Scott County, Missouri
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William Vanburen HOLMES
from William V. and Charlotte Ann (Worley) Pruitt Holmes' family Bible
Submitted by Bob Wallace Poster-#-7-

    Mr. Wm. Holmes, the father of Asa Holmes, departed from this world Feb. 7 (1911), age 71 years, leaving a wife and seven children to morn his death, and a host of good friends

Another flower is gone,
To grace the garden of the Lord,
It bloomed on earth a little space;
Thee sought the best abode.

Back from his beautiful brow is brushed,
All his wandering waves of gold;
Crossed his bosom now,
and we can only say he has beat us home.

In calm unbroken slumber his eyes were closed,
Life’s days were ended and he in Christ reposed.
We stood by his bed side,
While bitter tear drops fell.

For oh, how much we loved him;
No hearts but ours can tell.
He was a presious sunbeam,
And oh, how sad without him,
But we must remember he can’t come to us,
But we can go to him.

One who Loved Him

The Bible Records:

Callie Holmes aged 16 years and William Ebens was married July the 20 1888

Aggie Holmes and John Brown was married Sept the 3 1891
Maggie Holmes and Rallis Gurley was married December the 8 1891
Ella Holmes and Frank Wolfe was married Dec. 18, 1895
William Vanburen Holms was Born Jan the 23 rd, 1840
Charlotte Ann Holms was Born October the 21 st 1846
Mary Serinie Jane Pruitt was Born July the 20 1868
Minnie Wynonie Pruitt was Born June the 21st 1870
Francis Caldonia Holms was Born May the 1st 1873
Maggie Orlenie and Aggie Leonie Holms was Born Sept. the 12 th 1875
Alma Elme Holms was Born June the 20th 1787
Walter Holmes was born June the 2 1881
Martin Amos Holmes was born Sept 7th 1883
Hattie Ann Betris Holmes Was Born July the 2nd 1896
John H. Worley Was Born feb the 10 1825
Lethe C Patton Was Born July the 1 1828
John H. Worley and Lethe C Patton Was married desember the 24 1845
Lethe C Worley departed this life Desember the 8 1846
Mary Serenie Jane Pruit Died the 29th of March 1882 aged 13 y. 9 mo. & 17 days.

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