Coroner's Inquest - Enochs, Joseph E.* Vol. 2 p 123

Coroners inquest New Albany April 7, 1914 Joseph E. Enochs; I was called early Sunday morning to near galena to view the body of Joseph E. C. Enochs, who had been shot and killed on the night of April 4, 1914. There was one bullet wound on the upper left side of the head, above left ear, which extended through the skull into the brain. From the evidence of witnesses and my own observation I find that death was caused by a pistol shot wound 22 calibre, inflicted by Richard Thomas. While I think this case shows gross carelessness in handling and carrying a weapon, I have no reason to think it was other than accidental. C. E. Briscoe, Coroner of Floyd Co. [*He was Joseph Clemons Enochs, not Joseph E.]

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