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October 10, 1992
May 20, 1999
October 4, 1999
May 18, 2000
December 7, 2000
September 21, 2001
Congressman  Cantor
Congressman Wolf


Here you will find a variety of copies of letters, minutes to meetings, etc. The topics will vary and will be of general interest to the public.

This first set of minute meetings & letters relates to Children of Shenandoah in that the Shenandoah National Park Superintendent, Douglas Morris was either at the meetings or wrote the letter. Additionally, these minute meetings document discussion of some of the same issues Children of Shenandoah are  currently working on. For example, apparently the cemeteries which are an issue now with Children of Shenandoah has been an issue with The Blue Ridge Committee for Shenandoah National Park Relations since (at least) May 1999, probably sooner. (See minute meetings below). The Shenandoah National Park always drops the ball. 

The Blue Ridge Committee for Shenandoah National Park Relations is not a part of the Children of Shenandoah. Although they are a separate organization, they too are comprised of representatives from the same 8 county area surrounding the Shenandoah National Park as the Children of Shenandoah are. And apparently are dealing with similar issues and concerns. The Blue Ridge Committee for Shenandoah National Park Relations was appointed by Congressman George Allen for "watch dog" purposes, so to speak. These meetings are open to the public and each county can have 3 representatives. It is very relevant to Children of Shenandoah and we all should attend, perhaps unite forces. 

October 20, 1992 Memo from Sandy Rives to SNP Superintendent. From my records this was the first meeting of The Blue Ridge Committee. 
May 20, 1999 Minutes from Meeting
May 18, 2000 Minutes from Meeting
December 7, 2000 Minutes from Meeting
September 21, 2001  Letter from Douglas Morris, SNP Superintendent to Carol Laing. Even though Mr. Morris was more than evasive in his memo (second page) regarding information of the Blue Ridge Committee Meeting, the minutes  of the December 7, 2000, May 18, 2000, May 20, 1999 and October 4, 1999 meetings do indicate that he does attend. In fact, at the end of each meeting, the dates and agendas are set for the next meeting. The next meeting has been scheduled for November 6, 2001 at the Shenandoah National Park Archives. Apparently, Mr. Morris is known for rescheduling these meetings at the last minute, and has done this 3 times thus far this year. Since the meetings are only 2 times a year, that is a pretty high frequency rate. 

Letters to and from Congress

Congressman Eric Cantor
Congressman Wolf







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