Public Press 24 Jun 1884

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Purely Personal Paragraphs

Prof. J. L. CAMPBELL of Crawfordsville College was in the city the other day. About the 1st of July he will resume work on the geodetic survey. He will camp at six mile switch. Prof. CAMPBELL has many friends in New Albany and Vicinity.
The Lafayette Sunday Leader says: Mr. and Mrs. J. F. ARMSTRONG of New Albany were in the city last week. Mr. A. is the gentleman who was so badly injured some years ago on the Wabash Road, being paralized from the hips down. He is now able to get around by the aid of a crutch. He attributes his present improved condition to the personal care and interest of Dr. Frank F. O'FARRELL, who stuck to him like a brother.
J. Steele DAVIS and wife, who were here visiting the family of John T. CREED have returned to their home in Danville, Ill.
W. S. CULBERTSON, wife and daughter, Blanche, are expected home from Europe some time in July.
W. A. BARKER writes to the Public Press from Cairo that his son Worden, who fell from a building and was seriously hurt, is getting along well and will be able to set up within a week or so.
J. T. WRIGHT, Superintendent of the Forge works with his wife have returned from a pleasant visit east. While at Creighton, PA., Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT visited the city. Mr. WRIGHTt reports that Capt. FORD and wife, and Edward and Emory FORD and families are pleasantly situated and are doing a thriving and profitable business in the manufacture of glass. Their immense works, much larger than in this city, are run by gas, the premises are lighted by gas and their homes are heated by gas. It is as free as the air and only needs striking a match to run the largest glass works in the country, and then there is much power wasted. There is no coal, no ashes, no dust. Capt. FORD has created a great excitement and waked up the natives. Capt. FORD and his sons are making money rapidly and it will not be long until they are millionaires.
Thanks to Charles NORMAN of DePauw University for a copy of the Evening DePauw published at Greencastle. Mr. NORMAN is a son of John B. NORMAN, deceased.
Charles W. POUTCH has purchased a fine Shetland mare and colt.
Mrs. D. C. AXLINE is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Emma REDFIELD at Englewood, a suburb of Chicago.
The Indianapolis Journal says: Mr. Crittenden A. COX, of New Albany, who made so strong a race for the State auditorship left the city yesterday. Under the circumstances, the vote he received was both a surprise and a high compliment. . .
Miss Ella PERETTE is home for the summer vacation from the Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Indianpolis.
Emory L. FORD of the Plate Glass Works, Creighton, Penn., is in the city, the guest of Dr. NEAT
Miss Eva LOGUE has returned from the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, to spend the summer vacation with her father, William LOGUE, Sen.
Ben F. SMITH of Sullivan is here visiting relatives.
George W. TULEY was home last week visiting his daughter and friends.
John H. McKONKEY is here visiting relatives. He is 81 years of age and lived here nearly all his life. His present home is St. Louis.
Charles P. GWIN of Carlisle is visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LOWRY are occupying their new cottage on upper Poplar street.

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