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Bright Prospect Cemetery
Scott County Missouri
Monument, Photos

    NOTE: If you have any [ Monument Photo`s for Bright Prospect Cemetery in Miner, Scott Co., Mo. ] and want them posted, send them to me with the name of the cemetery with all the information and I will post them to this site.

Bright Prospect Cemetery Monument, Photos

  1. Bright Prospect Cemetery View -01-

  2. Dry Infant of C.A. & E. Dry

  3. Twins of C.A. & E. Dry (4 days old)

  4. Dry, Arena J. Dau. of C.A. & E. Dry

  5. Ollie B. & Sterling COLE,

  6. William Samual Lay

  7. Lonnie Deloin Lay

  8. Debra Ann Lay

  9. Donnie Uloin Lay,

  10. Annette Ann Lay

  11. Mary Maybelline Couch

  12. Velda Kay Couch

  13. Leonard Orr, Ora Inez & Willie Bacon Ward

  14. Bond, Kenneth Dale

  15. Ethyl Mae & Ivy Lester, Sr. Bond,

  16. Bond-Rice, Shirley A.E.

  17. Patsy Y., Danny E., & Raymond L King,

  18. Grigbsy Susan

  19. Thomas F, Dolly D, & Clarence J. McElreath,

  20. Mary Catherine & Alvah Merton Nelson,

  21. Chappell, Marshall Thomas

  22. Thomas & Imogene Chappell,

  23. Donnie, Perry F, & Roy Lee Ward,

  24. Soon

  25. Soon

  26. Soon

  27. Soon

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