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       A Biography Of The Newton's Of Kentucky

The earliest Newton ancestor we have found to date is Joseph Newton , married to Elenor Fields, who most likely was born in the late 1600's or very early 1700's. I think he was probably the first of our line to reach the shores of America . Little is known of him so far ,but we are still researching. All we do know is that he was a blacksmith, which in those times was considered a skilled trade, and he could read and write, an accomplishment in those days, and that he had our most well known ancestor Joseph (may have been William Joseph) in Monmouth County, New Jersey on Dec. 20, 1724. 

Henceforth, I will refer to these two Joseph's as Joseph I and Joseph II, to keep down confusion.

     Joseph II was born on Dec. 20, 1724 in Manalapan Monmouth County, New Jersey and married Helena Anderson in 1751. They had ten children, most of whom were born in Monmouth County. Proof of this are baptismal records held at the Old Tennant Church in Manalapan. 

Helena Anderson, Newton was daughter of Capt. John Anderson Esquire, and his wife Sarah Craig.  It seems that the Craigs, Andersons, and Newtons were all early pioneer families in New Jersey and Virginia . Many are mentioned in the history of Monmouth County and Greenbriar County, Virginia (Now West Virginia).

    At some point the Newton's, Craig's, and Aderson's migrated South and ended up in Greenbriar County, Virginia. Here Joseph II bought a rather sizable piece of property and setteled in to raise his family.  Joseph and Heleana lived out the rest of their lives here. Joseph II died in 1812 and his will was recorded in the May court in 1812. Helena died sometime after this, as it is stated in his will she is still living and is to be provided for. 

Their chyildren were as follows:
Sarah born March 2, 1752 married in 1788 to George Kenneth Blake.
Hannah born Jan. 31, 1754
Elizabeth born Aug. 15, 1756
Anna born Aug. 8, 1758 
Lewis born Oct. 30, 1760
James born Jan. 18, 1763 (An interesting account of his death is recorded in the Greenbriar Historical Societies records and I will print it later)
Thomas born March 17,1765 married Agnes Nancy Craig, 1794 in Clark Co, Ky. This is my immediate line of descendency.
Kenneth Anderson born Oct.23,1768 married Martha Ann Feemster Spt.6,1791.
William born April26,1771 married Ann Morehead Dec.10,1793.
Helena born Sept. 4,1800. married John Blake Feb.20,1816.

     Joseph II had slaves as attested by his willing a slave named Vilet to his daughter Helena. A copy of his will will be listed at the end of this writing. 

    Our immediate line runs through Thomas Newton son of Joseph II Who went from Greenbriar County to Clark County Kentucky. This was before Kentucky became a state and I think it might have still been part of Virginia. There is record of Thomas and his wife Agnes Nancy Craig, Newton having purchased land in Clark Co. in July of 1793. Since they were married in the same year, I assume they were newlyweds. A part of CLark County later became part of Estill County and it may have been the reason Thomas and most of his children show up later in Estill and Lee County, Kentucky records. Thomas and Agnes may also have been cousins somewhere down the line as  his grandmother's maiden name was Craig. I have no information on the parents of Agnes Craig at this writing. 

Thomas and Agnes had nine children who were as follows:
Helena born in 1795 married James Wyatt.
Agnes born in 1796 married Henry Fisher
Martha (Mattie ) born abt. 1803 married Ambrose Jones. These were the grandparents of Willie Jones who was the man Tom Horn was supposedly framed for shooting in the movie of the same name! )
Thomas Jr. born abt. 1800 married Sarah ( Sally Ann ) Ashcraft on Aug.22,1825.
Hannah born abt. 1804 married James Blackwell.
William born abt. 1807 married Alsey (Alice ) Ashcraft June10,1830.
Amy born abt.1809 married William Dandridge.
John born abt. 1812 married Elizabeth Warner (Connected through my grandmother, Lucy Warners line! )
Allen B. born abt. 1814 married Rachel Issacs Oct.29,1835 in Estill Co., Ky.

   My immediate line follows  on through Allen B. Newton and Rachel Issacs, Newton. Rachel was daughter of Godfrey Issacs and Elizabeth Howard. This family were well known in Estill and Lee Counties and descendants ran the general store and Post Office at Jinks for more than fourty years. Many descendants of the Isscac family still live in Estill and Lee Counties yet today. 

    Allen and Rachel had fourteen children who were as follows:
1.  Talton born 1836, married Martha J. Estes on June 1,1865 in Estill Co.,Ky., died in Fayette County, Ky. in an insane asslyum on Nov.17,1868. (* Note: Talton's Civil War record states he had a severe head injury early out in his military service and had to be taken back home by one of his brothers who then rejoined his unit. This could have been the cause of his insanity. We are currently trying to get the records from Eastern Ridge in Lexington, Ky. as we have found out this is the asslyum where he died. )
2.  Nancy was born Nov.11,1839 married Hiram Estes on Dec.19,1861 in Owsley County, Ky. She died on Dec.12,1912 in Estill County. 
3.  Isabella (Ibby) was born in 1838 and married Asberry Estes on March23, 1865 in Owsley County, Ky. She died on May12, 1914 in Lee County, Ky. where she lived most of her married life. 
4.  Godfrey was born Dec.23, 1839 in Estill Co,Ky. and married  Mary (PollyAnn) Stewart on March 5,1868 in Estill County, Ky. (*Note: This is the family of Christal Newton, Snowden of Richmond, Indiana) 
5.  Diana was born in May of 1842 and married Charles Estes in Feb. of 1864. 
6.  Decatur was born in May of 1844 and married three times. 
  (a) Martha J. Freeman
  (b) Nancy W. Ashcraft
  (c) Charlotte (Lottie) Rader
7.  John was born Aug. 1845 and married Julia A. (I think the A> stands for Ashcraft) 
8.  William was born April 6,1847 married Mary Ellen Wyatt on Oct12,1870 in Lee County, Ky. No record of where or when he died.
9.  Elizabeth was born in 1849 and no furthur information is availiable at this time on her.
10.  Ellen was born in 1851 and no furthur information is available on her at this time.
11.  Sarah was born in 1852 and no furthur information is availiable on her at this time. 
12.  James Hudson was born in Aug. 1855 and married Sarah E, Rogers on Feb.21,1878
13.  Clarinda was born in 1858 and I have no other information on her at this time.
14.  Rachel was born in 1859 and I have no other information on her at this time. 

  My ancestral line continues on through Decatur Newton and since he was married three times and had children of same names with two of them, I will list him with each wife and list the children below ! 

Decatur first married Marth J. Freeman on July 9, 1865 in Estill County, Ky. They had the following children: 
Mary Jane born about 1866 married John Steele.
Fleming born about 1868 and married Lucinda Mays.
Allen born about 1870 and no other info on him at this writing.
George born Sept. 1873, no other info at this time.
Rachel born Dec.24, 1875 Lee County, Ky. married Lee (Leopold) Fike in 1896.Died April 15,1964 in Madison Co,Ky.

Decatur married #2 Nancy W. Ashcraft on May 8,1877 in Estill County,Ky. They had the following children:
Henry born Feb.20,1878 married Fanny Angel
James born March 1879, no other info at this time.
Louisa born Aug. 1883, no other info at this time.
Josephine born Nov.1885 married Squire Ashcraft.
Elijah born Aug.1887 married Molly Mays

Decatur then married #3 Charlottoe (Lottie ) Rader. They had the following children but i have no dates on them at this writing.
Minerva (Nervy) married Frank Jones
Vergil (Female) Married John Rawlins
Earnest  married #1 - Martha Jane Henry #2 - Jane Redd
Willie married  - Kathlene Arvin
Albert married Mandy Estes
Fannie married Jonah Estes
Daphane (Daffeny) 

   My line continues on through Fleming, son of Decatur and first wife Martha J. Freeman. 
Fleming married Lucinda Mays  who was born on July 22, 1865 and died on Aug.7,1943. She is buried in the Horn Cemetery in Lee County, Ky. near Old Landing where they lived all their married life. Lucinda and Fleming had the following children:
Nettie born June 6, 1891 and married John P. Durbin
Decatur born Sept.17, 1893 Died Jan.20, 1960 and is buried in the Horn Cemetery at Old Landing, Ky. He married Lucy A. Warner, daughter of Aaron Warner and second wife, Bethenia Sloan Warner of Lee County,Ky.
Edna born Feb.25, 1903 and married   ? Watson
Mary Jane born ?? married Bert Flinchum

   My line continues on through my grandfather Decatur (Dick)Newton son of Fleming and Lucinda Mays, Newton. Decatur was namesake of his grandfather, Decatur Newton married to Martha Jane Freeman.

Dick and Lucy Newton lived for many years in Lee County, Ky. at Old Landing before moving to Pryse in Estill County. They moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1948 and he worked for Frigidaire division of GM until he retired in 1959 and they went back to their home in Pryse, where he passed away a year later. Lucy lived there until her death on March 1, 1987. They are both buried in the Horn Cemetery at Old Landing, Ky. in Lee County. they had the following children:
1.  Nannie Lee born Sept. 14, 1914 in Lee Co, Ky. married Alvin S. Reece June 22, 1940 in Lee Co,Ky. died July 25, 1986 in Dayton,Ohio- Montgomery County. 
2.  Willie D. (Decatur) Newton born April 21 ,1916 in Lee Co,Ky. married Flossie (Dot) Spicer, died June 12, 1987, Estill Co,Ky. both buried at West Irvine Cemetery.
3.  Fleming born Dec. 5, 1918 in Lee Co, Ky. Married Rowena Roberts July 28, 1938 in Estill Co,Ky. Died Jan. 20, 1997 (Same date as his father) in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida. Both are buried in West Irvine Cemetery in Irvine, Estill County, Ky.
4.  James Arthur born July 28, 1921 in Madison Co,Ky. Married #1 Ida Mae Bardin 6/10/1940 #2 Berniece Brown ?
5.  Virgil born Aug. 5, 1923 in Lee  County, Ky. married Dorothy Isor.
6.  Charles born June 1, 1924 in Lee County, Ky. Married #1 Sarah Evelyn Tipton #2 Geraldine Rhodes. Charles died April 3, 1985 in Dayton, Ohio -Montgomery County. 
7.  Barbra Ellen  born April 7, 1928 in Lee Co, Ky.married William Bumpus Cole. Still living in Ohio.
8.  Shelby born June 23, 1930 in Lee County, Ky. Married #1 Peggy? #2 Bonnie Watson #3 Alice ? #4 Anne ? Died Dec.2,1984 in Connersville, Indiana. Buried in Dayton, Ohio.
9.  Conley born Sept. 1,1935 in Estill Co, Ky. Married @1 Annabelle Shields #2 Bonnie Ruth Phipps. Died Jan.1,2000 Dayton, Ohio.

   My line continues through Fleming , son of Decatur (Dick) and Lucy Warner, Newton. FLeming married Rowena Roberts, born Feb. 1, 1925 in Estill County, Ky to Dudley G. and Effie L. Roberts. She was born in Estill County, Ky. and died in Fayette County, Ky on Aug 2, 1988. Both she and Fleming are buried in West Irvine Cemetery. They had the following children: (No Info Listed as most still living.)
1.  Bettie Lee married Jack L. Lawson
2.  Naomi Married #1 James S. Robbins #2 James Williams
3.  Joline married Charles Hughes.
4.  Caroline born Nov. 1, 1943 died March 4, 1944 Buried in Roberts Family Cemetery in Irvine, Estill County, Ky. 
5.  Patricia (Pat) Married #1 Joe C. Collett Jr. #2 James S. Brown
6.  Princess born Sept. 4, 1951 died Sept.5,1951 Buried in Roberts Family Cemetery Irvine, Estill Co, Ky.
7.  Joretta married #1 Wallace Estes #2 Gary D. Estes.
8.  Connie J. married #1 William (Bill ) Muncie #2 Mike Barnes.
9.  Dickie married Deborah (Debbie)Harrison.

To the best of my knowledge this is true and accurate. If anyone has information to the contrary, or something to add to this, please let me know. 
Sincerly, Patricia Newton,Brown
1201Walt Williams Rd. 
Lakeland,Fl. 33809-4616

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