New Albany Daily Ledger, Tuesday, 1 Mar 1887 p4 c3:

City clerk Morris issued burial permits in February as follows: Mary E. Browning, paralysis; Thomas J. Albright, 39 years, dropsy; Edward Whiterow, 57 years, consumption of bowels; Manson Miller, 15 days, congestion; Martha T. Bradford, 65 years, cancer; Caroline Fix, 66 years, rheumatism; Edgar Bryant, 5 weeks, congestion; B. F. Lafferty, 44 years, paralysis; John G. Weisbach, 16 months, congestion; D. P. Anshutz, _?2 years, consumption, Kentucky; Harriet J. McCulloch, 50 years, consumption; Charles H. Bell, 10 months, bronchitis; Sallie N. Rough, 35 years, consumption; Valentine Ruby, 55 years, consumption; Mary A. Sauer, apoplexy; Charles H. Shrader, 38 years, bronchitis; Thomas D. Sinex, 61 years, typhoid pneumonia; Frank Pierce, 32 years, consumption; Anna L. Moore, 7 weeks, fever; Eliza Swarns [Swarens], Louisville, 67 years, consumption; Paul Stallings, 3 weeks, congestion. Colored: Ada Alexander, 4 months, bronchitis; Americus Douglas, 52 years, asthma; Arabella Woods, 28 years, consumption.

Submitted by Sue P. Carpenter and Margaret L. Atchley 2005


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