List of Casualties in the 53d Indiana, from June 10th to July 31st 1864

     This is a List of Casualties in the 53d Indiana, from June 10th to July 31st 1864. There are 212 names listed. This article was transcribed, as written in the New Albany Daily Ledger. It includes the following companies: A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, K. The spellings of the surnames are as they appear in the article, however, some names are more than likely misspellings. To find a surname you are looking for, you can use the find function. The following is an alphabetical listing of the surnames in this article:

Adams     Anderson     Ashing     Austin     Avery     Bailey     Barton     Beaks     Beaver     Beech     Beers     Bennett     Berkey     Berry     Bolen     Boss     Boyd     Bullock     Cahoon     Carnes     Carr     Carse     Cartner     Casto     Cauble     Chamberlin     Chapel     Chappell     Clark     Claxton     Conner     Cooper     Craig     Creason     Crist     Crosier     Cross     Crowder     Deweese     Dickinson     Dick     Dillingham     Donnelly     Donohue     Douglas     Dowdell     Edwards     Ellis     Ferrier     Finnin     Fortune     Ganor     Garrison     Gerhart     Gibbs     Gibson     Gilman     Gowens     Grady     Grant     Greggs     Gregory     Grey     Guy     Hall     Hartwell     Hedges     Henriott     Herstand     Higgins     Hockman     Holdsclaw     Hooten     Hotchkiss     Howe     Hunter     Huston     Ikard     Irwin     Jackson     Jacobs     James     Johnson     Jones     Kearby     Keen     keith     Kite     Knight     Knowiton   Lacy     Lafferty     Lanius     Laters     Leach     lee     Leslie     lewis     Little     Loftus     Long     Lyman     Mago     Mann     Marsh     Martin     Matcher     Mathes     Matlock     Matthews     McKay     Mellis     Miller     Milum     Moore     Morgan     Murphy     Nelson     Neres     Newby     Newsome     Nouweiler     O’Brady     Offett     oharen     Palmer     Perigo     Petty     Phillips     Pickler     Powell     Prather     Ragan     Raisch      Richardson     Robinson     Rodman     Rumble     Sanders     Schafer     Schliecher     Scott     Scull     Searce     Selby     Shaw      Shimer     Shively     Smith     Snapp     Snyder     Spurgeon     Standeford     Staten     Stephens     Stiles     Stoghill     Sturdivant     Sutcliffe     Taylor     Thompson     Toliver     Vanderlofer     Vincent     Wakefield     Watson     Weeks     Westfall     White     Whittinghill     Wilcoxen     Wilkins     Wilkinson     Williams     Wilson     Wingfield     Wise

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From the New Albany Daily Ledger 8 Aug 1864 page 2:

List of Casualties in the 53d Indiana, from June 10th to July 31st, 1864

Richard Vanderlofer, company F, killed.

Ausamus Phillips, company C, killed.

John Stoghill, company K, killed.

William Hartwell, company A, killed.

George Carr, company A, killed.

James Mellis, co. D,  killed.

Adam Gregory, co. D, killed.

Joseph Ferrier, co. D, killed.

Robertson Wilkinson, co. I, killed.

Drummond Carse, co. I, killed.

John S. Knight, co. I, killed.

Conred Mann, co. I, killed.

Wm. H. Raisch, co. I, killed.

Thomas Vincent, co. I, killed.

Lieutenant David White, co. I, killed.

Martin H. Miller, co. E, killed.

Lieut. Col. Wm. Jones, commanding, killed.

Sergt. Major James Keith, killed.

Lieutenant William D. Smith, Co. A, killed.

Wm. Beech, co. D, wounded.

James W. Craig, co. C, wounded.

Lieutenant Samuel Marsh, co. A, died.

Marshall Holtsclaw, co. A, wounded.

Wm. Oharen, co. A, wounded.

Wm. R. Spurgeon, co. A, wounded.

Jackson Cross, co. A, wounded.

George S. P. Smith, co. A, wounded.

John W. Stiles, co. A, wounded.

W. K. Lewis, co. A, wounded.

A. J. Watson, co. A, wounded.

Joseph Newsome, co. A, wounded.

J. N. Wingfield, co. A, wounded.

B. F. Thompson, co. A, wounded.

John E. Clark, co. D, wounded.

Samuel A. Cartner, co. D, dead.

James Chappell, co. D, wounded.

W. D. Matcher, co. D, wounded.

W. I. Douglas, co. D, wounded.

J. R. Gibbs, co. D, wounded.

Lieutenant Charles H. Dillingham, co. I, wounded.

William Gerhart, co. I, wounded.

Henry Long, co. I, wounded.

Nicholas Keith, co. I, wounded.

James Ikard, co. I, wounded.

Wm. Martin, co. K, wounded.

Noah Carr, co. A, wounded.

Jackson Cross, co. A, wounded.

Amos Gilman, co. C, wounded.

Captain Geo. H. Beers, co. E, wounded.

John Mann, co. E, wounded.

Henry Gibbs, co. G, wounded.

George W. Scott, co. G, wounded.

Henry Anderson, co. A, wounded.

Wm. H. Carnes, co. A, wounded.

B. F. Prather, co. A, wounded.

B. F. Thompson, co. A, wounded.

David W. Hooten, co. A, wounded.

Finnegan, James, co A, wounded.

Arthur Conner, co. A, wounded.

J. B. Avery, co. A, wounded.

A. G. Lee, co. A, wounded.

J. W. Herstand, co. E, wounded.

Alpha Matthews, co. I, wounded.

Charles Ganor, co. I, wounded.

L. D. Lafferty, co. K, wounded.

John Hall, co. K, wounded.

B. J. Lanius, co. B, wounded.

A. H. Greggs, co. C, wounded.

A. J. Moore, co. C, wounded.

David G. Miller, co. G, (since dead.)

B. F. Miller, co. G, wounded.

Joshua Petty, co. G, wounded.

James Laters, co. H, wounded.

James Wilson, co. H, wounded.

Phillip Nouweiler, co. I, wounded.

Arnold Westfall, co. I, wounded.

Wm. Claxton, co. K, wounded.

Capt. H. B. Wakefield, co. A, missing and captured.

James W. Searce, co. A,          "              "

L. D. Richardson, co. A,            "            "

John R. Chamberlin, co. A,        "           "

Walter S. Mann, co. A,              "            "

J. Johnson, co. A,                      "            "

George Berry, co. A,                 "             "

Harrison Berry, co. A,               "            "

George Sanders, co. D,              "            "

Emery Hedges, co. I,                 "             "

Marion B. Leslie, co. I,               "           "

James Lee, co. I,                        "            "

Ferd. D. Neres, co. I,                  "           "

Benj. Whittinghill, co. I,               "         "

Lieut. Wm. D. Smith, Co. A, killed.

Capt. P. T. Mathes, Co. D, killed.

Lieut. John L. Gibson, Co. D, killed.

Capt. L. B. Shively, Co. F, killed.

Lieut. F. N. Robinson, Co. F, wounded.

Lieut. O. T. Huston, Co. H, wounded and left on field.

Capt. John Donnelly, Co. G, missing.

First Sergt. Z .B. Cooper, Co. B, killed.

Private Demmon A. Keen, Co. B, killed.

Private Phillip Hall, Co. B, killed.

Corpl. W. F. Nelson, Co. C, killed.

Corpl. John A. Murphy, Co. C, killed.

Private Samuel F. Bennett, Co. C, killed.

Private James W. Ashing, Co. E, killed.

Private Wm. Palmer, Co. F, killed.

Private J. K. Crowder, Co. I, killed.

Corpl. Wm. H. Cauble, Co. K, killed.

Private Perry Beaver, Co. A, wounded.

Private James D. Lacy, Co. A, wounded.

Private J. K. P. Ragan, Co. A, wounded and missing.

Private James Scott, Co. A, wounded and missing.

Private Bert Scott, Co. A, wounded and missing.

Sergt. John M. Austin, co. B, wounded.

Private Samuel Jacobs, Co. B, wounded.

Private Reuben T. Little, Co. B, wounded.

Private Wiley Taylor, Co. B, wounded.

Sergt. W. H. H. Snyder, Co. C, wounded.

Private Lyman S. Hockman, Co. C, wounded.

Private John H. Selby, Co. C, wounded.

Private Bartlett, McKay, Co. K, wounded.

Private S. H. Sturdivant, Co. D, wounded.

Private Philip Henriott, Co. D, wounded.

Private F. M. Wilson, Co. D, wounded.

Private W. J. Ellis, Co. D, wounded.

Private Geo. W. Chapel, Co. D, wounded, in hospital.

Private J. A. Williams, Co. D, wounded and missing.

Sergt. Palmer Bailey, Co. E, wounded.

Corpl. N. B. Boss, Co. E, wounded.

Private Sanford Ashing, Co. E, wounded.

Private Wm. H. Pickler, Co. E, wounded.

Private Cornelius Standeford, Co. E, wounded.

Corpl. F. M. Cahoon, Co. F, wounded.  [sic]

Private J. W Mago, Co. F, wounded.

Private Jas. T. Fortune, Co. F, wounded.

Private C. Scull, Co. G, wounded.

Private Thomas Deweese, Co. G, wounded.

First Sergt. Chas. Dick, Co. G, wounded, in hospital.

Sergt. T. J. Garrison, Co. G, wounded and missing.

Private E. O. Creason, Co. G, wounded and missing.

Private James Hunter, Co. H, wounded.

Sergt. J. C. Boyd, Co. H, wounded and missing.

Private Irwin Dickinson, Co. H, wounded and missing.

Private Wm. E. Higgins, Co. H, wounded and missing.

Sergt. M. Shaw, Co. I, wounded, in hospital.

Private R. H. Perigo, Co. I, wounded and missing.

Private John Hotchkiss, Co. I, wounded, in hospital.

Private Abner Knowlton, Co. I, wounded, in hospital.

Corpl. T. W. Leach, Co. I, wounded and missing.

Private N. Taylor, Co. I, wounded and missing.

Private Wm. A. Kearby, Co. K, wounded and missing.

Private Thos. D. Prather, Co. A, missing.

Private Thomas C. Grey, Co. A, missing.

Private John W. Smith, Co. A, missing.

Private John Mathes, Co. A, missing.

Private Wm. Casto, Co. A, missing.

Corpl. Robert Crosier, Co. B, missing.

Private Humphrey Milum, Co. E, missing.

Private Geo. W. Stephens, Co. B, missing.

Private James C. Snapp, Co. B, missing.

Private Charles Wise, Co. B, missing.

Corpl. John Lyman, Co. C.

Corpl. John Crist, Co. C.

Corpl. Ezekiel Shimer, Co. C.

Corpl. W. H. Bullock, Co. C.

Corpl. Jacob Rumble, Co. C.

Private L. P. Staten[?], Co. C.

Private J. Q. Adams, Co. C.

Private J. M. Phillips, Co. C.

Private J. L. Powell, Co. C.

Private, George Schafer, Co. D.

Private Henry Wilkins, Co. D.

First Sergt. James B. Berkey, Co. E.

Sergt. Francis M. Miller, Co. E.

Corpl. James M. Carnes, Co. E.

Corpl. John F. Rodman, Co. E.

Private George Conner, Co. E.

Private Marcus D. Richardson, Co. K.

Private Telle Weeks, Co. E.

Private Patrick Donohue, Co. E.

Private Joseph Jackson, Co. E.

Private Joseph E. Kite, Co. E.

Private Wm. C. Morgan, Co. K.

Private Samuel Newby, Co. E.

Private Fred Schliecher, Co. E.

Private John W. Clark, Co. F.

Private Elisha Jackson, Co. F.

Private John S. O’Brady, Co. F.

Private Abraham Edwards, Co. F.

Sergt. Thomas Loftus, Co. G.

Corpl. John Sutcliffe, Co. G.

Private W. A. Bolen, Co. G.

Private John Finnin, Co. G.
Private Whitefield, Miller, Co. G.

Private W. H. H. Dowdell, Co. G.

Sergt. F. M. Wilcoxen, Co. H.

Private R. J. Grant, Co. H.

Private Philip Irwin, Co. H.

Private Alex. Offett, Co. H.

Private F. M. Beaks, Co. H.

Private Wm. H. Howe, Co. H.

Private S. R. Matlock, Co. H.

Private George White, Co. H.

Sergt. N. Matthews, Co. I.

Private Samuel Crow, Co. I.

Private Wm. C. Gowens, Co. K.

Private David Grady, Co. K.

Private I. J. Smith, Co. K.

Private Samuel Toliver, Co. K.

Private Richard Barton, Co. K.

Private W. W. Guy, Co. K.

Private Jacob Richardson, Co. K.



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