Matrimonial Matters

In the County of Floyd From Forty to Fifty Years Ago

Many, Many Matches Made.

The following is a partial list of the marriage license of ye olden time.  

Public Press 8 Feb 1882 p2 c4


January 8, David Allen and Polly Ann Akers.

January 11, Adolphus Schwanaker and Sarah Hoffman.

January 13, Thomas L. Draper and Haddasha Shannon.

January 17, Solomon Evinger and Susan Morgan.

January 20, James, B. Russell and Sarah Jane White.

January 22, Wm. S. Reasor and Nancy Thompson.

January 22, Robert Lowry and Elizabeth Hill.

January 26, Henry Sarles and Susanna McCutchen.

February 3, Robert H. Reed and Mary Lutteral.

February 3, Thomas R. Sinex and Ruth Ann Conrad

February 14, Benjamin F. Meek and Mary E. Clouders.

February 16, George W. Foreman and Elizabeth Crawford.

February 19, Morgan Sanders and Lavina Gibbs.

February 24, Charles F. Heidel and Sophia Weibley.

March 7, Norton M. Brown and Sarah Cook.

March 9, Andrew J. Fritts and Sarah Newman.

March 15, Samuel N. Snyder and Ellen Mayfield.

March 26, John Neeham and Harriet Bodger.

April 10, John Spitler and Catherine Smith.

April 11, James Johnson and Mary Ann Meeker.

April 16, Peter Peterson and Emily Mitchell.

April 20, William Engleman and Catharine Capley.

April 21, Henry W. Welker and Elizabeth Ross.

April 28, John Beamgard and Narcissa Gresham.

May 2, John Smith and Sarah Mitchell.

May 6, William A. Stewart and Margaret E. Turner.

May 15, James Scott and Barbara A. Miller.

May 23, Jacob  Snow and Fanny Washam.

May 27, John Blake and Peggy Frost.

June 1, Reese McMullen and Polly Gwin

June 1, John G. Howard and Elizabeth Godfrey.

June 2, John Golding and Sophia B. Smith.

June 3, David Emmons and Mary A. Wininger.

June 8, John Seston and Catharine S. McClary.

June 17, Henry F. Pitt and Ellen A. Miller.

June 17, Tandy Collins and Sarah Armstrong.

June 21, Charles Fetz and Elizabeth Rogenstein.

June 22, Thomas Collins and Eliza F. Beach.

June 25, William Stewart and Louisa Hutchinson.

June 25, John K. Woodward and Adaline Marsh.

July 14, Gilbert Budd and Rachel Snider.

July 14, Malcomb McBride and Ann McBride.

July 16, John F. Evans and Sarah A. M. Dodd.

July 19, Robert B. Walts and Thursa Ellis.

July 23 or 28, John Saltkeld and Louisa A. Leach.

July 30, Sivilian Brown and Margaret Murphy.

September 3, John Turner and Lucinda Rhodes.

September 3, Henry Sappenfield and Nancy Harmon.

September 10, Robert Scott and Sarah Jane Coffman.

September 20, Philip M. Kepley and Mary Cook.

September 21, Christian Moser and Sarah Burger.

September 21, Abraham Lafollette and Mary H. Hancock.

September 23, Samuel J. Kelley and Sarah Swift.

September 24, James M. Brooks and Elizabeth Ashton.

September 27, Christian Baylor and Catharine Sisloff.

September 30, James Haines and Catharine Mayall.

October 10, Alfred Cox and Cornelia V. M. Naghel.

October 15, George W. Edmonson and Emily Low.

October 18, Wharford Hickman and Nancy Ross.

October 26, Paul Finley and Mary Mitchem.

October 28, Peter Smeaton and Nancy Shoults.

November 14, Josiah Johnston and Martha Jane McCormick.

November 14, Israel Woodruff and Marion Betterton.

December 5, Azariah Crandall and Lucinda Lafollette.

December 6, Charles W. Betterton and Christina Oatman.

December 8, John S. Sullivan and Matilda L. Swift.

December 15, David Spainhauer and Lucilla E. Hand.

December 19, John M. Keithley and Ann Elizabeth Thurman.

Public Press 15 Feb 1882


January 21, Thomas E. Stites and Martha Ann Smith.

March 1, Abner Newman and Mary Catharine Snyder.

March 2, Augustus Genung and Ann Schively.

March 14, Charles B. Applegate and Mary Louisa Walker.

April 3, G. W. McCutchen and Elizabeth Berkshire.

April 3, John W. Roberts and Julia F. Tate

April 11, Goodheart Abbott and Drucilla Lloyd.

April 19, Martin H. Ruter and Dorothy Brown.

April 26, Andrew Hollowell and Elizabeth Scott.

April 29, Alanson Ruter and Silvia Clement.

May 6, Solomon Loughmiller and Lucretia Wininger.

May 15, Jonathan Taylor and Sarah Jane Harner.

June 1, William Tellon and Sarah Ann Hughes.

June 5, John B. Laden and Marjant Jack.

June 10, Isaiah Jones and Pythinia Wilton.

June 15, Benjamin F. Love and Elizabeth Pitt.

April 19, John Stewart and Elizabeth Perry.

June 22, Seth Woodruff and Maria Wells.

July 5, Edward Rickman and Eliza Nelson.

July 19, Charles Barth and Nancy Bell.

August 2, Charles Moors and Rebecca Morbley.

August 2, Vachel Newman and Ann Maria Bence.

August 10, John Rodgers and Elizabeth Steelman.

August 17, George I. Wolfe and Mehetable Mitchell.

August 28, John W. Clark and Rebecca Miller.

September 9, William Loughmiller and Sarah Ann Marras.[1]

September 13, Philip H. Bence and Charlotte Bell.

October 2, Robert Gardner and Elizabeth Ann Sinex.

October 21, Francis Townsend and Rebecca Cobb.

October 23, William Welsh and Elizabeth Russell.

October 28, Barney McNamara and Martha McArdle.

October 30, Stephen Meeker and Patience Job.

November 13, Leonard Straw and Parmelia Turley.

November 13, William J. Newkirk and Margaret P. Griffin.

November 15, Thomas W. Sinex and Anna Maria Lambert.

November 16, Robert Johnson and Delilah McDonald.

November 16, Michael Grossheart and Eliza Shepperd.

November 16, Joseph Crook and Mary Howard.

December 5, Samuel H. Owen and Maria L. Hitchcock.

December 16, Solomon Evinger and Rebecca Summers.

December 19, John H. Argenbright and Ann Elizabeth Baker.

December 21, William C. Long and Sarah Ann Flanigan.

December 23, Bartholomew McCartey and Sarah Johnson.

December 26, Jeremiah W. Scott and Malinda Monohan.

December 28, Thomas Dewey and Maria Jones.

December 30, Harman Hoover and Gertrude Berman.

Public Press 22 Feb 1882


January 6, Elias Burris and Maria Grosshart.

January 9, Dennis Hickman and Lucy Ann Engleman.

January 11, James Dempster and Ellen D. Wilson.

January 18, William Conner and Malinda Elsey.

January 24, John Carroll and Ruth J. Collins.

January 27, Philip Miller and Nancy Wolf.

February 3, Hiram L. Miller and Mary Snider.

February 3, Alexander Brock and Catharine Emmons.

February 5, Thomas Armstrong and Sarah Ann Ruter.

February 13, Francis A. Hutcherson and Lucinda Noles.

February 15, Frank Carpenter and Ellen Collins.

February 24, John B. Frentz and Mary Ann Henry.

Marhch 4, Charles Storey and Emily Sease.

March 9, Samuel B. Cook and Julia Ann Williams.

March 27, Amos Davis and Sarah Lidica.

April 2, Charles A. Dorsey and Fanny Tinkler.

April 11, Daniel White and Mary Blackistone.

April 5, Washington Roberts and Uree West.

March 26, Blaine Marshal and Mary Jane Prior.

April 13, Matthews Loesch and Elizabeth Kline.

April 13, Jacob Lonnon and Lydia Alford.

May 1, Stephen P. Woodruff and Lucy L. Phelps.

May 18, Hamilton Tresenriter and Temperence Isabel Taylor.

May 20, Washington Collins and Lavina Utz.

May 22, Hugh Justice and Patsey Martin.

June 4, James Seabrook and Charlotte R. Baker.

June 11, Peter Yesley and Elizabeth Hurn.

June 11, George Helbig and Elizabeth Lansberry.

June 11, James B. Keithley and Esther Sloan.

June 15, William Ridley and Sarah Bailey.

July 5, John Howard and Mary Ann Kelley.

July 5, William H. Holtsclaw and Emily Dudley.

July 11, Zimri Fox and Judith Snider.

July 23, Mathias Dowerman and Rebecca Rakestraw.

July 23, David McCann and Hester Caloway.

August 14, Gillum Graves and Elizabeth Dillard.

August 24, John W. Riley and Margaret Carpenter.

September 6, Frederick Burkhart and Margaret Brown.

September 7, John Walker and Mary Maynard.

September 9, David Moser and Myrian Evans.

September 13, Gehart Henry Robert and Catharine Broker.

October 1, Benjamin Conner and Mary E. Reisinger.

October 3, James Wells and Martha C. Leach.

October 3, James C. Moody and Catharine S. Hillyer.

October 8, Salem P. Town and Louisa M. Case.

October 21, Austin Eaves and Abigail Hough.

October 21, Elias Minchell and Emily Lamb.

October 23, Jacob Treece and Diana Hammon.

October 26, Jacob Werle and Catharine Gravy.

November 4, James Cobb and Martha McCulloch.

November 5, Henry McCann and Elizabeth Goldsby.

November 30, Reuben C. Smith and Rhonda Crim.

December 2, Milo B. Stacy and Indiann Scott.

December 3, Henry T. Wible and Harriet A. Harlan.

December 12, Obidiah Childs and Sarah Dunn.

December 14, Crawford Searles and Isabelle Fennick.

December 31, Henry B. Stoy and Cecelia Betterton.

Public Press 1882 1 Mar 1882


January 2, Benjamin F. Ghormley and Elizabeth Harman.

January 6, George Reeves and Nancy Reed.

January 9, Henry C. Black and Cynthia Ann Pectol.

January 18, James C. Baird and Maria F. Redman.

January 20, David Taylor and Christina Burkhart.

January 20, Martin J. Zimmerman and Harriet Murphy.

January 21, John B. Graff and Mary L. Perry.

January 22, Ezekiel Thurston and Elizabeth Saunders.

January 30, George W. Morrison and Lydia A. Maynard.

February 6, James Moore and Ann Redman.

February 17, John A. Lowry and Emily Morecraft.

February 24, George L. Eisman and Susan— Smith.

March 4, Isaac Floyd and Eleanor Jaque.

March 6, Thomas Kendall and Sarah Minter.

March 8, Milton Rakestraw and Susan Henderson.

March 8, Jacob Stucker and Avarilla Burris.

March 17, Stewart Walter Cayce and Hester Robinson.

April 16, Jeremiah Gresham and Susan Ann Jordan.

April 22, Henry Pennington and Delphine Rose.

April 29, George W. Fowler and Margaret Peterson.

April 29, Peter A. Roan and Ann Eliza Evans.

May 27, Gaius C. Graves and Matilda Jane Wicks.

June10, Aaron Daneils and Mary S. Beeler.

June 12, George B. Jocelyn and Catharine M. Lyons.

June 17, Eli Clayton and Elizabeth Riley.

June 18, George Wicks and Sarah Jane Wible.

June 19, William H. Roberts and Lydia Ann Conover.

August 4, Thomas Harman and Nancy Engleman.

August 9, Daniel W. Miller and Orphey Case.

August 13, Henry Fawcett and Sarah C. Cree—. [Creed?]

September 3, John S. Dolson and Elizabeth E. Perry.

September 11, Nichalas Brill and Rebecca J. McCafferty.

September 13, John West and Elizabeth McGonalgle.

September 25, Townsend Adams and Margaret Jackson.

September 27, Levi Compton and Isabella Combs.

September 29, Shelby Yenewine and Hannah Summers.

October 6, George H. Graves and Julia A. Armstrong.

October 16, Samuel Evans and __ay Woodruff.

October 16, Samuel Hart and Sarah Ann Pl—mer.

October 25, Gorham Tuffs and Esther Clark.

October 25, Hugh S. Gordon and Maria P. Huff.

November 1, Michael Davis and Lydia M. Pritchett.

November 4, James Richards and Mary Ann Kepley.

November 4, Alexander H. Dorsey and Penelope Hey.

November 17, Henry P. Thornton and Ann Eliza Thorn.

November 25, Preston Hickman and Sarah M. Ross.

November 265, Silas F. Miller and Margaret Tellon.

November 29, Horace Holyoke and Mary E. Hutchinson.

December 8, Jacob H. Conrad and Mary Fisher.

December 16, Addison Evilsizer and Mary Jane Allison.

December 19, Enoch Riggle and Martha Jane Conner.

December 25, John W. Miller and Margaret Miller.

December 29, Denton Shirley and Rebecca Monohon.

December 31, James J. Clark and Janetta Lamb.

[1] On September 9, 1843, William Loughmiller and Sarah Jane Morris took out a license to marry, from Floyd County Marriage Records, 1837-1845, page 128. [She was the widow of Nathaniel Morris and daughter of James Gregg and Nancy J. McCollum. Information from the old Gregg Bible.]

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