Indiana World War Record

Gold Star Honor Roll

    A Record of Indiana Men and Women who died in the service of the United States and the Allied Nations in the World War.

1914 - 1918

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All entries submitted by Gina Reasoner

Baldwin, Ashton Morrow Freeman, Daniel Pioneer Lytle, Ora
Baughman, Victor Keenan Freeman, Fred George Meyers, Earl Otto
Beekman, Vaughn D. Garner, Ralph V. Millikan, Walter
Bidwell, Orville Goldthwait, Homer Dekalb Minch, John Sheridan
Biggs, Chester S. Harrell, Oliver Lewis Newport, Roy O.
Bodkins, Melvin O. Hayworth, Lester Kenneth Porter, Earl M.
Bragg, Otto Lewis Hiatt, William Walter Riggles, Charles
Button, Fred William Hileman, Herman Taylor Scott, Clyde Erasmus
Carter, Asa Gilbert Hinecker, George Alfred Smith, Guy Harold
Clements, John Holliday, Lawrence Alton Stephens, Leo Lewis
Cox, Hiram Quincy Holloway, Isaac E. Stout, Daniel Arthur
Craig, Harry Lee Holmes, Floyd Dillon Sutphin, Raymond Andrew
Creek, Charles Everett Jones, Benjamin H. Thomas, Everett Elwood
Cromwell, William Abner Keever, Edward Coleman Thornburg, Byron Webster
Delong, Orville Arthur Keith, Carl Albert Van Valer, William Russell
Denton, Russell Kuntz, John Henry Wade, Rollen
Droud, John Howard Leach, Ethel Ozella White, Harry
Etter, Frank Melvin Lindley, John Horace Wilson, Charles
Foster, George Hilton Lindsey, Raymond Otto Winslow, Lee Glenn
Foster, William E. Little, Guy Wonderly, Frank Reid

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