Killed and wounded Indianians at the Battle of the Hatchie

53d at the Battle of Hatchie    

Arrival of Wounded    



Killed and wounded Indianians at the Battle of the Hatchie.

Fifty-Third Regiment


       A. Hutton, co. A; O. Melton, co. A; Y. Douglass, co B; J. Patmore, co O.; C. Fr__sch, co. D; Wm. Williams, co B; J. Herrick, co. E; T. J. Smith, co. E; Corporal J. Whaler, co G; Sol. Severs, co I; B. Keath, co K;


       Company A—M. Holtsclaw, in breast, doing well; J. Scearce, shoulder, slightly; E. Lacy, side slightly; Wm. Park, jaw cheek, slightly; H. Black, jaw cheek, slightly; Wm. Hartwell, breast slightly; H. S. Berry, breast slightly.

       Company B.—Orderly E. B. Cooper, arm; Corporal P. Little, foot; Peter Labm [Lamb?], , mouth, severely; J. P. Fowler, leg slightly; E. Blake, wrist slightly; Z. Duggins, leg badly; J. Bean, mouth slightly.

       Company C.— Serg’t. T. A Burston, Shoulder badly; _. Finigan, leg slightly; __ Stanberry, knee slightly; W. M. ___, finger; E. Stanton, arm amputated and doing well; J. Campbell, head slightly; S. Bumour, knee slightly; J. c. Newley, head badly; _. P. Stanton, stunned; T. Jackson leg slightly; J. Lowry, head badly.

       Company D.—Serg’t J. C. Daniel, died; ___ _____, stunned, doing well; J. Smith, neck and shoulder, dangerously; A. Lockmiller, breast, dangerously; __ McCoy, neck, dangerously, Wm. Leathers, stunned, dangerously; F. Sturdevant, hand ____ly.

       Company E.—F. Tartarat, shoulder, severely; A .Tadlock, leg, severly; S. Nuby, arm, dangerously; N. Boss, leg, severely; D. A. Baker, side, dangerously; G. Powers, arm; F. Crockett, back, dangerously; M. H. ___, ___, _____sly.

       Company F.—Wm. Forester, knee, amputated; J. Bradford, thigh, severely; W. Edwards, arm; D. McGinnis, head and face; E. Hale, shoulder, doing well; T. Sanders, head, doing well.

       Company G.—W. Efford, thigh, amputated; G. Oreasor?, foot, doing well, R. Persinger, thigh, doing well; Pat Lyons, knee; B. Wadlington, head, doing well; C. S. Wilson, hands doing well; W. W. Dowdell, arm, doing well; J. Jeffries, leg, doing well.

       Company H.—Lieut. J. B. Atkinson, head, dangerously; Sergt. C. Lewis, arm, doing well; Corp. J. F. Pancke?, back, doing well; Corp. W. S. Gill, back, doing well; G. Lambert, amputated; J. Brown, arm, doing well; S. McRay, face, doing well; A. Spinner, leg, doing well; D. Zigler, leg and arm; W. C. Mosar, foot, doing well.

       Company I.—N. Mathews, shoulder, dangerously; C. Gellingham, shoulders, doing well; J. Hatchkip, knee, stiff; N. Taylor, arm, doing well.

       Company K.—E. G. Martin, head; J. M. Montgomery, shoulder, bad; J. Scarlet, ankle, doing well; James Ard, shoulder; J. Moon, foot, doing well; A. Riggs, abdomen, doing well; G. B__kic, head, doing well; Major T. McGrain, foot, doing well; Sergt. Maj. J. B. S. Moon, both legs, doing well.

Dangerously Ill

       Thos. Hagan, F. chronic diarrhea; Wm. Lafferty, H, chronic diarrhea; G. Stephenson, H. phlegmonous erysipelas; Alex. Horr, L?, dysentery; Jas. Monisal, C, Erysipelas; Wm. Steele, B. chronic diarrhea.


       Thos. Sher___; ___ Webster, H.; S. Miller, H; J. Mat___ [Matthews?], I..


       Lieut. Mason, shoulder; W. C. Tweedy, co. H, thigh, doing well; M. H. Brady, K, leg, severely; W. Masterson, D, head, severely; F. Cash, A, breast, severely; J. Chatwick, G, hip, severely; L. Greathouse, G, arm, severely; J. Barrett, F. leg, severely; __. Williamson, K, leg, severely; J. W. Castile, K, foot, severely; D. Allen, K, arm,   severely; H. Salm, B, fingers, doing well; J. Aerd, F, fingers, doing well; W. Parris, G, scrotum, doing well; S. H. Wright, G, fingers, doing well; Lieut. Hurst, D. thigh, severely; C. Vasburg, B, body severely; Welker, B. hand, doing well; L. Beedington, H, groin, severely; J. Cabor, A, leg, severely; Sergt. S. A. Eskridge, K, leg, doing well; G. L. Whiticar, E, foot, doing well,; John Shaffer, K, hand, doing well; B. F. Bridges, E, leg, amputated; Wm. Delbriger, E, leg, amputated; G. Gibbs, G, leg, amputated; H. Coleman, head, dangerously; Wm. Delbriger, leg, amputated.     —New Albany Daily Ledger 15 Oct 1862 p2 c3


Arrival of Wounded.—Three hundred and eighty of the wounded at Chaplin Hills (Perryville) arrived at the hospitals in this city last night.         —New Albany Daily Ledger 15 Oct 1862 p2 c5                                                                                          


53d at the Battle of Hatchie.

       We learn from Col. Gresham that the 53d Indiana was at the Battle of the Hatchie, and fought in the most splendid style. It lost 16 killed and 91 wounded. Among the wounded were two Lieutenants.

       Wounded Indianians.—The following sick and wounded soldiers are at Chaplin, Nelson County, Ky., where they are being kindly cared for at the residence of S, K. Marshall. They received their wounds at Chesser’s store, Anderson county:

James P. Iddings, Co. I, 32d, in right arm.

John Joapfarioh, I, 32d, in right arm.

John Walter, A, 32d, in arm.

John Sipp, A, ___ in right arm.

Geo. King, B, 19th Regulars, in the neck.

Mathew Preston, E, 19th Regulars, in the hand. —New Albany Daily Ledger 15 Oct 1862 p2 c5:




[this page of the newspaper was hard to read] transcribed 23 Nov 2005 by S. P. Carpenter, all rights reserved.


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