New Albany Daily Ledger 1 Aug 1864 p 2 c 4: —The following is a list of the casualties in the 38th Indiana, in the fight at Chattahoochee River, July 17th:
James S. Jenkins
Solomon Weathers
Solomon Wethers, Co. E.
James Roberts, Co. A, severely.
Joshua Davis, Co. B, severely.
John Nafius, Co. B, severely.
George Knight, Co. B, slightly.
James Hause, Co. H, severely.
Thomas H. Daughterty, Co. H, severely.
George Madden, Co. H, Severely.
Serg’t. David Jones, Co. K, slightly.
Capt. Daniel A. Pfrimmer, Co. E, severely.
New Albany Daily Ledger 1 Aug 1864 p 2 c 3: Among the soldiers transferred to the hospitals at Nashville are the following:
F. Wietzle, E, 91st Indiana, rheumatism.
J. Haskians. 38th Indiana, head.
M. Parish, B, 23d Indiana, left hip.
J. Gresham, G 42d Indiana, right arm.
John O. Ward, H, 38th Indiana.
Sergt. Joseph Fisher, K, 65th Indiana, arm.
New Albany Daily Ledger 3 Aug 1864 p 2 c 3: The following is a list of sick and wounded at Field Hospital, Vining Station, Ga., admitted from July 20th to July 24th, inclusive.
John Spencer, Co. F, 42d
John Hassawrinkle, Co. A, 42d, rupture
Corp. E. Huster, Co. G, 42d, shoulder
H. Sunderman, Co. G, 42d, shoulder
J. S. Sanders,Co. F, 42d, sick
Talburt Crow, Co. D, 42d, sick
L. McKinney, Co. H, 50th, mouth
Andrew Fox, Co. K, 81st, scurvy
Lewis Shaffer, Co. H, 81st, thigh
E. F. Bell, Co. A, 81st, jaundice
Joshua Daval, Co. B, 38th, chest
John M. Sharp, Co. G, 38th
Capt. D. D. Pfrimmer, Co. M, 28th, groin
James House, 38th
Henry Briggs, Co. F, 38th, hand
George Metten, Co. H, 38th, shoulder
John Gillis, Co. B, 38th, breast
New Albany Daily Ledger 23 Sep 1864 p 2 c 3: The following soldiers of the 38th Indiana died in General Field Hospital, Army of the Cumberland, from the 14th of August to the 4th of September.
Joseph L. Logan, H, head.
John W. Self, A, thigh.
T. F. Robbins, K, hip, neck.
B. Fendle, B, thorax.
William McCafferty, H, thorax.
Capt. R. F. Perry, G. thorax.
T. Wright, K, head.
Samuel Sharp, G, face and neck.
John Cassidey, H, head.
Thomas McCurdy, H, head.

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