Casualties in the 38th and 22d Indiana Regiments at Jonesboro, Georgia

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From the New Albany Daily Ledger 14 Sep 1864 p2 c2:

     Casualties in the 38th and 22d Indiana Regiments at Jonesboro, Georgia.—The following are the casualties in the 38th and 22d Indiana regiments in the late engagement at Jonesboro, Georgia. We have information that the Thirty-Eighth behaved with the most distinguished gallantry on the occasion, making a charge upon and capturing a strong position of the enemy, after three other regiments had failed to accomplish the same work.

     When color-Sergeant George W. Field was killed, Lieutenant Thomas Redding, of Salem, seized the colors, and bearing them aloft charged with his company, in the most gallant and impetuous manner, carrying the enemy’s works. Col.. Griffin publicly complimented his daring gallantry.

     The Thirty-Eighth is considered the best regiment in its corps, and will never fail to distinguish itself in action.

     The following are the casualties:

38th Indiana       [38th Reg Alpha List] 

W. L. Carter, Major, severely.

Adam Osborn, 1st Lieut., A, killed.

James S. Griggs, A, killed.

George W. Field, Lance Sergeant, C, killed.

Thomas Craig, C, killed.

John Montgomery, C, killed.

Wm. Tucker, 1st Sergeant, F, killed.

Samuel T. Shoulder, 1st Sergeant, K, killed.

H. L. Whitaker, corporal, K, killed.

John Williams, Sergeant A, slight.

Wm. Serf, Corporal, A, severe.

Nathan J. Wilson, A, slight.

Ben. W. Pendell, B, dangerously.

Jacob Mottweiler, B, severe.

Alexander Carter, Corporal, C, slight.

Harry Gatshall, C, slight.

Henry Richardson, Corporal, D, dead.

John J. Mole, D, slight.

James M. Riley, E, slight.

Andrew J. Goodman, E, slight.

Joshua B. Jenkins, Captain, F, dangerously.

Thomas R. Mitchell, Sergeant, F, severe.

John Rouff, F, severe.

Henry F. Perry, captain, G, dangerously.

Samuel T. Sharp, G, severe.

Barton T. Iverman, G, severe.

J. L. Logan, Corporal, H, slight.

Wm. Holland, H. severe.

Thomas J. McCardy, H. dangerously.

Thomas McCassidy, H, dead.

Wm. A. McCafferty, H, severe.

Edward L. Throp, I, slight.

John A. Sheckels, Sergeant, K, slight.

Peter Curl, K, slight.

Z. Y. Wright, K, dead.

Theodore E. Roberts, Corporal, D, missing.

22d Indiana     [22d Alpha listing]              

Second Lieutenant David G. Lindson, E, killed.

First Lieutenant W. H. Ireland, B, thigh, severe.

Second Lieutenant D. H. Bugon, D, bowels, mortally.

Second Lieutenant W. T. Riggs, F, shoulder, severe.

Second Lieutenant Nicholas Moser, G, thigh, slight.

Capt. W. H. Snodgrass, G, arm, slight.

George Taylor, F, killed.

G. W. Sprague, F, killed.

Dennis McVey, F, killed.

Sergeant Maj. D. E. Dowling, head, severe.

Jas. L. Morory, a, hip, severe.

Corporal Henry Steiman, B.

James. McCoy, B, wounded.

Elias Barnwell, D, wounded.

C. B. Still, D, wounded.

William Chistfield, D, wounded.

Sergeant J. P. Cooper, C, breast.

Henry Truax, C, Wounded.

Henry W. Walker, E, severe.

A. Sensabaugh, E, severe.

Sergeant David Tolbert, E, hand, severe.

Sergeant Robert McWene, F.

Sergeant, Math Wostle, F.

Levi Bevis, F.
John N. Himman, F.  ?

David Coch, F.

John Harnsley, F.

Robert Petergrew, G.

Sergeant W. H. H. Clegg, H.

George Kautlinger, G.

Corporal Jeff Hogg, H.

Wash Hogg, H.

Wm. Dukey, H, wounded.

David Harlon, H, wounded.

Corp. J. M. Mayfield, I, wounded.

Wm. Cunningham, I, wounded.

Corp. Samuel J. Witheron, K, wounded.

A. E. Kendall, K, wounded.                                                                              Top of Article

Albert Fehrilson, K, wounded.                                                                            22nd Indiana

Allen Sargent, E, missing.                                                                                       38th Indiana

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Alexander           Carter

W. L.                       Carter

Thomas                Craig

Peter                       Curl

George W.        Field

Harry                       Gatshall

Andrew J.           Goodman

James S.             Griggs

Wm.                         Holland

Barton T.            Iverman

Joshua B.           Jenkins

J. L.                          Logan

Wm. A.                  McCafferty

Thomas J.         McCardy

Thomas                McCassidy

Thomas R.        Mitchell

John J.                  Mole

John                        Montgomery

Jacob                     Mottweiler

Adam                      Osborn

Ben. W.                Pendell

Henry F.              Perry

Henry                     Richardson

James M.            Riley

Theodore E.    Roberts

John                        Rouff

Wm.                         Serf

Samuel T.          Sharp

John A.                 Sheckels

Samuel T.          Shoulder

Edward L.          Throp

Wm.                         Tucker

H. L.                         Whitaker

John                        Williams

Nathan J.            Wilson

Z. Y.                         Wright



Elias                   Barnwell

Levi                     Bevis

D. H.                  Bugon

William             Chistfield

W. H. H.         Clegg

David                 Coch

J. P.                    Cooper

Wm.                    Cunningham

D. E.                  Dowling

Wm.                    Dukey

Albert                 Fehrilson

David                 Harlon

John                   Harnsley

John N.           Himman

Jeff                      Hogg

Wash                 Hogg

22d                      Indiana.

W. H.                 Ireland

George            Kautlinger

A. E.                   Kendall

David G.         Lindson

J. M.                   Mayfield

James.             McCoy

Dennis             McVey

Robert              McWene

Jas. L.              Morory

Nicholas         Moser

Robert              Petergrew

W. T.                 Riggs

Allen                   Sargent

A.                           Sensabaugh

W. H.                 Snodgrass

G. W.                 Sprague

Henry                Steiman

C. B.                   Still

George            Taylor

David                 Tolbert

Henry                Truax

Henry W.       Walker

Samuel J.      Witheron

Math                   Wostle