Carl "Fritz" Held's
permission to
immigrate from Prussia.

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Billy H. Held, Atlanta

Description: The document was found in with some of my father's papers - He was executor of the estate of Fritz Held, the youngest son of Carl Friedrich Phillipp "Fritz" Held.   The document is, I'm certain, Carl "Fritz" Held's permission to immigrate from Prussia.   It was initiated in Minden, Westfalen on 22 July 1856 and approved in Herford, Westfalen on 9 August 1856.  Fritz apparently requested to immigrate - many from this area of Germany did not do so & just left.

Submitted by Billy H. Held Poster-#-107-

Carl "Fritz" Held's permission to immigrate from Prussia.

  • TEXT of DOCUMENT Followed by Translation (in BOLD)
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    > Die unterzeichnete Königliche Regierung be-
    > scheinigt hierdurch, daß dem am 8. Oktober
    > 1829 geborenen Carl Friedrich Philipp
    > Held zu Dünne, Kreises Herford auf
    > sein Ansuchen und behufs seiner Auswan-
    > derung nach den Vereingt. Staaten von
    > Nordamerika die Entlassung aus dem
    > Preußischen Unterthanen-Verbande be-
    > willigt worden ist.

    The below undersigned royal government certifies herewith that Carl
    Friedrich Philipp Held
    from Dünne, county of Herford and born on
    Oct 8, 1829, as per his request and on behalf of his emigration to
    the United States of America is authorized to receive his discharge
    form the society of Prussian organizations.    

    > Dieses Entlassungs-Urkunde bewirkt
    > jedoch nur für die darin ausdrücklich
    > genannte Person, mit dem Zeitpunkt
    > der Aushändigung den Verlust der
    > Eigenschaft als Preußischer Unterthan.
    >               Minden, den 22 Juli 1856

    This discharge document is designed to only affect the specifically
    named person who, with the acceptance of this document, also
    loses his persona as a Prussian subject.

    >                                       Königlich Preußische Regierung
    >                                       Ausgehändigt
    >                                       Bünte am 9ten August 1856
    >                                        Entlassungs Urkunde
    >                                        No. 1734 C.I.

    Royal Prussian Government

    delivered in Bünte in the 9th of August 1856

    Discharge Document
    Number 1734 C.I.

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