New Albany Daily Ledger 15 Oct 1862 p2 c3: Sick and Wounded from Perryville. The following is a list of the sick and wounded ___ at the hospitals in this city last night from the battlefield at Perryville:

     Hospital No. 1

Jos. J. Sifers, co. A, 2d Ohio

John Zimmerman, D. 42d Ind.

August Huff, A, 42d Ind.

Albert S. Cook, ___, 1st Wis.

John Singer, F, 10th Wis.

Thomas Delany, E, 2d Ky.

Wm. D. Jarvis, D, 98th Ohio.

Oren Findly, K, 15th Ind.

A. W. Ballou, H, 4th Mich.

A. T. McCombs, F, 98th Ohio.

T. T. McKinney, f, 98th Ohio

J. T. McCombs, F, 98th Ohio

Joseph R. Benham, E, 22d Ind.

Jacob T. Davis, K, 23d Ind.

Chas. Miller, E, 59th Ill.

Patrick, O’Brien, E, 10th Wis.

David Palmer, F, 98th Ohio

John Graham, B, 98th Ohio.

John Malone, G, 98th Ohio.

A. T. Shafer, I, 15th, Ill.

Russell Hopkins, C, 75th Ill.

Leander L. Adams, B, 75th Ill.

John Bacon, B, 75th Ill.

David B. Donner, B, 75th Ill.

George Adams, B, 75th Ill.

James Hester, E, 75th Ill.

Chandler Taylor, G, 98th Ohio.

John Nienhinsor?, B, 10th Ohio.

Henry Smith, B, 10th Ohio.

Herman Bru_eman, B. 10th Ohio.

Charley Rosenflinter, B, 10th Ohio.

William Schone, B, 10th Ohio.

John Dicks, B, 10th Ohio.

Enoch Long, D, 75th Ills.

Isaac F. Grimes, D, 98th Ohio.

George Beamer, K, 75th Ills.

John S. Greene, D, 75th  Ills.

Richard Beese, A, 105th Ohio.

Daniel Burier, H, 98th Ohio.

Edward Coetz, D, 10th Ohio..

Dennis Ennis, E, 10th Ohio.

Dillin Turner, I, 105th Ohio.

George W. Collins, F, 57th Ind.

Orman Huff, 5th Indiana Battery

William Merrit, I, 38th Ind.

John F. Groome, E, 3d Ohio.

James H. Day, G, 59th Ills.

John Carter, F, 75th Ills.

J. B. Ayers, F, 75th Ills.

Joseph R Mitchell, B, 94th Ohio.

James Chapel, F, 38th Ind.

Henry Clark, E, 10th Wis.

William Barratt, B, 123d Ills.

George McBright, I, 38th Ind.

William O. Clark, E, 10th Wis.

Samuel B. Morgan, I, 38th Ind.

John F. Groomes, E, 3d Ohio.

Samuel Liced, A, 75th Penn.

George Taylor, D, 98th Ohio.

John H. Straw, C, 79th Penn.

David D. Longley, E, 10th Wis.

John F. Little, Lieut., E, 38th Ills.

Albert Cook, Co. G, 1st Wisconsin

Orin Finflay, Co. K, 75th Illinois

John L. Little, (sick)  Co. E, 38th Ill.

John Singer, Co. I, 10th Wisconsin.

Isaac Fairchilds, Co. A, 42d Ind.

Dariens Crosel, Co. K, 10th Ohio.

George Beeman, Co. K, 85th Ill.

Addison Daily, Co. G, 98th Ohio.

Nathaniel Coalman, Co. G, 98th Ohio.

George Watkinson, Co. B, 98th Ohio.

George M. Patton, Co. B, 98th Ohio.

Jacob Bihl, Co. C, 9th Ohio.

James Dexter, Co. G, 75th Ill.

Asa W. Ballon, Co. H, 4th Michigan Cav.

Aaron Brinner, Co. B, 75th Ill.

Daniel S. Baker, Co. B, 95th Ill.

     Hospital No. 3

L. W. Powell, co J,      87th Ind.

J. H. Spencer, H, 98th Ohio.

J. Salmon, H, 98th Ohio.

P. Riggle, H, 98th Ohio.

G. L. Masters, K, 42d Ind.

J. A. Palmer, G, 42d Ind.

H. Browning, G, 42d Ind.

W. Shockley, B, 38th Ind.

J. B. Wilson, C, 38th Ind.

A. Reynolds, I, 10th Ohio.

George Conklin, A, 105th Ohio.

A. Creamer, E, 123d Ill.

Thos. Brown, B, 75th Ill.

Wm. Scholtz, G, 75th Ill.

J. Pendleton, B, 7th Ill.

M. Barkman, D, 75th Ill.

C. H. Goolding, K, 75th Ill.

J. C. Wells, K, 75th Ill.

W. Murvin, K, 75th Ill.

J. Caughner, D, 75th Ill.

M. W. Harmon, K, 75th Ill.

J. M. Dunbar, E, 73d Ill.

F. Kapp, F, 10th Ohio.

C. Cumming, 10th Ohio.

S. Mesbeck, G, 10th Ohio.

H. Newhouse, b, 23d Ind.

A. D. Amos, H, 22d Ind.

O. Anderson, B, 22d Ind.

R. Fugit, F, 22d Ind.

A. Schmidt, E, 10th Wis.

Henry Dutton, D, 79th Penn.

C. Pearce, I, 98th Ohio.

     Hospital No. 4

Henry Mansfield, Co. H, 42d Ind.

Joseph Nix, H, 42d Ind.

Geo. J. Reed, E, 42d Ind.

Isaac Fairchilds, A, 42d Ind.

John W. James, A, 42d Ind.

James Perry, A, 42d Ind.

James E. Rust, B, 42d Ind.

M. S. Britton, E, 22d Ind.

E. J. Fry, F, 22d Ind.

James Sage, B, 22d Ind.

Joel Taggart, K, 22d Ind.

Joseph Laughney, G, 22d Ind.

Wm. Rinbott, G, 22d Ind.

Joseph Kaliey, H, 22d Ind.

G. W. Hall, G, 22d Ind.

A. Southerland, E, 22d Ind.

Geo. K. Romine, E, 22d Ind.

Richard Chappell, H, 75th Ill.

F. Atherton, A, 75th Ill.

C. Moss, E, 75th Ill.

Wm. Vance, G, 75th Ill.

Irvin Thomas, G, 75th Ill.

J. H. Pleaster, G, 75th Ill.

W. Cole, G, 75th Ill.

E. Webster, H, 75th Ill.

D. Fin__, F, 75th Ill.

F. Haskins, K, 57th Ill.

E. Fish, G, 75th Ill.

E. Oneal, D, 10th Ohio.

G. W. Fi__en, 3d Minn. Battery

J. Han__n, 2d Minn. Battery

D. Frye, 2d Minn Battery

Geo. Braselton, B,    59th Ill.

J. J. Hanifay?, A, 105th Ohio.

Isaac Mendenhall, 5th Ind. battery

John Nick, H, 24th Ill.

W. O____fort, K, 24th Ill.

W. T. Hon, H, 125th Ill.

J. Creighton, E, 98th Ohio.

D. Kimball, G, 10th Ohio.

J. D. West, E, 80th Ind.

E. J. Barken___, C, 105th Ohio. [illegible]

Edward O’Donnell, B, 2d Ohio.

J. Moore, C, 3d Ohio.

J. B. Holloway, F, 98th Ohio.

J. Travis, E, 98th Ohio.

S. W. Dean?, H,   __ Ohio.

Thos. L. Glandon, C, 98th Ohio.    

     Hospital No. 5.

J. E. Williams, co. E, 87th Ind.

C. A. _all, C, _7th Ind. [illegible] [87th]

R. A. Dunlap, A, 87th Ind.

G. W. Bausman, H, 87th Ind.

W. H. K___y, H, ___ [illegible] [Kelley]

J. Maples, A, 87th Ind.

C. R. Hough, A, 87th Ind.

A. N. Rush, E, 87th Ind.

R. T. Williams, E, 87th Ind.

J. M. Hart, E, 87th Ind.



F. M. Barnes, K, 87th Ind.

R. McDaniel, E, 87th Ind.

J___ Lane, B, 87th Ind.


H. L___, __, 87th Ind. [illegible]

John Hodges, B, 87th Ind.

John Si__man, B, 87th Ind.

C. F. Gilmore, B, 87th Ind.

A. O. Waters, B, 87th Ind.

G. W. Garrison, B, 87th Ind.

J. Cap, B, 87th Ind.

D. Dei____ [illegible]


__ C____ [illegible]

W__________, 87th Ind. [illegible]


James Hall, K, 75th Ills.

M. Coffin, K, 75th Ills.

T. Spencer, K, 75th Ills.

W. D. Forbes, G, 75th Ills.

Chas. Boone, I, 75th Ills.

Lem. Hi__ery, G, 75th Ills.

J. M. Watson?, [illegible]

W. M. Dick, F, 98th Ohio.

J. B. McCullough, F, 98th Ohio.

E. Jones, C, 88th Ills.

G. Hull, C, 88th Ills.

H. Ernest, H, 88th Ills.

G. O. Bri__, 88th Ills.

Thos. Kehol, E, 88th Ills.

James Vandegraes, K, 25th Ills.

J. Taylor, G, 25th Ills.

A. Bradley, G, 101st Ohio.

J. D. Trovelle, A, 21st Wis.

Hector, O. McKinley, g, 3d Ky.

     Hospital No. 6

J. H. Myers, co. I, Ind.

G. W. Fox, D, 80th Ind.

J. Harbison, I, 80th Ind.

Thomas Myers, I, 80th Ind.

W. H. H. Jay, H, 80th Ind.

S. C. Woods, H, 80th Ind.

I. Underhill, A, 80th Ill.

T. D. Brown, F, 75th, Ill.

C. R. Gregory, F, 75th Ill.

A. M. Harvey, F, 75th Ill.

Loucks, F, 75th Ill.

H. Leonard, c, 75th Ill.

James Scott, B, 75th Ill.

D. R. Bruce, H, 75th Ill.

W. A. Conant, K, 75th Ill.

Joseph Cartwright, A, 75th Ill.

Lawrence Rose, A, 75th Ill.

Wm. Whitney, B, 75th Ill.

Willis Cannon, F, 76th Ill.

Alonzo Cady, B, 75th Ill.

David Houston, B, 75th Ill.

E. Garrison, B, 75th Ill.

S. H. Eye, b, 75th Ill.

Wm. Harmon, E, 75th Ill.

Elias Fisher, E, 75th Ill.

B. F. Miller, H, 42d Ind.

James Lindsey, C, 42d Ind.

A. C. Anderson, B, 42d Ind.

Edward Jeffers, B, 42d Ind.

John Kranse, C, 42d Ind.

D. Palmer, H, 98th Ohio.

Wm. A. Elliott, D. 98th Ohio.

J. T. Arthur, D, 98th Ohio.

Olliver Randles, C, 98th Ohio.

J. R. McLoughlin, H, 98th Ohio.

John A. Wagner, H, 98th Ohio.

Cas. Ingham, I, 59th Ill.

S. G. Acherman, B, 59th Ill.

John Ford, G, 59th Ill.

Thomas Ford, G, 59th Ohio.

A. Hitchcock, A, 10th Wisconsin.

George Ohland, E, 9th Ohio.

T. H. Morrison, A, 10th Wisconsin.

Gideon Case, E, 105th Ohio.

L. M. Reynolds, B, 31st Ind.

Fred Luck, H, 24th Ill.

Joseph Selch, G, 22d Ill.

Paul Mayer, D, 1st Wisconsin.

O. R. Ritchie, A, 87th Ind.

Thomas Smith, I, 38th Ind.

Arthur E. Hall, I, 38th Ind.

David Blair, B, 38th Ind.


Note: there was no hospital 3 listed — it may have been included with Hosp. 1]

Transcribed by Sue P. Carpenter 23 Nov 2005, all rights reserved


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