Coroner's Inquest - Reasor, James D. - No. 142 Vol. 1 Page 94

Verdict, in the inquest held on the body of James C. Reasor, Feby, 23, 1887.

I find that the deceased James D. Reasor came to his death on the morning of the 23rd day of February 1887, between the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock by hanging himself with a trace chain in an unoccupied building near his home in Greenville Township (Floyd County) and I find that the act was committed while laboring under an attack insanity. A lunacy, commission having been held on him only a short time previous to the suicide and the intention was to convey him to the asylum for the insane on the day of his death. W. L. Starr- C. F.C. Deceased was 26 years of age, dark complexioned black hair, brown eyes, weight about 180, height about 6 feet and when found was bareheaded and barefooted.

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