Thinking about buying a genealogy book?:

Recently it has come to my attention that some of the folks who post queries, mysteries and even some who have signed my guestbook have been solicited by e-mail to buy genealogy books. First, let me say that in my opinion that is not how good books are sold. (That is my opinion)

Before you go sending your hard-earned money off to buy a book that you know little about you should:

#1. Find out for sure who it is that is selling the book.

#2. Call them and ask them if they could do a look-up for you out of the book.
(Do not give them all the information that you know. See if they can answer something that you know but have not told them)

I only recommend books that are written by historical societies such as Magoffin Co. Historical Society. When I first found out they had a book called Bailey's of Eastern Kentucky, I was not about to send a check until I was sure this book would have some answers for me. So I called them and followed the instructions I gave above, and they came back with all the right answers.
Which was not much really, because I only knew my great grandpa's name and his wife's name. I asked if Guilford Bailey was in the book and they came back with his wife's name. I could not get to the mailbox fast enough to send my check.

Beware: There are many out there who would be more than happy to take your money. My brother thought he would get me a Christmas present. He bought a book that promised to take the Bailey name back to Europe. When he gave it to me, it was nothing more then a phonebook with all the Bailey's in the U.S. (It was outdated by 5 years!) and some footnotes on the general origins of the name.
So please - if you are researching in Kentucky write me and I will tell you if I know of a book that may help you.

Let me say something on behalf of those books that are good. Some can be a gold mine of information. Remember, just because the name of the book is something other than the surname you are looking for does not mean your ancestors are not in it. I found my Greatgrandpa Miles Cole in the MONTGOMERY FAMILY BOOK by Magoffin County, not only did I find mention of him and his wife, but I also found a picture of him. In short what am saying is: buyer beware! There are good books out there, but there are bad ones also!

Have a book you want to sell?

Let me issue a challenge to those who are selling books.
If you have a good book on Kentucky names then send them to me. I will do for you what I have done with the Bailey book by Magoffin Co. When someone emails me for a look-up or leaves a query, I will let them know if your book can help them. I will not give all the information on their subject, only tell them if this book is for them or not. I have done this for three years with Magoffin Co books.

Have a book you want to donate?
If you have a book you would like to donate to BaiCon genealogy please email us. You will be given credit on these pages.

Canfield Classics Collection has donated a copy of a family book written by Algie Bailey.
They would like me to say "Canfield Classics Collection is a database of used and rare books and periodicals with access to hundreds of booksellers using Advanced Book Exchange. Send E-mail to, stating the name, author or subject area of any book. They will search for the best edition at the best price and have it in your hands in a matter of days if the book is being offered for sale on the Internet."

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