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I can only answer questions about the names Bailey, Conley, and some Auxier, Holbrook, Runyon, Calhoun,Trusty and Cole.
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Husband: Henry I Count VON CHANPAGNE
Born: 1127 at: Champagne, France Married: 1164 at: France Died: 16 Mar 1180/81 at: TROYES, Aube, France Father:Thibaut IV Count VON BLOIS-CHAMPAGNE Mother:Mathilde (Maude) Princess CARINTHIA Other Spouses:
Wife: Marie Prinzessin VON FRANKREICH
Born: 1145 at: France Died: 11 Mar 1197/98 at: Father:Louis VII "Der Dicke" Koenig VON FRANKREICH Mother:Eleanore Prinzessin VON AQUITANIEN Other Spouses: Henry I "The Liberal" VON CHAMPAIGNE
Name: Henri II Count VON CHAMPAGNE Born: ABT. 1153 at: Champagne, France Married: 1170-1192 at: Died: 1197 at: Spouses: Ermenson VON NAMUR
Name: Scholastique VON CHAMPAGNE Born: ABT. 1157 at: Married: 1171-1201 at: Died: 1218 at: Spouses: Guillaume III Count VON VIENNE
Name: Marie VON CHAMPAGNE Born: 1174 at: Champagne, France Married: 6 Jun 1185 at: Died: 9 Aug 1204 at: Spouses: Baldwin IX von Flandern Count VON FLANDERN
Name: Thibault V Count VON CHAMPAGNE Born: 1177 at: Champagne, France Married: 1165 at: Died: 24 May 1201 at: Holy Land Spouses: Alix Prinzessin VON FRANKREICH Blanche Princess VON NAVARRE
Name: Theobald III VON CHAMPAIGNE Born: 13 Jan 1178/79 at: Troyes, Aube, France Married: 1 Jul 1195 at: Chartres, France Died: 24 May 1201 at: Spouses: Blanche Princess VON NAVARRE

All files are copyright protected and are not to be duplicated for profit.

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