We Remember

Memorial - Attack on America
September 11, 2001

I just want to add my MINORITY voice to the bunch. I do not think that this war is justified; however, I do pray every night for our service men and women to come back home safe and sound. Just because a person doesn't believe war is the answer does not mean that they don't want to give our soldiers, marines, air personnel, and naval personnel a great big hug when they get home.

I think that the job they do is awesome and, just like me, THEY actually represent a minority. This is the smallest fighting force America has had in 30 years. This translates to: most Americans support their troops, but don't want to walk in their boots. Ponder on that. They really are the few, the proud, an Army of One, Aiming High, and taking the adventure of a lifetime when few others will.

They deserve kudos for what they do and those of us safe in our homes need to remember not to start a needless war here at home. They don't need to come home to people fighting over who is or isn't supporting the troops. They need to come home to people who respect one another and the inalienable rights we have to freedom of expression, freedom to demonstrate, freedom of religion....freedoms that countries such as Iraq, Cuba, China, etc. do not have. Let's enjoy being Americans rather than fighting over what "being American" is.

Remark in a chat room, sent to me by my nephew Daniel, Air Force Reserves.
Author unknown.

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