1st Eastern Virginia Volunteers  


On the New Jersey mailing list, I found a very interesting posting about:

1st Eastern Virginia Loyal Volunteers.

1.    They were part of the Union Army.

2.    Notice that they were mostly from port towns.

3.    The abundance of men born in Confederate States.

I am interested, because of the members from South Jersey and because it looks like a great story.

I will post more information as it becomes available. The unit's service records show that it mainly acted as a Coast Guard for the Eastern Shore. Except for being deployed as guards for Camp Hamilton, prison camp.

This is the contact person for gathering information:

Here is a list of the men that were in that unit.  I have further info on these men.

Please contact me if one of these are your relatives or if you are interested in the unit or especially
 if you can contribute to identifying the unit and it's activities.

Please feel free to post to other lists.

Jeanne Abrams Polries


Eastern VA Loyal Volunteers

Co. A, Regt 1 

transcribed from film viewed at the local lds family history center (film #s 1292643 & 1292644)
Name place of birth enlisted enlist place age occupation
Abrahams (Abrams), John Edgecombe, NC 11/30/1863 Fort Norfolk, VA 20 farmer
Adams, Ezra Egg Harbor, NJ 1/19/1865 Onancock, VA 18 sailor
Adams, Samuel Egg Harbor, NJ 12/31/1863 Chincoteague, VA 16 laborer
Allen, Thomas Norfolk, VA 12/18/1863 Portsmouth, VA 29 farmer
Anderson, Whitiwill Martin Co., NC 11/13/1863 Fort Norfolk, VA 25 farmer
Ayres, James E. Accomack, VA 5/28/1864 Modestown, VA 18 farmer
Bass (Bafs), John W. Norfolk, VA 1/6/1864 Portsmouth, VA 23 farm laborer
Birch, David Chincoteague, VA 1/5/1864 Chincoteague, VA 18 laborer
Birch, Decatur Chincoteague, VA 1/1/1864 Chincoteague, VA 19 sailor
Birch, George Chincoteague, VA 1/27/1864 Chincoteague, VA 28 sailor
Birch, James Chincoteague, VA 1/6/1864 Chincoteague, VA 20 waterman
Birch, Joshua Chincoteague, VA 1/6/1864 Chincoteague, VA 27 sailor
Bizzell, Nathan Yates Co., NC 1/4/1864 Portsmouth, VA 43 farmer
Bond, Edward Norfolk, VA 1/11/1864 Portsmouth, VA 24 farmer
Boyles, Patrick Habersham, GA 6/6/1864 Fort Monroe, VA 35 farmer
Carter, Zadock Chincoteague, VA 12/2/1863 Chincoteague, VA 32 sailor
Chamberlain, Willis Camden Co., NC 12/10/1863 Great Bridge, VA 30 farmer
Chambers, Samuel   11/11/1863 Fort Monroe, VA    
Cherrix, James Chincoteague, VA 1/1/1864 Chincoteague, VA 36 sailor
Chirmeck, George W. Accomack, VA 12/5/1864 Pungoteauge, VA 23 laborer
Clark, Elias Cape May, NJ 12/29/1863 Chincoteague, VA 27 sailor
Clark, Leonard Accomack, VA 5/28/1864 Chincoteague, VA 18 sailor
Cloff, James (Cluff) Accomack, VA 12/2/1863 Chincoteague, VA 26 sailor
Coleman (Collman), David Egg Harbor, NJ 6/8/1866 Chincoteague, VA 23 sailor
Corneck, George W. Chincoteague, VA 4/22/1864 Chincoteague, VA 24 sailor
Edwards, James Norfolk, VA 1/11/1864 Portsmouth, VA 18 farmer
Fisher, John Nassau, Germany 6/8/1864 Eastville, VA 43 gardener
Fletcher, James Hog Island, VA 5/7/1864 Cobb's Island, VA 18 sailor
Grant, John Philadelphia, PA 1/6/1864 Great Bridge, VA 21 engineer
Hall, David Accomack, VA 2/15/1864 Drummondtown, VA 27 farmer
Hall, George E. Accomack, VA 4/1/1864 Eastville, VA 35 waterman
Hall, James H. Petersbury, VA 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 22 painter
Henderson, Hiram Rowe Co., TN 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 35 farmer
Henderson, Hiram S. Madison, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 19 farmer
Hare, Quentin McComb, NC 12/10/1863 Portsmouth, VA 17 bar tender
Harris, John Bertie, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 26 farmer
Hewitt, James Great Bridge, VA 1/4/1864 Portsmouth, VA 44 farmer
Hill, Wm. S. Stokes, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 27 farmer
Hogard, Kerby Bertie, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 20 farmer
Hodgins, Marion Macon, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 19 farmer
Howard, James Norfolk, VA 6/6/1864 Cobb's Island, VA 19 farmer
Hutton, Samuel   11/11/1863 Ft. Monroe, VA 38  
Jacobs, Patrick Richmond, VA 2/22/1864 Philadelphia, PA 23 printer
Lane, James Plymouth, NC 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 20 blacksmith
Laws, Gaston Carter, TN 6/6/1864 Ft. Monroe, VA 21 farmer
Lewis, Henry Accomack, VA 2/11/1864 Modestown, VA 24 carpenter
Lindsay, David Accomack, VA 5/15/1864 Cobb's Island, VA 28 sailor
Loffland, John Worcester, MD 4/23/1864 Chincoteague, VA 21 sailor
Malvins, Avery see Melvin, Amory        
Martin, Frederick          
Matthews, Samuel Worcester, MD 2/12/1864 Chincoteague, VA 44 carpenter
Matthews, William H. Accomack, VA 5/8/1864 Modestown, VA 18 farmer
McPherson, Edmond South Mills, NC 12/18/1863 Portsmouth, VA 40 farmer
McPherson, Jeremiah South Mills, NC 12/18/1863 Portsmouth, VA 30 farmer
Melvin, Amory Chincoteague, VA 12/24/1864 Chincoteague, VA 30 laborer
Mumford, Isaiah Worcester, MD 4/8/1864 Chincoteague, VA 23 sailor
Newton, Isaac Norfolk, VA 1/6/1864 Portsmouth, VA 19 farmer
Nock, George S. Accomack, VA 12/31/1863 Chincoteague, VA 18 carpenter
Northam, George W. Accomack, VA 5/28/1864 Modestown, VA 25 farmer
Overton, Henry Camden Co., NC 12/2/1863 Great Bridge, VA 26 farmer
Petit, Levin Accomack, VA 4/18/1864 Modestown, VA 45 laborer
Powers, Frederick Currituck Co., NC 12/15/1863 Portsmouth, VA 44 farmer
Powers, James Currituck Co., NC 12/1863 Great Bridge, VA 22 farmer
Powers, Jesse Norfolk, VA 12/1863 Great Bridge, VA 21 farmer
Reed, William Chincoteague, VA 6/8/1864 Great Bridge, VA 20 waterman
Reed, Everett Suffolk, VA 1/14/1864 Portsmouth, VA 24 carpenter
Reynolds, Richard Kent Co., DE 12/2/1863 Chincoteague, VA 25 shoemaker
Russell, Elijah Chincoteague, VA 12/24/1863 Chincoteague, VA 28 laborer
Schools, Thomas King & Queen Co., VA 4/1864 Portsmouth, VA 19 farmer
Scott, Benjamin Hog Island, VA 12/1863 Chincoteague, VA 25 laborer
Shannon, Daniel Portsmouth, VA 10/10/1863 Portsmouth, VA 18 laborer
Sharpley, John W. Chincoteague, VA 3/26/1864 Chincoteague, VA 37 sailor
Sharpley, William          
Simpson, Marcus Mecklenberg Co., NC 6/8/1864 Eastville, VA 20 farmer
Spayberry, Euphrates Dekalb Co., GA 6/8/1864 Eastville, VA 18 farmer
Stevens, Hazard          
Stubbs, Andrew Caroline Co., MD 6/8/1864 Chincoteague, VA 37 sailor
Sullivan, James Petersburg, VA 12/1863 Portsmouth, VA 18 clerk
Summers, Amos Beaufort Co., NC 6/6/1864 Fort Monroe, VA 22 farmer
Tarr, John Chincoteague, VA 12/31/1863 Chincoteague, VA 44 sailor
Thomas, Oliver G. Duck, PA     29 bricklayer
Thornton, William Chincoteague, VA 6/6/1864 Chincoteague, VA 25 waterman
Throckmorten, Joseph Philadelphia, PA     35 clerk
Tilghman, Benjamin Worcester Co., MD 2/6/1863 Eastville, VA 23 shoemaker
Tilghman, Peter Worcester Co., MD 6/11/1864 Chincoteague, VA 19 carpenter
Tindell, John Worcester Co., MD   Chincoteague, VA 20 shoemaker
Tolbert, Josiah Montgomery Co., NC 11/30/1863 Norfolk, VA 29 farmer
Tulton, Charles Chincoteague, VA 12/31/1863 Chincoteague, VA 19 sailor
Turner, Willis ?, VA 6/6/1864 Fort Monroe, VA 40 farmer
Watson, George Chincoteague, VA 3/22/1864 Chincoteague, VA 19 sailor
Watson, Thomas Chincoteague, VA 3/20/1864 Chincoteague, VA 22 sailor
Whealton, Lewis Chincoteague, VA 4/25/1864 Chincoteague, VA 18 waterman
Whealton, William Chincoteague, VA 12/31/1863 Chincoteague, VA 18 sailor
Wilkins, Robert York Co, VA 9/13/1864 Cobbs Island, VA 18 farmer
Wilson, Thomas Yancey Co., NC 6/6/1864 Fort Monroe, VA 25 farmer
Young, Theodore Trenton, NJ 2/10/1864 Chincoteague, VA 26 sailor

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