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Coy Ancestor Name Birth Date  Location Comments
Clifford Coy Samuel Coy 16 Feb 1698 Norwich, New London, CT Need Parents  Information and Source.
Clifford Coy Comfort Coy 1778 Windsor, Ct Need Exact Birthdate & Location.
Pat Brown Eunice Coy 27 Jun 1824 Married Godfrey 1843 Batavia NY Looking for Parents Information
Neil Tanner Estella Coy 10 Dec 1846 Plymouth, NY Buried East Pharsalia, NY seeking info about her/parents. m. Zanoni Boyden
Dale Niesen Mary Ann Coy     Seeking info,Daughter of  Erastus Coy, son of Aaron Coy, Grandson of Abraham Coy    
Ken Turner Bessie M. Coy 1882 Oswego, NY Seeking data and family of information. Edward Coy was Bessie's  father.