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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Records

Scott County Marriages

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1881 Scott County Marriages

Scott County Missouri
07/03/1881 Abernathy John A over 21 scott Smith O Esauns bk4 p 1
Riggins Alice under 18 scott Scofield res.
08/22/1881 Allen Henry over 21 Sylvania James E Sylvania bk4 p 6
Hamilton Margaret over 18 Sylvania Harrison JP
09/18/1881 Ancell Thorton A over 21 scott Henry L W bk4 p 9
Barker Maggie under 18 scott Breutzelle Ancell res
Mary Barker mother consents
12/22/1881 Ardry John T over 21 scott R. B bk4 p 18
Goodman Mary E over 18 scott Parks
11/22/1881 Aurrhein Autas over 21 scott Rev. Martin New bk4 p 44
Legrand Louiza over 18 scott Scherer Hamburg
08/25/1881 Batts Nicholas K over 21 scott H. Brigg bk4 p 7
Smith Marrisa Victoria over 18 scott Brigg JP res
11/22/1881 Blattel Francis over 21 scott A St. Augustine bk4 p 12
Gurshe Francesco over 18 scott Kleiser Church
12/06/1881 Bradshaw Thomas over 21 Commerce Andrew bk4 p 14
Adams Mexico over 18 Commerce Schoen JP
09/25/1881 Brooks Franklin over 21 scott Wm B Commerce bk4 p 10
Byrne Sarah Catherine over 18 scott Brooks
10/31/1881 Brooks Thomas H over 21 scott Wm B Commerce bk4 p 10
Burns Josephine over 18 scott Brooks
10/16/1881 Brown Levi over 21 Commerce Wm. M Prices bk4 p 9
Staul Adaline Mahala over 18 Commerce Lusk Landing
11/08/1881 Bullinger John over 21 Benton Rev. Martin New bk4 p 45
Blattel Mary over 18 Moreland Scherer Hamburg
09/07/1881 Callow R over 21 scott L D bk4 p 7
Allen Sarah E under 18 scott Sibley JP
William A Allen father consents
10/27/1881 Clodfelter William over 21 Commerce Robt. B Commerce bk4 p 14
Jackson Nellie over 18 Commerce Henchan JP
10/28/1881 Collins A B over 21 Moreland L A his bk4 p 15
Faulkner Margaret E over 18 Moreland Royal JP res
12/18/1881 Curtis James A over 21 scott C. R. Joseph bk4 p 15
Ramsey Mary under 18 scott Hatcher JP Wares
no parent or guardian
11/03/1881 Dean Edwin B over 21 Cape Girardeau Rev. Isaac Blodgett bk4 p 13
Jones Jennie over 18 Blodgett E. Anderson
09/26/1881 Earls Hiram L over 21 scott T W bk4 p 8
Smith Emma over 18 scott Carpenter
12/18/1881 Emory James S over 21 New Madrid L. E Jas. bk4 p 16
Andrews Lelia under 18 scott Shepherd Andrews res
Jas. Andrews father consents
12/25/1881 Friley Silas over 21 scott J. L Cannon bk4 p 17
Cannon Mary over 18 scott Batten res
08/28/1881 Fromine Elijah over 21 scott W L his bk4 p 5
Manns Delphia L over 18 scott Darby res.
11/17/1881 Haller Edward over 21 scott Rev. Martin New bk4 p 45
Reigart Rachel over 18 scott Scherer Madrid
12/04/1881 Harmon William over 21 scott C. J. K bk4 p 19
Hamilton Dora over 18 scott Donman JP Norman res
07/24/1881 Helm Josiah over 21 Sylvania James E bk4 p 6
McIntosh Martha H over 18 Sylvania Harrison JP
09/04/1881 Huffstetter Richard over 21 scott K bk4 p 5
Biggs Ellen L over 18 scott Rainbolt
07/07/1881 Imanns J L over 21 Blodgett L A bk4 p 2
King Martha over 18 scott Royal JP
10/30/1881 Johnson Presley R over 21 Sikeston L D bk4 p 11
Baker Amanda Alice over 18 Sikeston Sibley JP
12/11/1881 Jones Ambrose C over 21 Commerce Robt B Commerce bk4 p 17
Stewart Cassie over 18 Commerce Henchan JP
08/10/1881 Jones Joshua over 21 scott W P L A bk4 p 3
Kleloriff Caroline over 18 scott Marns Mayman res
11/13/1881 Kison Ernest over 21 Sikeston Henry F Kelso bk4 p 13
Margrabe Sophia over 18 Kelso Grupe
11/12/1881 Legrand James under 21 scott James A bk4 p 11
Farmer Sarah over 18 scott Norrid Judge
Legrand father consents
10/09/1881 McDaniel Francis M over 21 scott J. E bk4 p 8
McCary Missouri over 18 scott Anderson
08/23/1881 Mcleufrein C D over 21 Morley C E Louis of bk4 p 4
Fiser Mineva Forrest over 18 Morley DeUrirey Morley
11/22/1881 Messmer Frank J over 21 Kelso A St. Augustine bk4 p 12
Snair Fannie over 18 Kelso Kleiser Church
07/08/1881 Morgan Lewis over 21 Parker's Station Charles S Parker's bk4 p 2
Cofouley Sarah over 18 Parker's Station DeLay JP Station
08/15/1881 Paristor John A over 21 scott N M bk4 p 3
Shariehorver Rettie over 18 scott Lusk
09/11/1881 Parks Robert C over 21 scott R. G. bk4 p 18
Totty Tennessee over 18 scott Parks
08/28/1881 Potts John H over 21 scott Justice of Blodgett bk 4 p 4
Stobaugh Bettie over 18 Blodgett Peace
12/22/1881 Romines Thomas L over 21 scott Minister bk4 p 16
Fike Nancy over 18 scott of Gospel
12/27/1881 Shepherd Monroe over 21 scott William A Morley bk4 p 20
Wyatt Elizabeth over 18 scott Guuch JP
07/13/1881 St. John William over 21 scott William A Morley bk4 p 1
Stafford Mary Bell over 18 scott Guuch JP
11/15/1881 Thomas John over 21 scott Rev. Martin bk4 p 43
Gerth Elizabeth over 18 scott Scherer
12/28/1881 Turner George W over 21 scott William A Morley bk4 p 22
Barry Catharine over 18 scott Guuch JP

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