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I can only answer questions about the names Bailey, Conley, and some Auxier, Holbrook, Runyon, Calhoun,Trusty and Cole.
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Husband: Henry I Duke VON BRABANT
Born: 1165 at: Of, Brabant, Belgium Married: 1179 at: Died: 5 Sep 1235 at: Cologne, Germany Father:Godfrey III Count VON LOVAINE Mother:Imagina VON LOON Other Spouses: Marie Prinzessin VON FRANKREICH
Wife: Matilda VON BOULOGNE
Born: 1162 at: Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France Died: 1211 at: Louvain, Belgium Father:Matthias von Elsass -LOTHRINGEN Mother:Mary VON BOULOGNE Other Spouses:
Name: Marie VON BRABANT Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: jung gestorben Spouses:
Name: Marle VON BRABANT Born: 1188 at: Married: at: Died: 21 Jan 1252/53 at: Spouses:
Name: Marie Prinzessin VON BRABANT Born: ABT. 1190 at: Married: 1214 at: Died: 9 Mar 1259/60 at: Spouses: Otto IV Emperor VON DEUTSCHLAND Willem I Count VON HOLLAND
Name: Mary VON BRABANT Born: ABT. 1191 at: Married: at: Died: AFT. 9 Mar 1259/60at: Spouses:
Name: Margaret VON BRABANT Born: 1192 at: Brabant, Belgium Married: 1206 at: Died: 21 Sep 1231 at: Spouses: Gerard III Count VON GELDERN
Name: Adelaide VON BRABANT Born: 1194 at: Married: 1206 at: Died: 1208-1288 at: Spouses: Arnulf Count VON LOON Guillaume Count VON CLERMONT Arnold Lord VON WESEMAELE
Name: Elizabeth VON BRABANT Born: 1198 at: Married: at: Died: 1273 at: Spouses: Dietrich Vl VON CLEVES Gerhard ll VON LIMBURG
Name: Mathilde Prinz VON BRABANT Born: ABT. 1200 at: Of 'S-Hertogenbo, Noord Brabant, Neth. Married: ABT. Nov 1212 at: Died: 21 Dec 1267 at: Spouses: Heinrich II Palsgrave RHEIN Floris IV Count VON HOLLAND
Name: Henry II Duke VON BRABANT Born: 1207 at: Brabant, France Married: 22 Aug 1215 at: Died: 1 Feb 1247/48 at: Louvain Spouses: Marie VON HOHENSTAUFEN Sofie Prinzessin VON THUERINGEN
Name: Godfrey VON BRABANT Born: 1209 at: Married: at: Died: 1253 at: Spouses: Marie DE BAUCIGNIES
Name: Mechtild VON BRABANT Born: ABT. 1212 at: Holland Married: BEF. Dec 1224 at: Died: 21 Dec 1267 at: Spouses: Floris IV Count VON HOLLAND

All files are copyright protected and are not to be duplicated for profit.

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