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Hide Seek This site is GREAT! They not only help people find missing people with their great boards. They also help you research your family history.
Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Great site for eastern Kentucky researchers.
The Seeker's  Are you looking for someone? Is someone looking for you? Maybe you can find out here, this is very useful site.
Everton's Genealogical Helper Super Page this is the place to go if your just starting. Or if you are a pro!
ANCESTRYS HOMETOWN What can I say? They don't get much better then this. Genealogy sites are getting better all the time, and this is a good example of how good they can be.
H-GIG Now this is one must see page!
The Surname Genealogy Web Project This page links to surnames from every country in the world!
Genforum Over 2700 forums devoted to genealogy & surnames
Genealogy's Most Wanted  Post your most wanted ancestors here
Germanna Foundation  The Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia
SURNAMES: WHAT'S IN A NAME What did your medieval ancestors do? Or where did they live? Check their extensive list for your surname
US GenWeb Project Find state resources here
Family Tree Maker Online Great program! Great pages !
RSL (Roots Surname List)  Find the people who are researching the same name as you are
Unknown Genealogy Page Good page to find links and resources
L.D.S. Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Great site that keeps getting better
Your This is without a doubt a site to watch
Genealogy Gateway This site shows just how good a genealogy site can be.
GenSearcher GenSearcher, the All-in-One Genealogy Search Page which offers convenient, one stop, on-line research with
over 150 genealogy search engines and indices from the best resources on the internet. 
Family Chronicle Enjoy great pages such as "The Family Chronicle Collection "   " Family Chronicle Article Index"
" Current Issue"    "Agincourt Honor Roll"
" Dating Old Photographs"  " In The Beginning"
  "Spams and Scams" "Surname Origin List"  "Top Genealogy Websites " "Using Usenet" " Websites Worth Surfing" "Writing a Family History"
The WebTree - Genealogy Fun & Resources I have a good feeling about this site. Keep an eye on this one!
Family Workings Genealogy Ancestor Query,  Adoption Query, Links Obituary CD Volunteer, Book Volunteer, LocationVolunteer,  Item for Sale ,  Cemetery Directory,  Newsletter, Bulletin Board .
I have to say this is one very nice site with good people.
The Family History Show A Forum for Family History Enthusiasts on the Texas State Network ! The First and Still the Only Network Radio Talk-Show on Family History in America. 
GenLink Great site! Put together very nice and neat. A must see.
USGenExchange Surname Registry, Queries, Lookup Volunteers, Translation Volunteers, Ships Passenger Lists, Book list, Atlas/Maps,US Cemetery Index Search, Cemetery Directory, Associations & Societies,Church Directory, Newspapers,  US Birth Index, Libraries, Schools, GenLinks Plus, Mailing Lists, US Book List, Kids Corner, Reunions. There are several state specific sections with the remaining states coming soon
Connect With Surnames A very well done site. Loved it all, the only down fall is that the server is geocities. Even with that this site is worth the banners and pop up windows. Pay them a visit. 


Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites                on the Internet
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Personal Genealogy Page's

Genealogy & Roots.....The Genealogy Beat
Firstmom's Genealogy Resources and Records Bare Tree Genealogy
The Auxier Family The Gettle Family
Mika's Jackson Genealogy Travis/Mays - Williamson/Cummins Genealogy
Tribes~Clans~Families~Genealogy Wilson Network - Surname Genealogical Resource
The Hurst Nation Other Genealogy sites
Potterflats Home Page Marble's Place
Gomes-Kuntz-Rembas-Spring Page My Tennessee Walkers
Floyd Co. KY Genealogy Family Genealogy - A Passage In Time
Chappell-Nahrstadt Home Page


BaiCon is a good dog, but he dosen't have time to find all the great sites. So if you know of a page that should be here let me know.
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