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Memorial - Attack on America
September 11, 2001


These photos are from a quarry pond along Hwy 25, South of I-80 and North of Greenfield, Iowa. The artist, whose name is in one of the photos, captured the true spirit of patriotism. Greenfield is a small town with 2,074 people and is by the looks of it, on the map, about 1 hour or so West and South of Des Moines.

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Patriotic Painted Rock     Patriotic Painted Rock
Patriotic Painted Rock     Patriotic Painted Rock
Patriotic Painted Rock     Patriotic Painted Rock

Rock painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorenson II
Photographer unknown.

I'm the guy who paints the tribute to veterans every year on the rock (located 13 miles north of Greenfield, Iowa). Rabbi asked me to give you all some info. about myself. I'll keep it very brief, so if you have more questions I'll leave my contact info. at the bottom of this message.

I'm a 23 year old guy from Greenfield, Iowa. I believe in, and love, God and my country. When I paint the rock on Memorial Day, I try to impress on anyone who will stop and look that freedom isn't free.

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen
413 SE 3rd St.
Greenfield, Ia 50849

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