New Albany Daily Ledger, Friday, 30 Sep 1887 p4 c3:

The following burial permits were issued by City Clerk Kraft in September: Jesse B. Conrad, 3 years, croup; Orange C. Graves, 76 years, paralysis; Kate Dyer, 18 years, fever; Mattie E. Fawcett, five months, brain; James Renfro, 92 years, old age; Ella L. Hebden, 22 years, typhoid fever, Harry Richardson, 13 months, summer complaint, Clarence E. Genung, 3 years, diptheria; Ormie Putnam, 3 weeks, abcess; Mary J. Linne, 28 years, consumption; Jane Jackson, 87 years, old age; Ollie Sillings, 2 years, brain fever; Anna Belle Scheller, Sellersburg, 1 year, dentition; John Irwin, 75 tears, old age; William Gullet, 36 years, consumption; Cora White, 23 years, consumption; John Marrs, 10 years, railroad accident. Colored—Lonnie Childers; Lucinda Hutchinson, 86 years, old age; John Shipp, 18 years, consumption.

Submitted by Sue P. Carpenter and Margaret L. Atchley 2005


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