Records of the Deaths and Burials
at the
Kansas State Soldiers Home
Fort Dodge, Ford County, Kansas

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Abbott, G. W. 2-17-1921 Age 80, 6th MO Cav Co A, bur at Olathe
Abner, William 9-7-1909 Civil War Veteran
Adam, Ethel B. 1-30-1912 Age 15
Adams, Mrs. W. B. 5-6-1890
Adams, William B. 12-5-1890 6th IN Inf Co D, bur at Barton, IN
Adkins, Dora E. 5-21-1911 Age 64
Adkins, Elsie E. 1-8-1907 bur at Dodge City
Alderson, Lydia 4-18-1921 Age 85, bur at Jewell
Allen, Ellen E. 4-16-1922 Age 69, Bur at Kansas City
Allen, John 4-16-1918 Age 79, 7th Ill Inf Co D, bur at Emporia
Allen, Sarah B. 3-4-1928 Age 87, Widow of John
Allen, Stephen 3-16-1896 10th CT Inf Co D
Alley, Mahalia 8-2-1923 Age 78, Wife of Elijah
Ames, Ada A. 8-17-1916 Age 73
Anderson, A. J. 6-11-1923 Age 80, 63rd IL Inf Co D
Anderson , Elizabeth 12-5-1918 Age 72, Widow of James P., bur at Peoria 
Anderson James P. 10-28-1917 8th TN Cav Co C Corp, bur at Peoria, Franklin Co, KS
Anderson, John 6-1-1913 Age 69
Anderson, Lizzie N. 11-3-1919 Age 71, Wife of Andrew J., bur at Topeka
Andrews, Charles J. 4-11-1912 Age 70, Civil War Veteran
Andrews, Whitaker 2-2-1926 Age 85, 89th OH Inf Co G
Anthony, Thomas K. 7-19-1913 Age 76
Arbuckle, David 6-4-1908 19th IA Co D
Armour, Elizabeth 5-13-1922 Age 67, Wife of James N.
Armour, James N. 7-31-1927 Age 81, 13th IL Cav Co L
Armour, Mrs. Jim 2-2-1908
Armstrong, G. 4-2-1906 104th IL Co G
Askittle, Nancy J. 2-4-1913 Age 68, Died in Moterh Bickerdyke Home at Ellsworth
Ashkittle, Thomas 12-18-1907 24th IA Co I
Ashline, Mrs. 10-1-1913 Age 67
Austin, Henry 8-30-1915 Age 80, Navy
Austin, Mrs. Carrie 10-14-1915 Age 75, died in State Asylum at Osawattomie
Austin, Julius H. 6-28-1927 Age 82, 1st Wi Inf Co D
Babcock, George W. 7-22-1893 8th IA Cav Co A
Baker, Alfred 12-27-1913 Age 85
Baker, John C. 2-11-1924 Age 81, 57th OH Inf Co H
Baker, Mary V. 2-26-1923 Age 80, Wife of John C.
Baker, Thomas C. 8-3-1912 Age 84, Civil War Veteran
Baldon, Sarah J. 4-22-1911 Age 65
Baldwin, W. J. 10-3-1924
Baley, Valentine S. 9-25-1917 Age 71, 2nd IA Inf Co E, bur at Dodge City
Banfill, George 6-28-1895 Ohio Trumble Guards
Barr, Mrs. Mary 12-8-1900
Barr, Jennie 11-19-1920 Wife of Dr. J. W., bur at Kingman
Barr, Lydia 6-12-1928 Age 78, Widow of Miletus, bur at Norwich
Barker, Armstrong 5-8-1821 3-10-1913 Age 91, Civil War Veteran, bur at Dodge City
Barker, Mrs. Susannah 2-29-1826 6-10-1905 Wife of A., bur at Dodge City
Barkhurst, Calvin Westlake 5-11-1913 Age 70
Barlow, George W. Mar 1912 Age 82
Barlow, Anna 1840 4-2-1913 Age 63, bur at Maple Grove Cemetery
Barnes, Frances I. 12-10-1924 Widow of William
Barnes, Mrs. Martha 7-26-1904
Barnes, William 12-8-1924 30th IL Inf Co D & E
Barney, William W. 9-10-1922 Age 74, 1st MI Marine Co C
Barrett, Laura 3-4-1919 Age 76, Wife of Samuel, bur at Centralia
Bashaw, Emily 3-7-1928 Age 88, Widow of Alfred, bur at Concordia
Bausman, Mrs. M. 8-6-1909 Age 48
Beaman, Carlton C. 8-12-1917 Age 73, MO Cav Co C
Beaman, Mary B. 5-8-1921 Age 73
Bean, Mary M. 6-4-1912 Age 55
Beaver, John 1-24-1919 Age 74, 27th MI Inf Co K, bur at Jetmore
Beck, Ira Louis 5-23-1915 Age 43, bur at Dodge City
Beeman, Charles 5-30-1914 Age 77, bur at Dodge City
Belt, George W. 12-24-1922 Age 76, 12th IL Cav Co H
Belt, Sarah  10-25-1926 Age 79, Widow of George W.
Benedict, Robert F. 2-10-1923 Age 79, 127th NY Inf Co K
Bennett, Joseph D. 5-29-1924 Age 78, 1st MI Inf Co E
Bennett, Mary 3-23-1923 Age 73, Wife of J. D.
Bennett, Mrs. 5-6-1903
Bennett, William R. 2-6-1924 Age 84, 115th IL Inf Co D, bur at Oxford
Bentley, Isaac 9-30-1914 Age 69
Berdeen,  2-5-1911 Age 75, bur at Wichita
Berndt, Anna 8-27-1926 Age 69, Wife of August
Bever, Mary E. 3-28-1919 Age 77, Wife of E. C. (Manuel), bur at Wamego
Bevis, John 10-10-1908 Age 59, 145th IN Co H
Bibley, Samuel F. 7-11-1916 Age 69, 161st NY co A, bur at Lewis
Bickman, Puren D. 1-14-1899 12 IN Co B
Bingman, Mary 2-4-1917 Age 72
Birch, William 2-19-1904 23rd IN Co A
Bird, John 1-23-1910 Age 76, Civil War Veteran
Black, John P. 7-6-1919 Age 87, 153rd IN Inf Co F, bur at Newton
Blackman, J. F. 6-30-1912 Age 72, Civil War Veteran
Blackman, Katherine 6-18-1910 Age 51
Blakesly, Samuel 2-23-1899 52nd IL Co G
Blanchard, Albert D. 1-27-1910 Age 66
Bocock, Emily June 10-31-1897 Wife of William Bocock
Boggis, Augustus 5-16-1924 1st TX Inf Co D
Bogges, Rachel 11-1-1924
Boggs, Oliver 9-22-1908 Age 82
Bolinger, Peter 5-7-1927 Age 87, 6th TN Inf Co E
Bonwell, Arthur 5-9-1918 Age 84, 85th Ind Inf Co B
Boyce, Artemus W. 9-20-1898 2nd KS Cav Co M, L, & I
Boyd,  7-20-1911 Age 98, Civil War Veteran
Boyd, Daughter 12-4-1899 Daughter of Fred Boyd
Boyd, Fredrick W. 1844 Feb 1918 Age 73, 100th Ill Inf Co K & D, bur at Dodge City
Boyd, Miss Mattie Lorena 8-31-1891 2-1-1903 bur at Dodge City
Boyer, William 5-12-1905
Boyd, Mrs. H. A. 5-24-1907
Bradley, James 4-23-1925 Age 76, Bugler with Mo Mil
Braham, W. H. 2-25-1909 Age 71, 59th IL Vet Inf Co F, bur at Paxico
Branson, Hiram 4-22-1900 1st Batt, Harlem Co, KY Co C, non-pensioned CWV, not entitled to tombstone
Brannum, Lillian 11-8-1925 Age 68, Widow of Thomas, bur at Galena
Brannum, Thomas 12-6-1919 Age 78, 5th KS Mil, bur at Galena
Braunsworth, John 10-31-1919 Age 85, 1st CO Cav Co G, bur at  Dodge City
Braunsworth, Magdalena 4-18-1920 Wife of John Miller, bur at Dodge City
Brenon, John 3-2-1911 Age 67, bur at Olathe
Brookman, Mary E. 6-19-1927 Age 88, Widow of John H., bur at Kingman
Brooks, John 9-27-1926 Age 81, 10th IL inf Co I
Brooks, George W. 2-11-1914 Age 70, bur at Olathe
Brooks, Joseph 12-8-1912 Age 28
Brown, Wright H. 1-8-1912 Age 74
Brown, Lizzie 10-13-1918 Age 74, bur at Wichita
Brown, Mary 4-21-1911 Age 45
Brown, Mary E. Nov 1924 bur at Dodge City
Brown, John T. 11-27-1904 7th KS Co H
Brown, William J. A. 6-18-1919 Age 76, 63rd IL Inf Co D
Browning, Samuel 2-8-1927 Age 84, 19th Vol Res Corps, 33rd OH Inf Co G & H
Brownsworth, Mrs. Lois 1-24-1908
Bruce, Isaac 6-27-1920 11th KS Inf Co G
Brumage, Richard 11-18-1916 Age 77, 159th OH Inf Co B
Brumback, Hannah 4-23-1926 Age 78, Widow of Benjamin F.
Bruner, William 4-25-1892 2nd PA Inf Co C, Mexican War
Bruner, Mrs. William 12-6-1893
Bruner, Mrs. 3-17-1903
Bryant, Theodore 2-27-1908 13th IA Co D
Buchanan, Rueben 3-26-1922 Age 81, 43rd IN Inf Co C, bur at Fulton
Burch, Mrs. William 7-12-1905
Burden, Edward 10-8-1917 Age 74, 27th OH Inf Co E
Burdsell, Abram H. 10-20-1915 Age 71, 84th Ill Co E, bur at Chetopa
Burley, Joshua 3-6-1893 123rd IN Inf Co F
Burneau, Louis 10-4-1923 Age 95, 25th IL Inf Co F
Burns, Son 12-16-1893 Son of Robert E. Burns
Burns, George W. 11-24-1904 17th IN Co C
Burton, John C. 2-1-1917 Age 81, 4th IA Inf Co G Corp
Burton, Henry V. 2-16-1925 Age 82, 54th IL Inf Co E.
Burton, William L. 11-13-1909 Age 62, Civil War Veteran
Butler, Arline 7-14-1926 Age 81, Widow fo Charles
Butler, Charles 9-2-1921 Age 86, 38th OH Inf Co E
Butler, Otha 8-3-1893 Son of Gilford Butler
Butler, Sarah E. 8-6-1926 Widow of Ebenezer, bur at Muskogee, OK
Buxton, C. M. 12-3-1919 Asst Cook at Barracks #3, but Nickerson
Byler, Martin 1-14-1911 Age 68, bur at Joplin, MO
Cain, Matilda A. 2-19-1920 Age 75, Wife of Thomas, bur at Toronto
Caldwell, Mrs. Clara 1-10-1911 Age 48, bur at Wichita
Caldwell, G. 9-7-1907 85th IN Co A, bur at Wichita
Camp, Abbie W. 4-2-1925 Age 83, Widow of Henry
Camp, Henry 1-11-1911 Age 71, Civil War Veteran
Campbell, Richard C. 11-24-1899 41st & 42nd IN Cav Co K
Cannon, William 12-4-1915 Age 75, 27th Ill Co B
Carpenter, David 8-7-1915 Age 72
Carpenter, Francis Jan 1910 Age 75
Carr, Hubbard D. 3-15-1919 Age 82, 3rd NY Cav Co B, but at Arkansas City
Carrigg, Thomas 6-2-1920 7th KS Inf Co G
Carson, Robert F. 12-8-1897 3rd KS Vol Co M
Carter, Mary S. 1-12-1924 Age 78, Widow of John C. Smith & Orris B. Carter
Carter, Orris B. 11-16-1922 Age 76, 3rd IA Cav Co K, bur at Great Bend
Carter, William M. 4-3-1921 Age 76, 13th KY Cav Co B, bur at Johnson
Cash, Urias 11-30-1908 Age 69, 2nd KS Co C
Caswell, Daniel 7-11-1924 Age 83, 4th OH Inf Co E
Caves, Samuel E. 9-29-1911 Age 71, bur at LaCygne
Cavin, Josiah 4-21-1928 Age 82, 17th IA Inf Co B
Chaffer,  7-23-1908 Civil War Veteran
Chaffin, Francis M. 11-27-1914 Age 69
Chamblin, C. M. 1-12-1916 Beards Co Dept Corps, bur at Morgan, IL
Chamness, Angaline 3-29-1918 Age 68
Chapman, Charles C. 3-10-1920 Age 74, 11th IA Inf Co D
Chase, George W. 5-22-1922 Age 81, 4th MI Cav Co M, bur at Junction City
Chase, Martha W. 5-21-1922 Age 76, Wife of George, bur at Junction City
Chevalley, Augustus H. 4-22-1915 Age 71
Ciszansty, A. J. 7-16-1906 Civil War Veteran
Clark, Mrs. M. J. 2-18-1905 bur at Toronto
Clary, Martin S. 3-25-1927 Age 85, 85th IL Inf Co E, bur at Formosa
Clay, George 9-15-1924 Age 78, 1st AR Lt Art
Clay, Luticia E. 9-1-1922 Age 71, Wife of George W.
Clay, Lydia A. 9-7-1926 Age 87, Wife of George W., bur at Offerle
Cleveland, David H. 1-26-1917 Age 74, 1st MI Lt Art Co H
Cline, Cornelius 1-15-1916 Age 85, 27th OH Inf Co D
Cloud, Chauncey M. 10-23-1924 bur at LaCrosse
Cochran, A. H. 6-12-1914 Age 70
Cochran, Fennimore P. 9-25-1917 Age 68, 15th OH Inf Co E, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Cochran, Sidney S. 5-8-1918 Age 31, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Coffin, Mary J. 12-23-1919 Age 76, Widow of Oliver, bur at Hutchinson
Coffin, Oliver S. 6-26-1917 Age 78, Capt in Adj General's Office, bur at Hutchinson
Cogill, Benjamin 3-20-1909 Age 71, 14th IA Co D
Colgrove, Florence M. 7-26-1919 Age 71, Wife of Herman, bur Great Bend
Colgrove, Herman P. 11-19-1920 Age 82, 9th & 44th Inf Inf Co E, C, & I Sgt & Major, bur at Great Bend
Collins, Eliza 3-8-1924 Age 70, Wife of Gomaley, bur at Kansas City
Collins, L. M. April 1839 11-13-1904 bur at Dodge City
Collins, Richard 5-5-1917 Age 84, 183rd NY Inf Co C Lieut, bur at Dodge City
Conger, Theron 11-12-1922 Age 75, 15th KS Cav Co L, bur at Blue Rapids, SD
Conkey, Mrs. Alzada 9-30-1905
Conway, L. 10-10-1901 28th IL Inf Co F
Cook, John I. 5-7-1916 Age 68, 62nd IL Inf Co H
Cook, John R. 3-25-1917 Age 72, 12th KS Inf Co E
Cook, Rufus 2-8-1924 Age 80, 31st IA Inf Co H
Cook, W. E. 4-28-1927 Age 84, 10th IA Inf Co F, bur at Woodston
Coon, C. B. 2-8-1925 Age 86, Widow of Ezra G., bur at Lawrence
Cooper, Mary 2-4-1913 Age 80
Cooper, Thomas W. 4-14-1914 Age 82
Corey, John W. 5-19-1925 Age 82, 4th MI Inf Co H
Corey, Ray 11-27-1897 Son of J. W. Corey
Cornwall, Samuel 8-13-1914 Age 84
Corwin, Benjamin 5-16-1919 Age 75, 32nd OH Inf Co H, bur at Washington
Cory, Dade 1-30-1913 Age 56
Coss, Franklin D. 2-24-1922 Age 77, 4th OH Inf Co H
Costlo, Martha A. 3-2-1928 Age 79, Wife of John H.
Courtney, Mrs. L. A. 7-11-1916 Age 78, Widow of John W.
Courtney, John W. 6-26-1905 10th KY Co E
Cox, George W. 4-19-1926 Age 80, 2nd MO Lt Art Co B
Cox, Mark A. 6-27-1917 Age 75, 7th MO Cav Co G, bur at Girard
Cox, Sarah J. 12-22-1920 Age 71, Widow of Mark A., bur at Girard 
Craig, Benjamin F. 3-18-1893 6th KS Cav Co D
Craig, Mary E. 11-30-1918 Age 73, Wife of John H.
Creddy, Mary C. 12-4-1910 Age 64
Creighton, James W. 1-5-1925 Age 82, 13oth IN Inf Co K, bur at Humboldt
Crist, George 12-12-1920 Age 75, bur at Harper
Criswell, William 1-29-1920 Age 76, 86th IL Inf 
Croft, Charles 7-10-1905 12th KS Inf Co F
Cronenberg, August 6-16-1906 1st MO Lt Art Co B
Crosley, Emma L. 1-29-1925 Age 72, bur at Scottsville
Crosno, Robert  11-3-1926 Age 37, Spanish War Vet 15th Il Cav Co C, Son of Rueven & Mary A.
Crosno, Rueben L. 9-9-1923 15th IL Cav Co C
Crouch, Anna 12-12-1922 Age 70, Widow of J., bur at Meade
Crump, Marjorie 4-22-1920 Age 4, Dau of John
Crupper, James 8-29-1908 13th US Inft Co G & 7th MO Cav Co F
Crupper, Mary 1-30-1914 Age 84, died in Ellsworth
Culver, Zed 1-5-1918 Age 72, 5th TN Inf Co G, bur at Muskogee, OK
Cumback, Lucinda 2-3-1923 Age 79, Widow of A.
Curtis, J. T. 8-15-1902 51st PA Inft Co E
Daughaday, Lavinah 2-1-1927 Age 69, Widow of Fredrick, bur at Kansas City
Davis, Napoleon 6-7-1917 Age 77, 2nd IL Lt Art Co C & B, bur at Winfield
Davis, James G. 3-18-1911 Age 85, bur at Emporia
Davis, James R. 1-21-1926 Age 82, 11th MO Cav Co B
Davis, Mary C. 11-1-1926 Age 80, bur at Winfield
Dawley, Hezekiah 4-28-1911 Age 71, Civil War Veteran
Dawson, John M. 6-24-1920 Age 78, 1st & 2nd IA Inf Co M & G, bur at Great Bend
Day, George W. 5-3-1922 Age 78, 62nd IL Inf Co H
Dean, Mrs. 3-10-1907 bur at Syracuse
DeBrum, Daniel 4-9-1914 Age 70, bur at Fairbury, NE
Decker, Annie B. 12-27-1924  Age 84
Decker, Z. T. 4-10-1925 Age 76, 16th KS Inf Co B, bur at Webb City
Deen, Mrs. M. E. 1-7-1916 bur at Burrton
Delaney, Abel 8-14-1927 Age 88, 14th IN Batt, bur in LaHarpe
Dell, Mary C. 7-8-1915 Age 69, bur at Jasper, MO
Dellinger, Thomas L. 7-4-1924 Age 77, 13th IN Cav Co D, bur at Dodge City
Dellinger, Vinita May 11-19-1919 Age 5, Dau of T. L., bur at Dodge City
Derusha, Leon 3-23-1910 Age 81, bur at Wichita
Devine, Peter 7-26-1902 16th PA Co I 
Devore, Arthur 12-16-1910 Age 85, Civil War Veteran
Devore, Hannah 12-21-1922 Age 80, Wife of Phillip, bur at Parsons
Dewey, Green A. 8-23-1927 Age 87, 14th KS Inf Co D
Dewine, Fred R. 7-31-1913 Age 29, Son of Mrs. Oagan, died at Mulvane
DeWitt, Mary Jane 4-18-1916 Age 77, Wife of James F.
Dickey, Marcellus 1-31-1900 57th OH Co I & 147th IN Co I
Diemart, Charles P. 7-3-1925 Age 56, Spanish War Veteran 21st KS Co
Dixon, John F. 9-2-1922 Age 80, 130th IL Inf Co G, bur at Waverly
Dixon, Mary M. 11-22-1918 Age 71, Wife of John F., bur at Waverly
Dodd, Mary E. 8-28-1923 Wife of James
Dodson, William  9-10-1922 Age 92, 10th MO Cav Co I
Dole, George A. 6-14-1907 Civil War Veteran
Donalds, Harrison A. 12-11-1917 Age 73, 7th Ind Cav Co A, bur at Cherryvale
Donavan, Ida V. 8-11-1922 Age 62, Widow of William J., bur at Kansas City
Douthett, J. W. 11-22-1909 Age 79, Civil War Veteran
Douthett, Juditha 11-27-1909 Age 78
Dover, Lawson 9-23-1908 Age 62, 113rd IL Co H
Downey, Catherine M. 11-21-1921
Downing, Ezekial 8-11-1899 Civil War Veteran 
Downing, Robert 9-3-1908 69th IA Co C
Drake, Henry F. 3-9-1904 2nd KS Cav Co D
Driscoll, Elisha 11-6-1923 Age 84, 1st NE Cav Co K
DuBarrow, Hattie M. 10-10-1927 Age 77, Widow of John
DuBois, Morris 9-10-1915 Age 69, NY Batty
Dude, Mrs. Frank 9-7-1896
Dudley, Mrs.  12-13-1903 bur at Wichita
Duncan, Alexander 6-23-1926 Age 84, 17th IA Inf Co F
Duncan, Mary A. 12-20-1917 Age 68
Durborrow, John R. 10-3-1925 Age 82, 6th KS Cav Co C
Durflinger, Mrs. 6-29-1908
Durham, Adam 5-12-1902 42nd OH Co K & 115th OH Co K & 188th OH Co G
Dye, Benjamin 2-26-1916 Age 93, WV Cav Co H
Dyers, James 2-22-1906 Civil War Veteran
Eastman, Colo 3-3-1907 52nd IN Co K
Eastman, Miss Kittie 6-21-1907
Eaton, John 11-19-1921 Age 81, 8th MO Inf Co A, bur at Kendall
Edwards, George M. 7-2-1925 Age 79, 2nd MO Lt Art Co L, bur at Meade
Elkin, Daniel B. 11-11-1916 2nd Bat KY Art, bur at Kansas City
Elkins, Belle C. 4-16-1923
Elliott, T. Ewing 12-21-1917 Age 80, 89th OH inf Co D Corp, died in Wichita
Embree, Margaret Ellen 3-10-1926 Age 75, Wife of John C., bur at McCune
Emerson, James W. 12-30-1926 Age 84, 15th KS Cav Co I
Emery, Edward 1-9-1911 Age 81, bur at Harveyville
Eubanks, Robert J. 7-17-1896 65th IN Inf Co E & 7th IN Cav Co D, moved to Dodge City
Evans, Cornelia 5-24-1927 Age 82, Widow of Philander
Evans, Philander 1-17-1921 Age 76, 109th NY Inf Co A
Evarts, Andrew 2-10-1927 Age 86, 16th & 4th OH Inf Co I & G, Corp
Evarts, Maude Eliza 2-12-1913 Age 68
Ewing, John 5-1-1919 Age 81, 28th Ill Inf Co F, bur at Arkansas City
Fann, John Wesley 11-26-1914 Age 74
Fairchild, Henry C. 4-12-1921 Age 81, 7th IN Inf Co I
Farechild, Mary 8-29-1912 Age 54
Fay, Huldah W. 4-2-1918 Age 75, bur at Topeka
Feazle, John B. 7-22-1912 Age 76, Civil War Veteran
Fent, Mary E. 11-2-1917 Age 67, bur at Matfield Green
Fie, John 6-10-1898 6th PA Co D
Fields, Abraham 4-9-1914 Age 89, bur at Cherokee
Fields, W. A. 1-20-1908 15th KS Co C
Finch, Alfonso J. 7-15-1923 Age 83, 43rd NY Inf Co G, bur at Hutchinson
Finch, Annie E. 10-21-1923 bur at Hutchinson
Finley, J. 5-23-1904 172nd OH Inf Co C
Fisher, Charles N. 10-29-1911 Age 66, Civil War Veteran
Fisk, Berthena 5-18-1926 Age 79, Wife of George F., bur at Trinchera, CO
Fisk, Kelly M. 2-1-1913 Age 80
Fisk, Mrs. Mary 2-12-1908
Flanagan, Harry 3-14-1926 Age 28, Son of Tom, World War Veteran, killed by a train
Flanagan, Nancy 12-25-1922 Age 62, Wife of Thomas
Floyd, Elizabeth 4-1-1921 Age 69
Folsom, Lester W. 1836 4-6-1917 Age 78
Forbes, Mrs. 7-19-1906
Forbs, Eban 4-14-1898 53rd PA Inf Co F & 143 PA Inf Co A, bur at ElDorado
Ford, Nelson July 1893 12th KY Inf Co H & 41st MO Co E
Fortner, Christiana A. 1-12-1838 12-11-1918 Age 81, Widow of Hugh
Fortner, Hugh 1-4-1833 1-3-1916 Age 82, 34th Inf Co K
Foster, Mrs. Emily 1857 3-9-1917 Age 59
Foster, Isaac 1839 6-16-1927 Age 88, 168th IA Inf Co E
Freck, John 5-22-1906 75th IL Co I
Freeman, Charles L. 7-2-1910 Age 65, bur at Salina
Frey, William H. H. 7-21-1909 Age 70, Civil War Veteran
Fritz, Ida Grace 8-14-1927 Age 73, Wife of Ammon
Fry, Jesse 8-18-1916 Age 86, 116th Ill Co K, bur at Taylorville, IL
Fuller, Edgar P. 9-30-1918 Age 74, 145th OH Inf Co D
Fuller, Rachel 3-4-1928 Age 86, Widow of Edgar
Fuqua, William 8-8-1918 Age76, 2nd MO Lt Art Co I
Fuqua, Mary 10-30-1915 Age 71
Furman, Mrs. Cornelia H. 9-27-1915 Age 68, bur at Pueblo, CO
Gambel, Mrs.  9-21-1913 Age 81
Gamble, Henry 11-6-1914 Age 71
Gard, Sarah M. 11-9-1911 Age 67
Garrett, Sarah A. 8-24-1928 Age 88, Wife of Samuel, bur at Mulhall, OK
Garverson, Jobe 12-25-1912 Age 70, Civil War Veteran
Garvey, Martin 6-20-1914 Age 74
Gaskell, S. J. 2-19-1924 4th IA Cav Co K
Gaskill, Asbury S. 1844 5-20-1925 Age 82, 4th IA Inf Co K, bur at Dodge City
Gaskill, Mary 1854 2-9-1919 Age 54, Wife of Asbury, bur at Dodge City
Gates, John 7-7-1918 Age 74, 139th & 82nd OH Inf Co G & A, bur at Longton
Gearhart, E. M. 6-12-1896 4th PA Cav Co B & 57th PA Inf Co I
Gearhart, William 2-11-1906 11th MO Cav Co D, bur at Lyons
George, Glenna Alline 11-15-1915 Age 8 days
Geyer, Lulla 12-12-1917 Age 52
Gibbs, Alfred 7-11-1927 Age 84, 21st MI Inf Co C, bur at Leoti
Gibson, Stephen W. 7-4-1926 Age 85, 59th IL Inf Co B, bur at Wichita
Gillam, J. A. 5-27-1910 Age 81, bur at Toronto
Gillenwater, Elijah W. 6-24-1927 Age 81, 2nd & 15th KS Inf Co C & A
Gilmore, Mary V. 3-26-1922 Age 76, Widow of James K.
Gilpin, Emanuel 6-7-1922 Age 79, 123rd IL Inf Co I, bur at LaHarpe
Gingerich, Ellen 9-10-1922 Age 80, Widow of Daniel
Godfrey, Charles E. 9-2-1914 Age 83
Godfrey, Elizabeth K. 3-31-1915 Age 73
Goodman, Benjamin 7-7-1907 11th KS Co G
Goodrich, Earl 6-20-1909 Age 20
Gordon, Miss Carrie 3-7-1899
Gormaly, J. N. 5-18-1908 19th IA Co B
Gorman, James 1839 9-21-1921 Age 82, 102nd IL Inf Co C
Gorman, Mary 1840 7-4-1916 Age 76
Gowen, James E. 2-18-1926 Age 85, 40th MA Inf Co P & 2nd Batt Vet Res Corps Co K
Graham, William 9-7-1916 Age 82, 13th MO Co E & 7th KS Cav Co A
Graham, Darah F. 5-30-1920 Widow of William
Graham, Jack W. 3-21-1915 Age 11 months
Grantham, Elizabeth Ann 11-8-1917 Age 64, bur at Hutchinson
Grantham, Leander 10-20-1909 Age 69, Civil War Veteran
Graves, John 9-27-1911 Age 63, Civil War Veteran
Graves, John M. 6-24-1920 Age 82, 45th IL Inf Co I
Graves, Otis Thomas 7-16-1905 Son of John Graves 
Graves, Otis Draper 8-30-1905 Son of John Graves
Graves, Mrs. 5-28-1908
Graves, O. E. 6-30-1908 10th IL Cav Co H
Gray, Benjamin 6-23-1928 Age 84, 40th IA INf Co I
Greek, David 1-19-1919 Age 76, Fifer 9th IA Inf Co C, bur at Carman, OK
Green, Albert 3-2-1903 18th IL Co A
Green, George 12-18-1916 8th USCT Co G
Greenmayer, John 2-3-1920 Age 74, 129th IN Inf Co H, bur at Wichita
Greenwood, Julia 9-25-1922 Age 88, Widow of Alfred
Grice, A. J. 1-31-1913 Age 68, bur at Kingman
Griffith, Eli 7-6-1920 Age 74, 46th IA Inf Co C, bur at Wichita
Gumback, Abraham 6-12-1913
Gwinn, George W. 3-17-1907 bur at Dodge City
Haha, Francis L. 1-1-1928 Age 77, Widow of Fredrick
Hale, Jennie M. 3-2-1925 Age 60, Wife of George W.
Hall, Anderson W.  11-23-1919 Age 74, 150th IL Inf Co H
Hamilton, John H. 1836 3-3-1926 Age 89, 5th IL Inf Co C
Hamlin, L. A. 5-12-1907 19th KY Co G, bur at Wichita
Hammond, W. A. 10-29-1903 7th MI Co F
Hanes, G. W. 6-10-1904 2nd KS Militia Co H
Hansell, George A. 8-13-1914 Age 71
Hardton, Fred C. L. 3-6-1915 Age 83
Hardy, Charlotte 11-20-1923 Age 76, bur at Lewis
Harmon, James F. 8-10-1898 34th IA Co D
Harper, Samuel 12-8-1910 Age 66, Civil War Veteran
Harris, Benjamin R. 12-17-1925 Age 83, 43rd IN Inf Co D, bur at Altoona
Harris, Frank 4-14-1903 66th OH Inft Co C
Haskins, George F. 2-7-1916 Age 74, 141st IL Inf Co C
Hatfield, George E. 4-6-1925 Age 84, 89th OH Inf Co E Sgt, bur at Kansas City
Hawlins, Elizabeth 12-18-1911 Age 75
Hayes, Perry H. 6-17-1919 Age 76, 44th MO Inf Co A
Hays, Austin 1840 4-26-1925 Age 84, 42nd & 196th OH Inf Co H & A 
Hays, Margaret 1838 7-19-1915 Age 76
Hearin, John W. 11-21-1920 Age 74, 152nd IL CAV Co I, bur at Stillwell
Heaston, James 4-27-1920 13th KS Inf Co B
Heaton, George N. 3-12-1907 7th KS Co B
Heaver, Mrs. Mary Ann 7-16-1909 Age 62, bur at Topeka
Heckard, Lewis F. 7-15-1916 Age 93, 173rd PA Inf Co K & 83rd PA Inf Co E, bur at Abilene
Henry, Louisa 11-27-1911 Age 70
Herring, Ida B. 12-30-1927 Age 74, Wife of John
Herzog, Moses 3-24-1923 Age 78, 152nd IN Inf Co A, bur at Abilene
Hess, Thomas Orr 10-8-1914 Age 81, bur at Valley Center
Hessman, Mrs. Grace 10-24-1900
Hewitt, Elijah C. 10-7-1917 Age 71, 118th IL Inf Co K, bur at Hutchinson
Hibbs, Maria 10-26-1922 Age 67, Widow of John, bur at Humbolt
Hickman, Rebecca 4-13-1923 Age 81, bur at Kansas City
Hicks, Lydia 4-29-1926 Age 79, Widow of William A., bur at Fredonia
Hicks, Ruea 11-30-1925 Age 83, Widow of Taylor
Hicks, Taylor 8-5-1925 Age 81, 3rd KY Inf Co B
Higgins, Sarah 2-22-1919 Age 66, Wife of Tolbert, bur at Vining
High, Samuel Y. 1-3-1920 Age 82, 76th Ill Inf Co A, bur at Topeka
Hill, Mrs. C. A. 1-24-1904
Hill, Sylvester P. 6-2-1925 2nd IN Cav Co L
Hiller, E. C. 2-14-1921 Age 76, bur at Sylvia
Hinman, Mrs. 1-25-1899
Hoag, Sophia 3-27-1927 Age 67, Widow of Wilbur W.
Hoag, Wilbur W. 11-18-1925 Age 80, 12th KS Inf Co D
Hobble, Pierce 3-6-1918 Age 80, 13th O V Inf Co D, Sgt, bur at Dodge City
Hobble, Mrs. Sarah A. 10-19-1915 Age 76, bur at Dodge City
Hoddy, Charles R. 1-20-1925 Age 81, 86th IN Inf Co I
Hoddy, Mrs. Mareal 11-8-1910 Age 63
Hoffman, Gilbert O. 3-14-1925 Age 84, 3rd WI Cav Co K
Hoffman, William F. 8-23-1912 Age 73, bur at Kansas City
Hogg, Marie Phylis 12-29-1917 Infant Daughter
Holinck, Franklin 3-5-1923 Age 75, IN Batt Lt Art Co 7, bur at Kansas City
Holt, Ephriam 1-11-1911 Age 71, Civil War Veteran
Hood, Samuel 4-21-1913 Age 83
Hood, James K. P. 6-14-1892 4th IA Inf Co F
Hottle, Martha 8-19-1926 Age 76, Widow of B. F.
Houston, Hattie 3-30-1928 Age 80, Wife of Robert
Houston, Mary Ann 6-30-1915 Age 67, bur at Southwest City, MO
Howe, J .B. 5-17-1904 18th MO CO B
Howe, James E. 12-14-1922 Age 88, 31st OH Inf Co A
Howe, Malina 3-3-1923 Age 79, Widow of James
Howe, Mary C. 10-19-1918 Age 74
Howe, Sarah M. 4-11-1928 Age 84, Wife of Augustus P., bur at Peabody
Hoyt, Alfred W. 4-12-1904 8th NY Art Co M, bur at Lyons
Hubbard, John 3-7-1904 14th KS Cav Co A
Hubbard, John W. 2-26-1922 Age 89, 27th KY Inf Co H, bur at St. Joseph, MO
Humphries, Margaret A. 8-23-1926 Age 92, Widow of Horatio, bur at Fort Scott
Hunter, Edwin C. 8-13-1918 Age 73, 49th Ind Inf Co C, bur at Kingman
Hurley, G. D. 11-11-1907 42nd MO Co E, bur at Dodge City
Hurst, Christopher 5-18-1927 Age 87, 10th KS Inf Co E
Huston, Charles H. 2-4-1919 Age 82, 144th IL Inf Co B, bur at Topeka
Huston, James A. 12-29-1922 Age 84, 41st OH Inf o C, bur at Wichita
Hutchinson, John R. 1828 6-8-1915 Age 87, bur at Dodge City
Imes, John 4-14-1920 Age 80, 19th IL Inf Co B
Inman, Marion L. 3-14-1913 Age 19
Jackson, Emaline 10-9-1895 Wife of Peter D. Jackson
Jackson, G. P. 8-13-1902 16th KS Cav Co G
Jackson, Ira 1840 4-12-1918 Age 77, 8th IL Inf Co E, Sgt, bur at Dodge City
James, George W. 2-2-1923 Age 83, 93rd IL Inf Co B
James, Henrietta 8-18-1920 Age 78, 44th OH Cav Co I
James, Prince 5-29-1917 Age 81, 25th & 205th PA Inf Co E & F
Jarvis, John M. 12-19-1916 Age 76, 72nd IN Inf Co G, bur at Kingman
Jefferies, Wesley 1844 9-29-1924 Age 79, 50th OH Inf Co B
Jeffries, Marietta 1849 6-11-1924 Age 74
Jeffers, John 8-9-1906 145th IL Co C & 27th IL Co K
Jenkins, Lloyd 5-28-1901 29th IA Co C
Johnson, James 3-22-1901 28th MI Co F
Johnson, Rachel E. 2-12-1926 Age 84, Widow of John, bur at Hutchinson
Johnson, Sarah 12-27-1912 Age 66
Johnson, Sarah Jane 3-8-1916 Age 86, bur at Cherryvale
Jones, Elma 2-18-1928 Age 72, Widow of Oscar
Jones, James L. 11-6-1906 8th IL Co A
Jones, T. F. 9-17-1891 57th IL Inf Co I & 33rd WI Inf Co J
Jordan, George W. 10-3-1923 Age 75, 150th IN Inf Co G
Judkins, David F. 1-1-1905 7th IL Co B
Karnes, Michael 3-28-1910 Age 77, Civil War Veteran
Keeney, Ella 3-13-1928 Age 63, Wife of Louis
Kelly, Henry B. 11-3-1921 Age 78, 1st IA Cav Co C
Kelly, James 12-23-1905 1st IA Co I
Kelly, James H. 9-9-1912 Civil War Veteran
Kelly, Julia 11-28-1921 Age 76, Widow of Henry B.
Kelly, Robert M. 4-2-1918 Age 81, 5th TN Inf Co A, bur at Cunningham
Kelly, William M. 2-4-1842 9-25-1905 5th MO Prov Militia Co C, bur at Dodge City
Kelsey, Jesse H. 3-12-1912 Age 78
Kelsey, Sarah 11-8-1917 Age 81
Kendall, Henry 6-17-1914 Age 73
Kennedy, Eliza 6-7-1924
Kenny, Julia E. 10-16-1919 Age 77, Widow of Edward, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Kerly, Henry W. 12-8-1912 Age 80
Kerr, Alexander 2-25-1928 Age 92, 8th IA Inf Co K, bur at Sterling
Kerr, Mary E. 4-24-1922 Age 80, Wife of Alexander
Kessee, Thomas 4-15-1908 72nd IN Co B
Kessler, Edgar 6-16-1928 Age 88, 8th MI Inf Co A
Ketterman, Sarah E. 5-15-1928 Age 76, Widow of George, bur at Iola
Kiersey, George W. 2-28-1919 Age 72, 46th IL Inf Co H
Kiersey, Harriett B. 11-21-1921 Age 71
Kieth, Infant Son 9-21-1927 Son of Joe
Kieth, Jennie 4-3-1919 Age 71
Kieth, John 6-11-1921 Age 80, 18th IN Inf Co D
Kieth, Josephine 6-15-1914 Age 55
Kieth, Mildred 11-25-1923 Age 67, bur at Spivey
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Julia 1-4-1907
Kimmel, Martin V. 1-14-1903 3rd IA Cav Co M & 16th KS Co L
King, Mrs. James A. 4-19-1917 Age 69, bur at Hutchinson
King, James W. 11-4-1915 Age 78, 14th IN Co H
King, Joseph H. 3-20-1928 Age 84, 6th KS Cav Co E, bur at Joplin, MO
King, Nancy 3-1-1922 Age 79, Wife of James, bur at Burton
King, Naomi 6-24-1914 Age 65
Kirk, Lucile 9-9-1910 Age 78
Knapp, Martha C. 10-2-1909 Age 54, bur at Kansas City
Knapp, Olive 4-3-1928 Age 84, Wife of Alonzo
Knoulin, Robert W. 7-16-1913 Age 67, bur at Empire
Knowles, Mary A. 1-26-1918 Age 73, bur at McPherson
Kramer, Ruth 1846 2-4-1927 Age 80, Widow of Zarkariah
Kramer, Zachariah 4-5-1920 Age 79, 17th PA Cav Co H
Kuhn, Samuel 11-12-1909 Age 85, Civil War Veteran
Lacy, William H. 3-25-1920 Age 70, 18th KS Inf Co A, bur at Garnett
Lamar, Absolam 5-30-1924 140th IN Inf Co H, bur at Chetopa
Lamb, Basil 9-20-1922 Age 91, 72nd IN Inf Co B
Lamb, William 11-18-1916 Age 69, 4th Ind Co K
Lamm, Sarah B. 12-3-1921 Age 81, Widow of John N.
Lane, Edward S. 12-10-1925 Age 79, 3rd OA Cav Co A, bur at Chetopa
Lantz, John 12-17-1915 Age 78, 1st KS Co B
Large, Abram 8-6-1827 4-2-1912 Age 84
Larrison, George W. 5-28-1925 Age 79, 10th KS Inf Co L
Lassell, Edward W.  6-16-1918 Age 81, 22nd IN Cav Co C
Lawler, Soloman 5-13-1918 Age 75, 25th IL Inf Co S, bur at Dodge City
Lawrence, David 12-31-1919 Age 81, 33rd NY Inf Co A Sgt, bur at Talmo
Laws, Lewis M. 12-4-1905 98th IL Co G
Leard, Phoebe 12-3-1918 Age 69, bur at Greensburg
Leard, Samuel 2-7-1924 Age 81, 129th IN Inf Co B
Lee, John 5-31-1905 Shot at No. L Barracks
Lehr, Levi Baker 1-27-1913 Age 83
Lennen, Mrs. J. 6-4-1917 Age 55, bur at West Cresco, OK
Leonard, Charles 1-1-1921 Age 76, 1st MD Cav Co M
Leppert, Mrs Lawrence 1836 9-17-1891 (Sarah E.), bur at Dodge City
Leppert, Lawrence 4-3-1901 18th OH Co F & 9th WV Co A, bur at Dodge City
Lewis, Addison 11-12-1900 106th IL Co G
Lisher, O. B. 4-6-1896 12th IN Inf, bur at Sterling, KS
Lisk, Anna 4-3-1911 Age 71
Lockwood, Orange K. 10-9-1912 bur at Basehor
Lockwood, Edgar W. 11-7-1898 1st MI Cav Co H & D
Logan, Child 5-2-1906
Logan, William 5-21-1913 Age 64, Civil War Veteran
Logan, Mrs. 5-2-1906
Long, William 12-12-1914 Age 74
Long, Mrs. Mary 3-22-1900
Loomis, Mrs. Harriett 2-10-1905
Love, Julian 4-13-1925 Age 80, 4th NY Hvy Art Co I, bur at Ft Scott
Loveall, Anna F. 11-13-1922 Age 75, Widow of D. D.
Loveall, D. D. 1845 4-4-1917 Age 71, 118th MO Inf Co G
Lowe, Jacob A. 5-30-1913 Age 73
Lubee, Joseph 8-4-1905 Son of John Lubee
Lubee, John 8-5-1905 15th MO Co F
Luetzelshaule, Joseph 5-8-1898 MO M, SM Inf Co D
Lumpkin, Mrs. G. W. 10-28-1899 bur at Emporia
Luts, Herman 5-30-1905 2nd NJ Co C
Mackey, George W. 2-1-1925 Age 78, 15th MI Inf Co I, bur at Kansas City
Madison, Ira 2-7-1918 Age 74, 39th IN Inf Co F, bur at Eldorado
Madson, J. Reed 8-12-1913 Age 73, 133rd Inf Reg
Magar, Will 4-1-1904
Magar, Miss D. 2-16-1906
Magar, Phoebe A. 3-29-1913 Age 88
Magar, Miss Gussie 4-3-1907
Magars, Francis E. 11-13-1919 Age 57
Magars, Herman S. 4-24-1921 Age 83, 19th PA Cav Co K
Mailand, James 1-8-1921 Age 85, 9th KS Cav Co I
Mallonee, George 1844 7-3-1911 Age 67, bur at Dodge City
Mane, E. E. 7-8-1898 9th NY Co L
Mann, Simon K. 3-19-1925 Age 80, 8th IA Inf Co L, bur at Jamestown
Marchant, Mrs. 7-1-1907
Mardis, Amos 7-11-1927 Age 88, 10th OH Cav Co C
Mardis, Emma 3-12-1924 Wife of Amos, bur at Sylvia
Marlett, A. J. 3-5-1893 86th NY Inf Co C
Marons, M. 3-26-1908 18th KY Vol Co G
Marshall, Mrs. 7-23-1908
Marshall, Thomas G. 3-3-1913 Age 73, Civil War Veteran
Marshall, Isaac G. 12-28-1910 Age 78, Civil War Veteran
Marston, Cyrus C. 5-13-1918 Age 73, Bracketts Battery
Mason, Samantha 12-7-1926 Age 72, Wife of William, bur at Webber
Mason, W. E. 5-19-1911 Age 65, Civil War Veteran
Mason, William 12-12-1926 Age 83, 1st MO Cav Co L, bur at Webber
Masoner, Elizabeth 11-10-1925 Age 75, Widow of Napoleon, bur at Fontana
Masoner, Napoleon 5-20-1925 Age 81, 14th KS Inf Co F, bur at Fontana
Matheny, Caroline 7-3-1919 Age 76, Wife of Francis
Matheny, Francis M. 8-1-1910 Age 67, Civil War Veteran
Matthews, William A. 1838 9-20-1926 Age 87, 9th IA Inf Co A, bur at Dodge City
Mauer, John M. G. 11-24-1919 Age 78, Major 28th MI Inf Co, bur at Topeka
Mays, Samuel K. 6-2-1900 68th IL Co G & 94th IL Co C
McBratney, Sherman 1-31-1912 Age 64
McBride, Martin 6-30-1922 Age 81, 1st MO Cav Co I
McCabe, Shepherd 3-29-1917 Age 79, 86th Ind Inf Co c, bur at Rush Center
McCaffery, J. W. May 1911 Age 75, Civil War Veteran
McCarty, Charles P. 11-28-1916 Age 76, 1st IA Co G
McCarty, Elizabeth 4-10-1915 Age 78
McCarty, J. J. 6-1-1917 Age 83, 39th IA Inf Co E
McClintock, Henry 1-8-1923 Age 80, 116th IL Inf Co A
McClintock, Mary Ann 11-4-1918 Age 77, Wife of Manry C.
McClure, Sarah E. 5-10-1928 Age 74, Wife of William
McCormick, William 1-3-1898 23rd IA Co I
McCoy, James M. 12-27-1914 Age 69
McCoy, Henry 1844 3-7-1925 Age 80, 4th IA Inf Co I
McCoy, Victoria 1858 11-5-1926 Age 68, Widow of Henry
McCready, Jacob A. 10-10-1927 Age 85, 68th IN Inf Co G, bur Wichita
McCrum, Jane 12-9-1919 Age 77, Wife of Robert, bur at Sterling
McCrum, Robert 4-28-1922 Age 86, 5th PA Hvy Art Co K, bur at Sterling
McCullough, J. M. 3-31-1907 11th IL Cav Co B
McDaniel, David 1836 3-31-1915 Age 78
McDaniels, Mrs. Lucy 1849 1-12-1920 Age 70, Widow of David
McGuire, Mary Anne 2-24-1915 Age 66
McGuire, F. 6-25-1908 15th IL Co H
McGuire, Extine M. 1-6-1917 Age 75, 21st IL Co E, died in Monte Vista, CO
McDonnell, W. J. 1-7-1907 21st KS Co D, bur at Baldwin
McIntyre, Tom 1-25-1902 16th US Co C, bur at Dodge City
McKee, David 8-30-1910 Age 84, bur at Wichita
McKenney, John B. 7-13-1926 Age 79, 51st MO Inf Co K
McKenney, Sarah 8-27-1908
McKinstry, Eliza 2-5-1923 Widow of John
McKissen, Samuel 11-13-1914 Age 69, bur at Hotchkiss
McLaughlin, Patrick 9-22-1916 Age 76, 21st NY Inf Co K, died in Leavenworth, bur at Leavenworth
McLaughlin, Mary A. 9-23-1916 Age 60, bur at Kansas City
McLester, Edward J. 12-23-1915 Age 74, 35th Ind Co F
McQuilkin, Jefferson 12-6-1912 Age 78, bur at Meriden
McWilliams, Ella 6-12-1926 Age 75, Wife of Philip, bur at Osawatomie
McWilliams, Philip 8-21-1928 Age 81, 122nd OH Inf Co E, bur at Osawatomie
Medhurst, William 1-25-1913 Age 79
Medhurst, Mrs. Catherine 6-16-1909 Age 70
Meinhaus, William H. 1841 11-25-1923 Age 82, 9th KS Cav Co C
Melville, Frank 11-30-1904
Metzger, Mary E. 4-4-1916 Age 67, bur at Winfield
Milledge, Mortimer L. 12-1-1911 Age 66
Miller, Adam B. 10-30-1921 Age 77, 124th PA Co A
Miller, George A. 3-27-1918 Age 86, 48th OH Co G Capt
Miller, Henrietta 12-31-1923 Age 86, Widow of Benjamin
Miller, John 10-10-1907 11th CT Co K, bur at Dodge City
Miller, John M. 10-23-1919 Age 79, 102nd IL Inf Co K, bur Topeka
Miller, Joseph  8-4-1926 25th OH Inf Co C
Miller, Laura B. 1866 2-12-1922 Age 56, Wife of Joseph
Miller, Stephen 10-11-1923 123rd IL Inf Co F, bur at Hutchinson
Minnich, William H. 6-19-1892 14th WI Inf Co A & 1st WI Cav Co E
Minnich, Mrs. 8-2-1900 bur at Dodge City
Minor, Josiah 9-23-1921 Age 79, 112th IL Inf Co F
Minturn, George F. 12-17-1919 Age 82, 2nd IA Inf Co D
Mitchell, Marion E. 11-22-1927 Age 76, 59th IL inf CO I
Mitchell, Robert F. 8-29-1916 Age 84, Sgt 6th Ind Inf Co E, bur at Montana
Moffitt, William A. 1-16-1920 Age 75, 1st OH Hvy Art Co E
Montgomery, Joseph 8-25-1917 Age 85, 39th OH Inf Co I
Montgomery, Mary A. Oct 1926 Age 54, Widow of Joseph
Moody, D. S. 11-10-1909 Age 75, Civil War Veteran
Moore,  4-3-1913 Age 65, Civil War Veteran 
Moore, Anna M. 4-23-1920 Wife of Edmund V.
Moore, Edmund G. 4-27-1920 32nd IA Inf Co I, bur at  Goodland
Moore, Isaac 6-27-1920 182nd OH Inf Co G
Moore, F. M. 3-12-1914 Age 69
Moore, J. S. 1-30-1921 15th OH Inf Co B
Moore, David C. 6-2-1919 Age 71, 116th IN Inf Co C, bur at Topeka
Morehead, Isaac 11-26-1910 Age 67, Civil War Veteran
Morey, James K.  2-27-1908 7th IL Co D
Morgan, David 9-11-1928 Age 83, 186th IN Vol Co I, bur at Leavenworth
Morrow, David 10-18-1893 1st CO Cav Co G
Murray, Nelson 10-17-1925 Age 82, 113th IL Inf Co P
Musick, Charles 4-10-1921 Age 43, Son of C. S.
Musick, Rhode E. 5-15-1917 Age 66
Musser, J. 6-11-1902 15th KS Co B
Myers, Chauncey L. 8-16-1900 14th IL Co G, bur at Ellsworth
Neal, Presley T. 2-15-1926 Age 80, 42nd MO Inf Co A, bur at Lyle
Neale, Lucretia 7-4-1923 bur at Herrington
Newman, Isaac 5-11-1921 Age 91, 6th OH Inf Co A
Newton, Martin C. 7-12-1920 Age 76, 9th NY Inf Co H, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Nichols, Mrs. 9-23-1899
Niece, John 7-19-1915 Age 76, bur at Catholic Cem, Dodge City
Noble, Mrs. 1-31-1912 Age 65, bur at Lakin
Noble, J. A. 8-26-1909 Age 66, but at Douglas
Norris, Alfred 2-2-1905 148th IN Co E
Norris, Eliza 11-4-1924 bur at Rossville
Norris, George Washington 3-23-1915 Age 64
Oakes, Mary 1-26-1923 Age 82, Widow of William, bur at Holton
Oakley, Joshua J. 3-2-1920 Age 80, 6th KS Cav Co H
Olive, T. J. 2-27-1908 Civil War Veteran
Orr, John H. 2-4-1915 Age 80
Orr, Mrs. Sarah M. 4-6-1906
Orr, Mrs. 1-14-1911 Age 78, bur at Jetmore
Osborn, John 9-12-1924 Age 77, 9th KS Cav Co M
Osborne, Jackson 11-5-1896 48th OH Inf Co B
Overholt, Martin 3-25-1914 Age 76, died in Minneola
Pace, Caran F. 5-31-1928 Ate 56, Wife of Augustus R., bur at Kansas City
Page, David D. 12-1-1919 Age 78, 1st & 6th N H Cav Co E & H, bur at Great Bend
Parris, William 4-2-1926 Age 81, 106th IL Inf Co K
Patrick, W. A. 1-16-1903 2nd IL Co M
Patterson, A. C. 5-3-1907 15th IN Batt Co D
Patton, James W. 2-25-1928 Age 84, MI Lt Art Co A, bur at Chanute
Pearson, James 1-9-1899 40th IN Co F
Pearson, James 1-20-1927 Age 82
Perkins, Anna 5-22-1913 Age 59
Perkins, Neal J. 5-23-1916 Age 70, 2nd IA Cav Co D, died in State Home, Leavenworth
Perry, Mrs. Dortha E. 2-11-1903
Perry, William 11-21-1926 Age 86, IL Cav Co A
Peterson, Elizabeth A. 11-23-1895 Wife of Benjamin Peterson
Peterson, Jasper 11-22-1921 Age 83, 70th IL Inf Co A
Peterson, Sarah 8-22-1924 Age 80
Phillips, Margaret F. 10-11-1911 Age 76
Pierce, Cornelia 1848 8-23-1924 Age 77
Pierce, Marion 1844 12-15-1925 Age 80, 113th IL Inf Co F
Pierson, John R. 1-22-1922 Age 84, 2nd AR Cav Co H
Pierson, Perlenty 1-22-1927 Age 81, Widow of John
Pile, Elizabeth M. 9-8-1927 Age 81, Wife of William S.
Pinkman, Nancy Catherine 9-4-1909 Age 54
Piper, J. W. 4-23-1924 147th IN Inf Co D, bur at Halstead
Piper, Phebe 2-28-1927 Age 77, Widow of J. W. , bur at Halstead
Pitts, Mrs. Catharine 2-23-1904 bur at Goodrich
Plank, George H. 1-4-1906 11th KS Cav Co A
Plotner, Daniel 7-16-1919 Age 76, 33rd IL Inf Co F
Plummer, James W. 3-8-1918 Age 78, 3rd IN Inf 1560 CO D & H, bur at Topeka
Pollard, Ella A. 2-5-1926 Age 72, Widow of Judson N.
Pollock, James 1-25-1913 Age 69, bur at Hadam
Potter, Christopher E. 1-10-1901 6th IA Co F
Potter, Esther J. 12-12-1924 Age 81
Powell, Anna 2-6-1926 Age 67, Widow of A. C.
Powell, Thomas B. 6-24-1905
Powelson, Mrs. 11-27-1916 bur at Kansas City
Powers, Marcellus S. 6-11-1927 Age 95, 33rd IA Co K
Price, James P. 1836 12-11-1917 Son of James Price
Priddy, Jesse F. 8-24-1912 Age 74, Civil War Veteran
Prince, Sylvester 11-16-1912 Age 57, Civil War Veteran
Prince, Andrew 3-5-1896 134th OH Inf Co B
Proctor, S. C. 6-2-1905 9th IA Co E
Prudent, Infant 3-13-1895 Child of Lieutellas Prudent
Prudent, Lieutellas 5-24-1916 Age 83, 33rd IN Inf Co C, died State Asylum in Topeka
Rader, J. 1-31-1900 Civil War Veteran
Rainey, D. P. 3-7-1894 78th OH Inf Co H
Ralph, Isabelle 4-5-1925 Age 88, Widow of George
Ramsey, Silas 6-3-1914 Age 74
Ratsal, Mrs. 12-6-1910
Redgner, Simon 6-7-1907 33rd IN Co I & 75th IL Co H
Reed, T. D. 3-7-1895 Civil War Veteran
Reed, John A. 6-27-1913
Reed, John 4-17-1898 IN Co of IL Vol, Mexican War
Reed, Mrs. Sarah D. 7-10-1901
Reese, Amos 8-6-1905 8th KS Co E, bur at Larned
Relloy, Mrs. M. 11-17-1906
Reynolds, Joseph E. 9-26-1918 Age 73, 59th IL Inf Co H
Reynolds, Mary 1-6-1918 Age 73
Richards, Andrew 7-6-1916 Age 72, 8th KS Co F, bur at St. Louis, MO
Richardson, Ethelbert Jun 1928 Age 88, 100th IN Inf Co K
Richardson, Frank C. 5-13-1909 Age 75, Civil War Veteran, bur at Little River
Richardson, Thomas S. 1843 2-15-1928 Age 85, 18th IN Inf Co C, bur at Dodge City
Richey, John N. 1847 2-22-1920 Age 72, 208th PA Inf Co H, bur at Spearville
Richey, Kate 1865 2-6-1923 Age 58, Widow of John, bur at Spearville
Ricord, Thomas C. 9-4-1923 2nd MO Mil Co M
Ridenour, Nancy 12-23-1919 Age 69, Widow of Francis, bur at Ridenour Cemetery
Ridenour, Francis Julia 5-10-1914 Age 67, but at Ridenour Cemetery, Hus of Nancy
Rightmire, Oscar 4-27-1927 Age 84, 122nd IL Inf Co
Riley, John H. 9-9-1927 Age 80, 14th MO Inf CO D
Riley, S. J. 6-20-1921 Age 80, 15th MO Cav Co G
Ritchouse, Mrs. Mary 4-17-1907
Roach, B. 4-27-1899 53rd IL Co G
Roach, Lydia 7-10-1924 Age 73, bur at Garnett
Robb, Mary E. 4-8-1919 Age 71
Roberts, Harry 10-17-1897 Son of Tom Roberts
Robinson, George W. 7-18-1926 Age 86, 13th IA Inf Co C
Robinson, Louisa J. 11-28-1920 Age 70, Wife of G. W.
Robinson, Theodore 2-15-1908 Son of George W.
Rockwood, Charles 5-27-1899 10 WI Co D
Rogers, Charles C. 11-21-1914 Age 70
Rose, Mrs. C. H. 8-4-1909 Age 74, bur at Hiawatha
Rose, James Madison 12-31-1913 Age 73, bur at Elmdale
Rose, William 11-11-1922 Age 89, 5th NY Art Co A
Ross, George W. 6-23-1918 Age 82, 2nd CO Cav Co D
Roth, Mrs. Webster 4-25-1899
Roth, Webster 4-23-1923 Age 80, 26th IA Inf Co H
Roudebush, Harrison 8-15-1892 Son of Benjamin 
Roudebush, Benjamin 10-17-1897 26th IN Inf Co G
Rowley, Henry C. 10-16-1926 Age 82, 50th NY Eng Co B, bur at Coffeyville
Rutledge, William J. 12-17-1925 Age 83, 8th IL Inf Co M, bur at Hutchinson
Safford, Mrs. 8-9-1904
Safford, Mahen 11-1-1907 13th MO Co E
St. John, John F. 8-10-1891 15th IA Inf Co K
Sale, Julia A. 1-22-1925 Age 71
Sale, Pleasant F. 1-8-1905 6th IN Co B
Sanders, Elizabeth 11-16-1921 Age 87
Scheock, Carl 4-4-1900 8th KS Co H & 2nd KS Co I
Schlim, Barbara 2-4-1924 bur at Great Bend
Schultz, Capt. Henry P. 12-7-1901 18th MO Co B
Schumaker, Maggie 12-6-1897 Wife of Henry 
Scott, Miss 10-10-1904
Scott, Conrad F. 4-1-1915 Age 78
Scott, Martha Jane 5-5-1925 Age 76, Widow of Conrad
Scott, Rebecca 5-23-1902
Scott, William H. 6-26-1920 11th MO Cav Co G, bur at Wichita
Scranton, Amanda 6-12-1920 Age 74, bur at Yates Center
Sellars, Frank 5-24-1901 Frontier Bat Cav Co H
Sencenwick, Mrs. 2-7-1907
Senenick, Jeremiah R. 8-9-1919 Age 88, 9th KS Cav Co D
Shaffer, Hannah 1-31-1923 Age 80, Widow of Thomas
Shaffer, Miss Jessie 2-9-1903
Shaffer, Tom 10-10-1912
Shannon, Patrick 9-2-1921 Age 85, 88th NY Inf Co A
Sharp, Esther 3-22-1920 Widow of Isaac
Sharp, Isaac 10-24-1901 2nd KS Cav Co A
Sharp, Isaac A. 1-11-1914 Age 78, 
Shaul, Ira C. 4-15-1928 Age 86, 77th IL Inf Co B
Shearing, Mrs. Kate 12-23-1893
Shepherd, Jennie 6-4-1924 Age 76
Sherley, Mrs. A. 6-16-1908
Sherman, George W. 1-9-1927 Age 85, 13th MO Cav Co K, bur at Kansas City
Shields, Joseph 1-25-1922 Age 83, 49th OA Inf Co B & K
Shields, William H. 1-18-1911 Age 68, Civil War Veteran
Sills, Marry 1-31-1928 Age 84, Widow of John, bur at Valley Falls
Shipman, Mrs. F. M. 7-16-1906
Shirley, Mrs. Anna 5-8-1912 Age 65
Short, Alexander J. 12-2-1911
Shorter, William F. 7-8-1924 Age 77, 12th IA Inf Co H
Shouse, Henry 4-19-1916 Age 82, 123rd IN Inf Co A
Shugrue, Patrick 5-2-1906 95th IL Co G
Sibley, Margaret 6-8-1920 Widow of Samuel, bur at Lewis
Sidwell, Asa D. 11-13-1908 Age 60
Simms, Mrs. L. E. 10-15-1904
Simpson, William 2-24-1917 Age 85, 123rd IN Inf Co A
Sivers, Mrs. Hattie I. 10-6-1915 Age 55
Sivers, Wiltsey E. 12-8-1923 Age 76, 13th OH Cav Co E
Smith, A. H. 6-10-1909 Age 70
Smith, Abraham 4-22-1928 Age 83, 3rd MO Mil Co G, bur at Harper
Smith, Agnes 10-2-1912 bur at Benton
Smith, D. P. 9-20-1910 Age 70, Civil War Veteran
Smith, Daniel 5-26-1904 3rd WI Cav Co I
Smith, Fred 3-28-1897 1st KS Inf Co F
Smith, Henry D. 7-12-1914 Age 71, bur at Topeka
Smith, John C. 11-24-1917 Age 78, 21st MO Inf Co H
Smith, Maude 2-24-1928 Age 51, Dau of James G.
Smith, Nathan 8-6-1901 1st WI Cav Co M & 118th NY Co B
Smith, Sadie 2-26-1928 Age 74, Wife of Abraham, bur at Harper
Snodgrass, J. C. 2-9-1901 2nd WI Co C
Snyder, George W. 8-20-1918 Age 74, 19th MI Inf Co E
Snyder, Marquetta 12-21-1920 Widow of George
Sovereign, Mary E. 10-21-1922 Age 74, Widow of Lewis, bur at Wichita
Sower, Fred 4-17-1909 Age 74, Seaman in Navy Co O
Sowers, John 12-1-1925 Age 82, 166th OH Inf Co B, bur at Sulpher Springs, AR
Sparks, William C. 6-8-1918 Age 80, 63rd IN Inf Co F
Sparron, Alfred 2-2-1905 23rd IN Co E
Spencer, Mrs. William J. 8-30-1895
Spencer, Ed 2-8-1901
Spencer, W. J. 10-1-1909 Age 69
Spielman, Sarah A. 1-13-1921 Wife of Theopolis B.
Sponsler, Charles 9-13-1914 Age 71
Sprague, Zella 11-9-1924 bur at Fort Collins
Spratt, Anna Mabel 2-15-1913 Age 54
Stalker, John 8-1-1909 Age 74, Civil War Veteran
Stambaugh, Jacob 2-21-1912 Age 75, Civil War Veteran
Stampher, Joseph 2-17-1902 1st IA Cav Co M, bur at Ft. Scott
Standish, Annie 12-14-1925 Age 71, Wife of H., bur at Kansas City
Stanley, Mary J. 1-31-1923 Age 90, Widow of Alvin, bur at Wichita
Stark, Alfred E.  7-18-1844 2-28-1907 5th R 2nd Hvy Art Co I, bur at Dodge City
Starne, Levi M. 12-19-1923 Age 80, 86th IN Inf Co B
Startzell, Henry 6-11-1924 Age 87, 2nd PA Co B
Stemmel, W. H. 12-23-1909 Age 62, bur at Newton
Stevens, Henry 3-5-1909 Age 67, 2nd IA Co H
Stewart, Ellen P. 3-21-1923 Age 76
Stewart, Laura 11-12-1923 Age 75, Widow of James M., bur at Pine Bluff, AR
Stewart, William 2-10-1923 Age 79, 33rd IN C Inf Co G
Stone, J. E. 7-5-1911 Age 71, bur at Arkansas City
Stone, Edna 5-10-1909 Age 67, bur at Arkansas City
Stone, Emma 2-16-1920 Age 74, Wife of R. G.
Stone, Enoch C. 7-5-1928 Age 83, 12th KS Inf Co H
Stone, Rebecca C. 12-27-1924 Age 74
Stout, Ann E. 4-24-1923 Age 79, bur at LaHarpe
Stout, Madison D. 4-29-1928 Age 85, 18th MO Inf Co B, bur at LaHarpe
Stoyell, Hattie 7-1-1925 Age 75, Widow of John, bur at Newman, CA
Stoyell, John 6-16-1914 Age 71, bur at Newman, CA
Stringer, Miss Addie 2-18-1924 Age 93
Strous, Margaret 12-23-1914 Age 72
Stryker, James C. 6-29-1910 Age 67
Stuart, Harvey C. 3-4-1920 21st IL Inf Co A, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Sughrue, Miss Anna 12-25-1896
Summers, Luther 9-8-1924 Age 78, 155th IN Inf Co E
Taggart, Joel 2-25-1903 22nd IN Co K
Tate, George 7-27-1899 11 US Art Co L
Taylor, Dewitt C. 8-13-1918 Age 80, 15th IN Co H
Tebant, Charles 11-18-1926 Age 82, 1st MO Lt Art Co C
Thomas, J. 7-14-1907 2nd CO Co C
Thompson, Isaac G. 8-3-1921 3rd & 7th IL Inf Co L & D
Thompson, James 12-4-1905 150th IN Co A & 54th IN Co I
Thompson, James P. 2-15-1907 139th IL Co D
Thompson, Martha 6-6-1927 Age 76, Widow of Isaac
Thorn, Elizabeth 3-25-1922 Age 92, Widow of Isaac
Thornton, Alice 1-24-1924 Age 74, bur at Lawrence
Thornton, Ephriam 12-12-1924 Age 79, 45th IA Inf Co G, bur at Lawrence
Thorpe, Mary E. 5-12-1912 Age 66, bur at Kansas City
Thorpe, W. F. 11-6-1911 Age 65
Tiffin, John Henry 8-31-1911 Age 66, Civil War Veteran
Tillberry, Lucinda 5-29-1920 Bur at Hadam
Tillberry, W. M. 6-4-1926 Age 86, 153rd IN Inf Co B, bur at Sylvia
Timmons, Joe 8-17-1910 Civil War Veteran
Titus, J. M. 9-20-1910 Age 68, Civil War Veteran
Todd, Mrs. 6-17-1911 Age 76
Todd, Benjamin A. 8-20-1913 Age 84
Todd, Mrs. Sara C. 6-3-1900
Toler, Robert 2-27-1904 119th IL Co B
Toles, R. H. 12-4-1904 31st MA Co A
Tompkins, Lawrence 1-9-1920 Age 84, 63rd IN Inf Co B, bur near Byers
Tompkins, Margaret 11-24-1917 Age 78, bur at St. John
Townsley, John S. 8-9-1922 Age 76, 11th IA Inf Co A
Trent, Carrie 9-8-1925 Age 93, Widow of Alex
Tripp, Mrs. 6-23-1904
Trump, Ellen 11-26-1921 Age 73, Wife of John
Trump, John 11-5-1926 Age 82, 107th OH Inf Co A
Trump, Otto Austin Davis 6-23-1913
Tucker, Richard A. 11-17-1921 Age 73, US Gunboat Cinn
Tullis, H. B. 10-27-1906 43rd IL Co F
Tullis, Jonah 4-19-1916 Age 75, 113rd IL Inf Co F
Tullis, Nancy 12-17-1917 Age 70
Turner, Bessie 4-5-1916 Age 30, Dau of C. B. Turner, died in Pueblo, CO
Turner, Cyrus B. 7-5-1928 Age 88, 9th MO Inf Co K
Turner, Noah 12-26-1921 Age 77, 4th CO Cav Co D, bur at Independence
Turner, Sophronia J. 6-12-1920 Age 74
Tuttle, Louise 8-20-1921 Age 76
Tuttle, Lydia A. 12-21-1900 Daughter of Austin 
Tuttle, Miss Mabel 5-21-1903
Tuttle, Roxana S. 3-2-1846 2-27-1926 Age 80, Widow of John F., bur at Dodge City
Tweedy, John 8-1-1909 bur at Garden City
VanArsdale, Alice 12-29-1919 Age 64, Wife of Adnah, bur at Little River
VanVleet, William H. 8-8-1915 Age 74, 67th OH Co A, bur at Kingman
Vest, William 7-16-1909
Vetterback, Willis 7-15-1905 7th IA Co C, bur at Lyons
Vince, Eugene 4-11-1922 Age 74, 9th KS Cav Co F
Vince, Mary Luella 1-22-1923 Age 70, Widow of Eugene
Vise, William 4-12-1908 2nd KY Cav Co M
Vistor, Elza C. 12-23-1918 Age 88
Voorhees, Alonzo 8-18-1905 1st U. S. SS Co B
Waggoner, Esther 4-9-1921 Age 88, bur at Kingman
Waggoner, Moses 5-25-1922 Age 88, 55th OH Inf Co C, bur at Kingman
Wagner, Charles 6-28-1907 2nd IL Lt Art Co L
Wakeman, Matilda 3-11-1925 Age 79, Wife of Stephen
Wakeman, Stephen 4-2-1925 Age 90, 146th NY Inf Co D
Walker, Anna
Walker, Virgil A. 2-25-1920 Age 78, 50th IL Inf Co B
Wall, Samuel G. 1-28-1904 8th IN Inf Co E
Wallace, Alfred 6-26-1923 Age 82, 9th IL Cav Co A
Wallace, Lizzie 8-26-1928 Age 88, Widow of Alfred
Walters, Catherine 8-15-1923 Wife of William
Walters, William 11-6-1927 Age 107, 55th PA Inf Co F
Want, Elizabeth A. 5-6-1922 Age 95, Widow of Joshua
Ward, Mrs. Emma L. 1-14-1920 Age 61, Wife of Edwin C. F., bur at Girard
Ward, Lincoln 1-2-1906 Civil War Veteran
Washburn, Martha Feb 1922 Age 80, Widow of Elias
Watkins, Lydia Ann 2-25-1915 Age 49, bur at Lakin
Watkins, Isaac 4-11-1919 Age 73, 135th & 149th IL Inf Co G & F, bur at Lakin
Watson, Sylvia 6-6-1893 Wife of Daniel 
Watts, Hannah 12-15-1923 Wife of St. Clair
Watts, Mary A. 8-21-1925 Age 87, Wife of St. Clair Watts & formerly Widow of R. A. Wanscott
Watts, St. Clair 7-11-1927 Age 87, 50th IL Inf Co K
Way,  11-15-1907 1st MO TN Inft Co D, bur at Kansas City
Webb, W. A. 6-8-1902 65th IL Co B
Webb, Mrs. 10-26-1905
Weed, Ada 6-25-1926 Age 76, Widow of Frank
Weedman, Malinda 5-10-1928 Age 71, Widow of George T., bur at Paola
Wehr, Reinhart 7-27-1920 Age 73, 9th WI Inf Co D, bur at Hoisington
Welch, Martha W. 6-24-1913
Wentworth, E. A. 4-10-1926 Age 82, 11th KS Cav Co M, bur at Irving
Wentworth, Ettie B. 12-17-1926 Age 73, bur at Lawrence
Wentworth, Hiram E. 8-17-1914 Age 70
Wentworth, Polonia 2-4-1922 Age 73, Wife of E. A.
Weston, Solon 12-24-1902 16th WI Co I
Whaley, George W. 2-5-1912 Age 64, bur at Meridan
Wheeler, Mrs. Lawrence 11-21-1906 bur at Dodge City
Wheeler, Matilda 7-10-1924 bur at Cherryvale
Whipple, Joseph L. 7-2-1900 11th IL Co H, bur at Dodge City
White, Dorah M. 10-1-1924
White, Frank 2-10-1923 Age 77, 14th KS Cav Co D
White, Mary B. 11-23-1927 Age 87, Wife of George
White, Mary E. 3-22-1922 Age 78, Wife of George
Whitecotton, Ambrose 10-4-1923 Age 83, 8th IN Inf Co G, bur at Benton or Augusta
Whitecotton, Susan 6-8-1928 Age 85, Widow of Ambrose, bur at Kechi
Whiteford, Hiram 8-9-1912 Age 76, Civil War Veteran
Whitver, Jeremiah 8-22-1924 Age 80, 7th KS Cav Co D
Whitworth, Mrs. Jessie 3-28-1904
Wilcox, John A. 4-9-1917 Age 84, 142nd PA Inf Co I Corp, bur at Yates Center
Wilcox, Judith 5-1-1922 Age 82, Widow of John A., bur at Yates Center
Wilker, Mrs. 2-26-1907
Wilkers, Daniel G. 5-10-1918 Age 79, USSS, bur at Emporia
Wilkerson, Edward M. 8-23-1913 Age 84, bur at Hutchinson
Wilkerson, James 10-26-1916 Age 73, 18th MO Co D
Williams, Mrs. 10-19-1900
Williams, Elizabeth A. 11-4-1926 Age 77, Widow of Thomas J., bur at Oakland, CA
Williams, Isaac 10-30-1902 61st Inf Co A
Williams, Mill R. 8-2-1903
Williams, Sarah L. 4-27-1922 Age 71, Widow of Henry C., bur at Topeka
Willoughby, John 8-6-1911 Civil War Veteran
Wilson, E. M. 11-3-1914 Age 81
Wilson, Mrs. Leah 10-19-1904
Wilson, Mary 3-11-1910 Age 78
Wilson, Millie 10-14-1909 Age 59
Wilson, Minerva 12-6-1913 Age 65
Wilson, Sarah C. 1-12-1922 Age 76, Widow of William J.
Wilson, William J. 3-9-1918 Age 71, 80th Sharp Private, bur at Powattan
Winscott, R. A. 5-30-1924 Age 86, 61st MO Inf Co F, bur at LaHarpe
Winson, David 4-24-1920 97th NY Inf Co B
Winson, Hannah D. 7-18-1926 Age 81, Widow of David
Winson, William 12-28-1925 Employee, bur at Pretty Prairie
Winsor, Willie George Jan 1917 Infant son of Walter Winsor
Wolf, Elizabeth 10-9-1916 Age 94, died at Osawatomie in Asylum, Widow of Joel Wolf
Wolf, George 12-6-1913 Age 72
Wolf, Joel 9-26-1914 Age 94
Wolford, Ellen 1841 2-25-1928 Age 86, Widow of George, bur at Dodge City
Wolford, George W. 1843 6-26-1924 Age 81, 73rd IN Inf Co G, bur at Dodge City
Woodward, Ezra 3-3-1923 Age 80, 10th NY Inf Co E, bur at Buena Vista, CO
Wooley, Daniel L. 6-14-1928 Age 83, 12th KS Inf Co I
Woolsey, Louisa 9-8-1911 Age 70
Woolsey, Susan 3-5-1915 Age 80
Woosley, Mrs. Sabick 12-13-1906
Wooten, John 6-25-1916 Age 70, 39th KS Inf Co B-C
Wortman, Mary E. 12-18-1926 Widow of John W.
Wren, John B. 5-31-1913 Age 83
Wright, David W. 6-26-1913 Civil War Veteran
Wright, Gideon H. Dec 1925 Age 80, 2nd Batt Vet Res Crps, bur at Yates Center
Wright, Phoebe E. 1-24-1912 Age 81
Wright, Sarah L. 9-8-1926 Age 78, bur at Yates Center
Wyant, William M. 8-10-1912 Age 65, Civil War Veteran
Wyatt, A. 4-29-1916 Age 72, 149th OH Inf Co F, bur at Langdon
Wyatt, Rebecca 6-17-1912 Age 75
Wyegand, Hymens 1-17-1926 Age 89, 113th IL Inf Co I
Young, D. L. 9-3-1903 6th PA Co K, bur at Jetmore
Young, Myranda 5-31-1924 Age 94
Young, W. J. B. 2-24-1909 Age 81, 13th IL Co T
Youngman, Ella 5-25-1924 33rd IL Inf Co A
Youngman, John W. 4-28-1928 Age 86, 33rd IL Inf Co A
Youngman, Thomas E. 11-7-1922 Age 37, Son of J. W.
Zartman, Catherine B. 7-6-1918 Age 72, bur at Chetopa
Zimmerman, John 9-22-1897 13 KS Inft Co H, bur at Cottonwood Falls
Zumwalt, Mrs. Martha 10-19-1913 Age 69, died in Leavenworth
Zumwalt, Peter 9-10-1909 Age 66, Civil War Veteran

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