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Scott County Missouri Surnames

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  •         Effective January 1, 1999, Scott County Surnames should be submitted using the GenConnect Query System. Posting your surname using the GenConnect Query System provides instant posting of your surname and will automatically include your surname in a GenConnect surname database so that your surname is found by anyone performing a search of the GenConnect System. 
            The surnames listed on this page were submitted prior to January 1, 1999. 

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Dates, If Known
Town, If Known
Name of Researcher
Kellett early 1900's Sikeston & Blodgett Kathleen Burnett
Kinnerson/Kinnison ?? ?? Carol Immel Nelson
abt 1845
?? Jane Boggess
Gordon N. Jones
Kittles 1900 ?? Linda Nosler
Lampson, Emaline ?? ?? Jim Wallace
Lancaster 1850-1900 ?? Tim Adams
Lee 1880-1920 Blodgett Sonya Dirickson McNeil
LeGrand  1860-1900 New Hamburg Dan Fuller
Leist  1870-1900 Kelso, Commerce Dan Fuller
Lemley before 1840- after 1900 District 92 and/or
Moreland Township??
Robert W. Hines
Lennox 1860-1910 Sikeston Joe Lennox
Ludwig 1920-1948 Kelso Pam Egan
Maddox ?? ?? Larry E. Schott
Mangram 1910 Sikeston Hester Suits
Mansfield 1830 ?? Larry Mansfield
Martin Mid-Late 1800's to 1914 New Hamburg, Oran Sharon Peters
Matney Mid 1800's to mid-1900's ? Earl & Diana Cagle
McDaniel 1838 to late 1800's ? Marty Lookout
McFerron 1820-1900 ? Gordon N. Jones
McGaugh Mid to late 1800's Illmo Trudi Pauline Devine
Meinz 1860's Kelso Glenda Pollard
Messer 1850-1910 ? JoAnn Daniel
Morie Mid to late 1800's Morley Jim Morrie
Morper 1840 New Hamberg Sonny & Sue Morper
Morris ?? ?? Richard A. Johnson
Morse 1900-1960 ?? Dewey Carter
Mounts (Mounce), Asa 1870 ?? William P. Mounts
Myatt 1862 ?? Jon Myatt
Nation 1860's Kelso Glenda Pollard
Nosler 1900 Linda Nosler
Nuckles (Nuckolls) ?? Blodgett Edward Reynolds
O ??
Orchard 1847 Scott City Roger Thompson

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