Allen Co. Street Scenes

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AllenPC6.jpg, 128*80 AllenPC8.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC8a.jpg, 122*80 AllenPC1.jpg, 144*80 AllenPC29.jpg, 115*80
Street Scene - Iola
donated by Thom Finch
Jefferson St. Looking N.-Iola
donated by Thomas Wick
Jefferson St. - Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
Vintage Iola Street Scene
donated by Scott Hamren
Main St. South (dirt)-LaHarpe
donated by Stafano Neis
AllenPC42.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC46.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC55.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC58.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC59.jpg, 123*80
East St. - West 1910 Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Kentucky St. Bridge-Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
Main St. 1905-LaHarpe
donated by Randy Holmes
1930's Cars.Mem. Hall-Iola
donated by Mike Hawk
Washington Ave. - Iola
donated by Mary Frantz
AllenPC60.jpg, 122*80 AllenPC61.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC64.jpg, 120*80 AllenPC66.jpg, 125*80
West from Court House-Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
North St. - North -Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
Court House-South-Iola
donated by Richard Plute
Washington St. - Iola
donated by Billy Reed

Allen Co. Church Scenes

AllenPC2.jpg, 51*80 AllenPC13.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC24.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC26.jpg, 50*80 AllenPC28.jpg, 125*80
Catholic Church - Iola
donated by Gail Hubbuch
Presbyterian Church - Iola
donated by Mannfred Passman
First Methodist Episcopal Ch.-Iola
donated by Kim Kreicker
St. John's Catholic Ch.-Iola
donated by Irene Hale
First Baptist Church-Iola
donated by James Lutzweiler
AllenPC31.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC35.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC44.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC47.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC51.jpg, 123*80
Methodist Episcopal Ch.-LaHarpe
donated by Stu
Trinty Meth. Episcopal Ch.-Iola
donated by Joyce Shake
First Presbyterian Church
donated by Randy Holmes
Methodist Church - Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
United Brethern Ch./Grand Theater-Iola
donated by Randy Holmes

Allen Co. Schools

AllenPC3.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC7.jpg, 125*80 AllenPC10.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC10a.jpg, 127*80 AllenPC11.jpg, 124*80
Washington School - Iola
donated by Mark Obermyer
High School - Iola
donated by Carmen Christiansen
High School - Iola
donated by Dick Distelhorst
High School - Iola
donated by Debbie Metz
Jefferson School - Iola
donated by Jeremy
AllenPC11a.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC11b.jpg, 125*80 AllenPC15.jpg, 127*80 AllenPC34.jpeg, 106*80 AllenPC54.jpg, 125*80
Jefferson High School - Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
Jefferson School 1911 - Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Lincoln School - Iola
donated by Richard Joiner
McKinley Grade School-Iola
donated by Larry Morrow
Five Schools - Iola
donated by Donna
AllenPC63.jpg, 127*80
Lincoln School - Iola
donated by Gary Hawbaker

Other Buildings of Allen Co.

AllenPC4.jpg, 131*80 AllenPC5.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC9.bmp, 125*80 AllenPC12.jpg, 128*80 AllenPC14.jpg, 125*80
US Weather Bureau-Iola
donated by Edward Creek
Santa Fe R.R. Station-Iola
donated by Peter Piszko
Carnagie Library
donated by Kathy Spencer
Santa Fe Depot-Iola
donated by Arvid Hagberg
Power House/Dam Neosho River-Iola
donated by Roger Drake
AllenPC16.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC18.jpg, 127*80 AllenPC19.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC20.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC21.jpg, 125*80
Lobby Portland Hotel-Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
1909 Co. Court House-Iola
donated by Nancy Bessler
Public Library-Iola
donated by Vicky Kenney
1927 Memorial Hall-Iola
donated by David Percel
City Water & Light Works-Iola
donated by Mike(Vintage Postcards)
AllenPC22.jpg, 125*80 AllenPC25.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC30.jpg, 127*80 AllenPC37.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC39.jpg, 117*80
Public Library - Iola
donated by Erle & Phyllis Bergstrom
Jayhawk Motel, Hwy 54-Iola
donated by Lloyd Decker
US Post Office-Iola
donated by S. Wilson
Post Office - Iola
donated by Ellen Hineman
Hotel Kelly 1940-Iola
donated by Chuck Robbins
AllenPC48.jpg, 120*80 AllenPC50.jpg, 120*80 AllenPC52.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC62.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC65.jpg, 115*80
Post Office-Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
YMCA 1908 - Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
YMCA 1910 - Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Vets Office - Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
YMCA - Iola
donated by Prentiss Whited
AllenPC68.jpg, 123*80
Your Grand Theater-Iola
donated by Dorothy Green

Miscellaneous Postcards of Allen Co.

AllenPC17.jpg, 134*80 AllenPC23.jpg, 106*80 AllenPC23a.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC27.jpg, 125*80 AllenPC27a.jpg, 123*80
Elm Creek - LaHarpe
donated by Skip & Karen Peters
Portland Cement Co.-Iola
donated by Erle & Phyllis Bergstrom
Kansas Portland Cement Co.-Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
Portland Cement Co.
Quarries & Plant-Iola
donated by Larry Jaehnert
Portland Cement Co.
Quarries & Plant-Iola
donated by Debbie Mertz
AllenPC32.jpg, 121*80 AllenPC33.jpg, 116*80 AllenPC36.jpg, 51*80 AllenPC38.jpg, 123*80 AllenPC40.jpg, 121*80
Neosho River Bridge-Iola
donated by Jeremy Ellis (Queen City Collections)
Doty Home-LaHarpe-1909
donated by Chuck Finley
Government Kiosk-Iola
donated by Ellen Hineman
Lehigh Portland Cement Co.-Iola
donated by Unknown
American Metal Co. Plant-Iola
donated by Anonymous
AllenPC41.jpg, 125*80 AllenPC43.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC45.jpg, 126*80 AllenPC49.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC53.jpg, 51*80
Dam,Bridge,Old Mill-Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Electric Railway Park-Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Hotel Kelly Coffee Shop 1952-Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
1907 Residence - Iola
donated by Randy Holmes
Men in Uniform (names unknown)1924-Iola
donated by Tyler Bolden
AllenPC56.jpg, 124*80 AllenPC57.jpg, 124*80
1914 Bowlus Residence-Iola
donated by Mike Hawk
Forney's Mill & Elev.-LaHarpe 1901-1907
donated by D.C. Jackson