Some Jan 1928 Death Records Floyd County, Indiana

Book; Name of deceased; death date y/m/d; cause of death; Duration; Physician's Full Name; yrs; Mo; Days; Sex; Color; Residence; Single/  Marr/   Wid; Occupation; Birthplace State or Country; Place of Death; Father's Name in Full; Father's Birthplace. State or Country; Mother's Maiden Name in Full; Mother's Birthplace State or Country; Year; Mo.; Day; Place of Burial; Undertaker



H-30; Renner, Carolina; 1901; 1; 22; Pulmonary tuberculosis; 6 mos; E. L. Sigmon; 56; 4; 16; Fe; Wh; New Albany; W; Housekeeper; Ger; New Albany; Chas. P. Brenner; Ger; Dorotha Heine?; Ger; 1901; 1; 24; Rockport; Frank A. Kraft


Transcribed by Margaret L. Atchley Copyright 2004