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I can only answer questions about the names Bailey, Conley, and some Auxier, Holbrook, Runyon, Calhoun,Trusty and Cole.
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Husband: James S. BACK
Born: 5 Mar 1856 at: Married: 31 Aug 1876 at: Died: 11 Apr 1933 at: Father:John BACK Mother:Sarah CAUDILL Other Spouses:
Wife: Elizabeth ROBERTS
Born: 1841-1865 at: Died: 20 Apr 1928 at: Father:Preston ROBERTS Mother: Other Spouses:
Name: Elbert BACK Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:
Name: David Harvey BACK Born: 23 May 1877 at: Married: 1 Mar 1904 at: Died: 18 Jul 1956 at: Eubank, Pulaski Co., KY Spouses: Mary Ann DIXON
Name: Rebecca BACK Born: 18 Aug 1877 at: Married: at: Died: 1 Jan 1977 at: Spouses:
Name: James C. Irvin BACK Born: 30 Jan 1881 at: Married: WFT Est. 1896-1901at: Died: 2 Apr 1942 at: Spouses: Elizabeth DIXON
Name: Henry Melvin BACK Born: 4 Dec 1882 at: Kentucky Married: 14 Jul 1904 at: Died: 4 Aug 1951 at: Kentucky Spouses: Hettie DIXON Martha WITT
Name: Leander BACK Born: 24 Sep 1884 at: Married: at: Died: 19 Feb 1920 at: Spouses:
Name: Nervesta BACK Born: 18 Jun 1885 at: Married: 28 Feb 1921 at: Died: 17 Mar 1961 at: Spouses: Erastus VAUGHN
Name: Cebra BACK Born: 4 Oct 1887 at: Married: 22 Apr 1916 at: Died: 18 Nov 1976 at: Spouses: Cynda BACK
Name: Gideon BACK Born: 28 Sep 1889 at: Married: at: Died: 30 Mar 1975 at: Spouses:
Name: Richmond B. BACK Born: 8 Dec 1892 at: Caudill Branch, Letcher Co., KY Married: 9 Apr 1916 at: Cody, Knott Co., KY Died: 18 Jan 1973 at: Hamiltion, OH Spouses: Allie BLAIR
Name: Ira BACK Born: 2 Oct 1894 at: Married: at: Died: 12 Jun 1981 at: Spouses: Della BACK
Name: Shadrack BACK Born: 13 Dec 1895 at: Married: 4 Mar 1917 at: Died: 26 Dec 1978 at: Spouses: Allie HALE
Name: Alex BACK Born: 8 Dec 1896 at: Married: Private at: Died: 15 Jul 1956 at: Spouses: Maxie ROBERTS
Name: INFANT Born: ABT. 1897 at: Married: at: Died: 1898-1991 at: Spouses:
Name: Louisa BACK Born: 10 Jul 1900 at: Married: 7 Jul 1927 at: Died: Oct 1969 at: Spouses: Phillip "Red" SHEPHERD
Name: Willard BACK Born: 6 Nov 1902 at: Married: 28 Jul 1926 at: Dirk, Knott County, KY Died: 21 Jan 1975 at: Spouses: Lydia SMITH
Name: Pearlie BACK Born: 5 Jul 1905 at: Married: at: Died: BEF. 1990 at: Spouses: James Harrison COLLIER, DR. Mckinley CRAFT

All files are copyright protected and are not to be duplicated for profit.

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