New Albany Daily Ledger, Thursday, 30 Jun 1887. p4 c3:

The following are the burial permits for June: John Elliott, paralysis, age 68 years; Jesse Humphreys, consumption, aged 43; Mrs.. F. M. Collins, pneumonia, aged 70; Roy Wykoff, pneumonia, aged 1; George J. Pullen, dysentery, age 49; Thomas Wright, cancer, age 76; Harry E. Beil, measles, 9 weeks; Henry Pyburn, 1 week; Miss Francis Collins, resided in Louisville, age 78; Charles Shaw Lyndall, spinal affection, age 20; Eliza Reiley, typhoid fever, age 51; M. J. Chalfant, age 68; Jesse Saul, infant age 11 weekd. Colored: Lula Mason, consumption, age 7 years; America Kinchelow, consumption, age 42; Edwrd H. Parker, drowned, 8 years; Doc Slaughter, summer complaint, 14 months; Lawrence Slaughter, bronchitis, age 5 years, John H. Bennett, drinking concentrated lye, age 8 years.

Submitted by Sue P. Carpenter and Margaret L. Atchley 2005


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