to the sich and distressed, and then came the shock of the news of his death.
About twelve o'clock Wednesday night, the doctor was taken with a sudden and severe case of cholera morbus. By four o'clock Thursday morning the case had come so alarming that the family sent for Dr. Bowman. The disease had now assumed a very violent form, with almost every symptom of cholera. The patient continued steadily to grow weaker, and in the afternoon Dr. Alexander was called in, but all remedies failed, and the good old friend and physician continued to grow worse. At ten last night he became unconscious, and at the noon of the night sank peacefully to rest, without a struggle or pain.
Dr. Cooper was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania March 27, 1809 and came to New Albany in 1835 and commenced the practice of medicine, having practiced in Philadelphia the year previous.
After being here a year, he returned to Philadelphia and married Miss Joanna Chauncy Parry, who survives him.
Three children now living are the fruits of this union, Dr. Edward Samuel Cooper, who resides near St. Louis; Miss Mary Cooper Moore, a widow; and the wife of Col. Thomas J. Jackson.
For forty years Dr. Cooper ministered to the wants of the sick and relieved the suffering of many of the poor and needy in this community, having ever been kind and good to the poor. How many a friend will miss him. By the bedside of how many sick will he be wished for in vain.
Early in life the deceased united iwth the presbyterian church, and even after remained a faithful and consistent member, and died in the faith in which he had lived with a firm and abiding faith in the truth of the teachings of chirstianity, and a bright hope of a future life beyond the grave.
A good man has gone and a whole city mourns his death.

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