Lee County Kentucky Death Certificates

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List of deaths for 1911 from the KY Death Index
(certificates that have been transcribed are in red - see below)
(Names with numbers denote a child of the name mentioned.  1 is for males, 2 for female child.)



Certificate 4288
Unknown, male, white, middle age;  Found 6 Feb 1911;  The coroners returned verdict cause unknown.  Body was found in river at Beattyville, KY.  J.N. EVANS Health Officer.  Buried Sloan Graveyard 6 Feb 1911 by J. McQUINN of Beattyville, Ky.

Note:  Listed in the death index as John Doe.

Certificate 29086
Lewis ABNER, white, male;  age about 82yrs;  occupation: farmer;  born: Owsley Co KY;  died:  11/5/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  pneumonia;  bur.  Frank Lutes 11/6/1911.

Certificate 21456
Chester ABSHER, white, male, single, age 9 mos, 3 ds, born 18 Dec 1910 Ida May, Ky;  died 23 Aug 1911 pneumonia;  Father:  James ABSHER b Owsley Co Ky;  Mother:  Sarah ROSS b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried:  Proctor, Ky 24 Aug 1911 by Ira ?COOK of Proctor, Ky.

Certificate 4292
Oscar ALDER, boy, white, age 4 yrs, 1 mos, 20 ds, born 14 Jan 1907 Lee Co;  died 24 Feb 1911 of acute ?catarrhal?;  Father: Harve ALDER b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Nettie COLE b Lee Co Ky; Informant: Harve ALDER of Ida May, Ky.

Note: The death index lists Chester as "ALDEN, Chester"

Certificate 26404
Carl BAKER, male, white, single, age 6 mos, 28 ds, born 18 Feb 1911 Lee Co Ky;  died 15 Oct 1911 of dysentery;  Father:  Robert BAKER b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary PENDERGRASS b Lee Co Ky;  informant:  David BAKER of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 15719
Sarah Alice BARKER, female, age 5 mos 7 ds, born 28 Feb 1910 Ky;  died 5 Jun 1911 of meningitis tuberculosis;  Father:  Walter BARKER b Ky;  Mother:  Delora COMBS b Ky;  Informant:  Delora COMBS of Fillmore, KY.

Certificate 31965
Clifton C. BEACH, married, white, male;  occupation:  proprieter of hotel;  age:  73yrs, 4ms;  born:  10/4/1839 Charleston, WV;  died:  12/4/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  apoplexy.

Certificate 10266
Addie BRANDENBURG, female, white, married, 27 yrs, 1 mos 15 ds, born 8 Feb 1884 Owsley Co Ky;  died 23 Apr 1911 of ?laringial tuberculosis;  Father:  Robert EVANS b Owsley Co Ky;  Mother:  Louisa BLUNT b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried Proctor, Ky 24 Apr 1911.

Note:  The index lists Addie as "Brandenlong, Addie"

Certificate 10265
Earl BRANDENBURG, boy, white, stillborn, d 16 Apr 1911 of asphxia; Father: Floyd BRANDENBURG b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Ollie SMITH b Lee Co Ky.

Certificate 15717
Keen BRANDENBURG, white, male, married, age 37 yrs, 0 mos, 13 ds;  occupation: farmer;  born 24 Jun 1874  Lee Co Ky;  died 11 Jun 1911 of tuberculosis of the lungs;  Father:  Jas. BRANDENBURG b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary THOMAS b Lee Co Ky;  Buried:  Brandenburg Burial Ground 12 Jun 1911 by Jas. STEELE;  Informant:  Jas. STEELE of Beattyville.

Certificate 4289
stillbirth BROWN, white, male,died 11 Feb 1911 Beattyville, Ky;  Father:  Robert BROWN b Beattyville & Mattie BRANDENBURG b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried: Proctor Grave Yard 12 Feb 1911 by W.A. LYONS.  Informant: W.A. LYON of Beattyville, Ky.

Note:  The death index lists this child as "Brown, Robert 1"

Certificate 12985
John Henry BRYANT, male, white, single, age 10 yrs, 4 mos, 10 ds, born 19 Jan 1901 Lee Co;  died 28 May 1911;  Father: Wyley BRYANT b Wolf Co Ky;  Mother:  Susie PERDUE b Wolf Co Ky;  Buried: Hopewell by Wiley BRYANT of Beattyville;   Informant:  Wiley BRYANT of Beattyville.

Stephen CABLE, male, white, widower, farmer, born Tennessee, age 81, 11 months. Birth month and day - don't know. Year, 1829 d.  April 9, 1911 Cause: no physician in attndance.  Tuberculosis of intestines.  Father: Joseph Cable, born don't know.  Mother; Miss Pierce, born don't know.  Informant: Jes. or Js. Whisman, Fincastle, KY.  Buried: faded out. (Carole Bays)

Certificate 26401
Wickliff CARTRIGHT, male, negro, single, 11 mos, 24 ds, born 14 Oct 1910 Lee Co Ky;  died 6 Oct 1911 of cholera infantism;  Father:  Nepoleon CARTRIGHT b Laurel Co Ky;  Mother: Manda STRONG b Lee Co Ky;  Informant:  Nepoleon CARTRIGHT of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 26405
Henry CAUDLE, male, white, widowed, age 88 yrs, 9 mos, 7 ds;  occupation:  farming;  born 7 Mar 1823;  died 27 Oct 1911 gangreen suppose to be cause;  Father:  John CAUDLE;  Mother:  Nancy;  Buried: 28 Oct by Lourane GROSS of Tallego, Ky.

Certificate 1813
Nettie Sue CHARLES, female, white, single, age 3 mos, 16 ds, born 11 Oct 1910 Lee Co Ky;  died 27 Jan 1911;  Father:  Martin CHARLES b Lee Co Ky;  Mother: Delina TOLER b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: Angel Burying Ground 28 Jan 1911 by Melvin CHARLES of Beattyville, Ky;  Informant: Melvin CHARLES of Beattyville.

Certificate 157116
not named (COLE), female, white, single, age 23 ds, born 6 Jun 1911 Lee Co;  died 29 Jun 1911 of malnutrition;  Father:  Breck COLE b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Kathleen HILL b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: Cole Burial Ground 30 Jun 1911 by Breck COLE of Beattyville;  Informant:  Wayne PRYSE of Beattyville, Ky.

Note:  Listed in death index as Francis Cole.

Certificate 31967
Elizabeth COLE, married, white, female:  occupation:  housewife;  age:  61yrs, 11mos, 5ds;  born:  12/26/1849 Clayborne Co Tenn;  died:  12/1/1911 Lee Co KY; cause of death:  this patient was a morphine habitue for 17yrs & 4mos & died from effect of cause but as no other affections ___ are not known to me.  Contributory:  a benign tumor in lower abdomen for 21yrs 4mos, signed Richard R. JOHNSON;  bur. Tallega, KY 12/2/1911 by relatives, Tallega, KY;  father  Austin PALMER b NC;  mother:  Sealey KILBURN b unknown;  informant:  Newton ANGEL, Tallega, KY.

Certificate 29088
John D. COMBS, single, white, male;  occupation:  laborer;  age:  51yrs, 9mos, 10ds;  born:  3/10/1860 Owsley Co KY;  died:  11/20/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  organic heart disease;  bur:  Newman Grave Yard 11/22/1911 by William CORNELIUS, Pebworth, KY;  father:  Samuel CHASTAIN b Knox Co KY;  mother:  Artimesa COMBS b Perry Co KY;  informant:  James S. COMBS, Pebworth, KY.

Certificate 2904
Robert COMBS, single white, male:  occupation: farmer; age 20yrs; born 1891 KY; died 12/18/1911 St. Hellens No. 2, Lee Co., KY;  cause of death: pnemonia tuburculosis patient; bur: A. S. Spence ____? 12/19/1911 by A. S. SPENCR, Fillmore;  father:  Elhanan COMBS b KY;  mother Minerva GABBARD b KY;  informant:  Elhaman COMBS, Fillmore, KY.

Certificate 15720
Mabel COOMER, female, white, age 7 ds, born 6 Jun 1911 Ky;  died 13 Jun 1911 of infantite paralysis and concvulsions;  Father:  Johnie COOMER b Ky;  Mother: Mallissa COLIER b Ky;  Informant:  Johnie COOMER of Canyon Falls, Ky.

Certificate 4291
Mary S. FARLEY, female, white, married, age 67 yrs, 1 mos, 0 ds, born 14 Jul 1844 Ind;  died 14 Feb 1911 of cerebral apoplexy;  Father:  G.W. HOWELL b Madison Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary TINCHER b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried: Farley Cemetery by Jas. S. FARLER of Idamay, Ky;  Informant: James S. FARLER of Ida May, Ky.

Certificate 21457
stillbirth FOX, female, white, died 1 Aug 1911;  Father:  Tandy FOX b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary COUCH b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: Proctor 1 Aug 1911;  Informant:  Tandy FOX of Beattyville, Ky.

Note:  Listed in the death index as "FOX, Nancy 2"

Certificate 15718
Simeon FULKS, male, white, single, age 36 yrs, 5 mos, 7 ds, born 18 Jan 1875 Ky;  died 25 Jun 1911 of dropsy;  Father:  Henry FULKS b Ky;  Mother:  Nancy Green PALMER b Ky;  Buried: West Chapel Grave Yard 26 Jun 1911;  Informant:  Henry FULKS of Canyon Falls, Ky.

Note:  Listed in the death index as "FULTON, Simeon"

Certificate 10261
Lucy FYKE, female, white, married, age 24 yrs, 10 mos, 7 ds;  occupation: housewife;  born: 28 mar 1886 Lee Co Ky;  died: 21 Apr 1911 of tuberculosis of the lungs;  Father:  Brown low FYKE b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Lucy CORNETT b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: Fyke Buring Ground 22 Apr 1911 by Brown loe FYKE;  Informant:  Brown Low FYKE of Beattyville, Ky.

Note:  The death index lists Lucy as "Hyge, Lugie.

Certificate 1815
(name unreadable - death certificate damaged), age 24 yrs _ mos, 18 ds, occupation:  housewife; b Green Hall;  Father: John F. MADDOX b Green Hall;  Mother:  Lucy A. THOMAS b McKee, Ky;  Buried: Green Hall, Ky 17 Jan 1911;  Informant: L.F. GIBSON.

Note:  Index lists this certificate belonging to Viney C. HALL.

Certificate 10260
Asha Dimple HAMILTON, female, col, single, age 9 yrs, 4 ds, 28 ds, born 2 Jan 1902 Lee Co Ky;  died 30 Apr 1911 of mitral regurgitation of the heart;  Father:  Charley HAMILTON b Lee Co Ky;  Mother Mollie KING b Lee Co KY;  Buried: Phillip Grave Yard 1 May 1911 by Wm HAMILTON;  Informant:  Wm HAMILTON of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 144
Sarah HANDY, widowed, white caucasian, female; occupation:  house keeper;  age 84 yrs, 3 mos, 28 ds; born:  8/17/1827 NC;  died:  12/12/1911 Pebworth, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  bronchitis;  father:  Anderson PEOPLES b England;  mother:  Nancy PIGG b VA;  buried Proctor, Ky 12/13/1911;  informant:  Brack SMITH, Proctor, KY.

Certificate  26402
S.P. HILL, white, male, married, age 54 yrs 8 mos, 10 ds;  occupation:  forman at R.R. yard;  born 14 Feb 1857 Beattyville, Lee Co Ky;  died 24 Oct 1911 of pneumonia;  Father: Samuel HILL b NC;  Mother:  Nancy HARGIS b Montgomery Co Ky;  Informant: G.W. CONN of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 10263
Stella HORN, female, white, single, age 18 yrs, 8 mos 3 ds; occupation student;  born 18 Jul 00 [sic] died 2 Apr 1911 of pulmonary tuberculosis;  Father: Houston HORN b Lee Co;  Mother: Susan ASHCRAFT b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: at home Burial place 2 Apr 1911 by Mary E. HORNE;  Informant: John HORN of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 19301
Gertrude JETT, single, white, female;  age:  4 mos;  born:  Fincastle, Lee Co KY;  died:  6/11/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  probably acute gastritis;  father:  Charles JETT b Brethitt Co;  mother:  Maggie SHOEMAKER b Lee Co KY;  buried:  ___ Soemaker 6/12/1911 by N G SHOEMAKER, Fincastle;  informant:  J WHISMAN, Fincastle

Certificate 27381
Logan JEWELL, widower, white, male:  age:  28 yrs;  born: 1883 Lee Co KY;  died:  10/2/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  typhoid fever;  father: (blank) b Lee Co KY;  mother: (blank) b Lee Co KY;  buried:  St. Helens 10/4/1911 by Walter JEWELL, St. Helens.

Certificate 146
Ray JEWELL, single, white, male;  age:  17 mos, 4 ds;  born:  1/9/1910 Lee Co KY;  died:  12/13/1911 Ida May, Lee Co KY; cause of death:  pneumonia;  father:  Henry JEWELL b Owsley Co KY;  mother:  Mina GRAY b Clay Co KY;  buried:  Ida May 12/13/1911;  informant:  Henry JEWELL, Ida May, KY.

Certificate 12988
Madge KASH, female, white, age 5 yrs 13 ds, born 4 May 1906 Ky;  died 17 May 1911;   Father:  Stephen J. KASH b Ky;  Mother:  Luta WHITT b Ky;  Buried:  near home 18 May 1911 by A. P. KASH of Flat, Ky;  Informant:  Stephen J. KASH.

Certificate 21454
infant, not named KINCAID, (Varesa Florina) female, white, age 3 ds, born 19 Aug 1911 Tallega, Lee Co Ky;  died 22 Aug 1911 of retention of urine due to ?atresia of the uretha;  Father:  Douglas KINCAID of Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Minnie JOHNSON b Wolfe Co Ky;  Buried: Fincastle, Ky 23 Aug 1911 by parents of Tallega.

Note:  The death index lists this child as "Kincaid, Douglas 2"

Certificate 18740
Lucy LINCH, female, white, age 87 yrs; occupation:  housekeeper;  born 1823 Estill Co Ky;  died 26 Jul 1911 of old age;  Father:  Joe DURBIN b Ky;  Mother:  no history, b don't know;  Buried: near ?Wagersville, Estill Co Ky 28 Jul 1911 by John C. FARMER of Banford, Ky;  Informant:  D. L. BRANDENBURG of Banford, Ky.

Certificate 26403
(blank) LITTLE, female, white, stillborn;  died 25 Oct 1911;  Father:  Charlie LITTLE b Breathitt Co Ky;  Mother: Sarah MARSHALL b Knott Co Ky; Buried: 26 Oct 1911

Certificate 15723
Andrew MARCUM, white, male, married, age 60 yrs, 11 mos, 5 ds;  occupation:  farmer;  born 20 Jul 1850 Lee Co Va;  died 5 Jun 1911 of chronis Bright's Disease;  Father:  James S. MARCUM b Va;  Mother:  Martha PARKER b Va;  Buried: Hamilton Grave Yard by P.S. TREADWAY, Vincent, KY;  Informant:  Rebecca MARCUM of Delvinta, Ky.

Certificate 18737
John Rob MARION, male, white, married, age 24 yrs, 1 mos, 28 ds, occupation: laborer, born 6 May 1887 Owsley Co Ky;  died 3 Jul 1911 of tuberculosis;  Father John MARION;  Mother:  Hanna HARVEY b Tn.

Certificate 10268
stillbirth (McINTOSH), male, white, died 8 Apr 1911 of asphyixia monforum;  Father:  Isaac McINTOSH b Breathitt Co Ky;  Mother:  Susan McINTOSH b Lee Co Ky.

Note:  The death index lists this child as "McIntosh, Isaac 1"

Certificate 12986
Sinda MILLER, female, white, single, age 2 yrs, 3 mos, 17 ds, born 4 Feb 1909 Lee Co Ky;  died 21 May 1911;  Father:  Alfred MILLER b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Ela MILLER b Breathitt Co Ky;  Buried: Josiah MILLER 22 May 1911 by Stephen MILLER of Fincastle;  Informant:  J.G. WHISMAN of Fincastle, Ky.

Note:  The death index lists Sinda as "Miller, Linda"

Certificate 21455
Kizerah MITCHELL, female, white, married, age 66 yrs;  occupation:  housewife;  born don't know, 1845 Ky;  died 11 Aug 1911 of billious __ and malarial __ fever and old age;  Father:  Clifton MOBLY b Ky;  Mother:  Sallie BISHOP b Ky;  Buried: near Proctor, Ky 12 Aug 1911 by Jesse MITCHELL of Pebworth;  Informant:  Jesse MITCHELL of Pebworth.

Certificate 31966
Valeria MONTGOMERY;  white, female;  occupation: housewife;  age:  56yrs, 8mos, 14ds;  born:  4/1/1855 Magoffin Co KY;  died:  12/15/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  cancer of the uterus;  bur. Roach Grave Yard 12/16/1911 by M. MONTGOMERY, Beattyville, KY;  father:  Martin NOE b VA;  mother:  Mary PARIS b VA;  informant:  Marian MONTGOMERY, Beattyville, KY:

Certificate 29087
Albert MOORE;  single, white, male;  age:  10mos, 11ds;  born:  1/6/1911 Lee Co KY;  died 11/17/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  bronchiac pneumonia & spinal meningitis;  bur.  Vincent, KY 11/18/1911 by Jim PORTER, Vincent, KY;  father:  Ell MOORE b Jackson Co KY;  mother:  Nannie PORTER b Owsley Co KY;  informant:  Ell MOORE, Delvinta, KY.

Certificate 1814
Oby NEWTON, male, white, age 8 mos 29 ds; born 10 May 1910 Heidelberg;  died 9 Jan 1911 of broncho pneumonia;  Father: Eli NEWTON b Willow, Ky;  Mother:  Frankie ANGEL b Heidelberg;  Buried: Willow, Ky 10 Jan 1911.

Certificate 21453
not named NORMAN, female, white, single, age 11 mos, 25 ds, born 10 Aug 1910 Lee Co Ky;  died 4 Aug 1911 of summer diarrhea; Father:  Jack NORMAN b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Nannie MARSHALL b Lee Co Ky.  Buried: Lucas Burying Ground 5 Aug 1911 by Jack NORMAN of Beattyville, Ky;  Informant:  Jack NORMAN of Beattyville, Ky.

Mary PALMER;  certif. 5162;  d. 1/9/1911 Ivy Patch, Prct. No. 3, Lee;  female, white, widowed, house keeper; age 44 yrs., 5 mos. 9 days;  born 6/15/1866 KY;  Father: Jerry MILLER (b. VA);  Mother:  Mary OAKS (b. VA);  Last seen by physician on 1/8/1911;  Cause of death:  Tuberculosis of lungs;  s/H. B. Oliver, Canyon Falls;  Burial:  Athol, KY on 1/10/1911;  Undertaker:  relatives, Athol;  Informant:  Jno. MILLER, Canyon Falls.  (Margaret Millar Hayes)

Certificate 1811
Marie Lillian PENDERGRASS, female, white, single, age 27 ds, born 28 Dec 1910 Beattyville, Lee Co Ky;  died 24 Jan 1911 of pertussis;  Father:  George W. PENDERGRASS b Owsley Co Ky;  Mother:  Maggie BARTLETT b Estill Co Ky;  Buried:  Pendergrass Burial Ground 25 Jan 1911 by G.W. PENDERGRASS;  Informant: J.H. EVANS of Beattyville.

Certificate 10267
Hood PIGG,  male, white, married, age 18 yrs, 10 mos, 14 ds;  occupation: fireman on engine;  born 8 Jun 1893 Estill Co Ky;  died 20 Apr 1911 when engine turned over, steam line brake and scalded;  Father:  Remus PIGG b Jackson Co Ky;  Mother:  Nancy Lethia SMITH b Jackson Co Ky;  Buried: Heidelburg, Ky;  Informant:  J. B. PIGG.

Certificate 22344
Marta PITTMAN, single, white caucasin, female;  age:  5 mos, 6ds;  born:  3/8/1911 Lee Co KY;  died:  8/14/1911 Ida May, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  summer diarrhea;  father:  Cage PITTMAN b Lee Co KY;  mother Lillie BLEVINS b Owsley Co KY;  buried: near Proctor 9/16/1911 [sic] by Cage PITTMAN, Ida May, KY;  informant:  Cage PITTMAN, Ida May, KY.

Certificate 4293
John PRICHETT, (Pritchard) male, white, married, age 29 yrs, 10 mos, 19 ds;  occupation: farmer;  born 7 Apr 1881 Lee Co Ky;  died: 26 Feb 1911 tuberculosis of the lungs;  Father: J.P. PRICHETT b Lee Co;  Mother: Lizzie HOLLINSWORTH b Lee Co;  Buried: Hamilton Grave Yard 27 Feb 1911 by Joe PRITCHETT;  Informant:  Joe PRICHETT of Ida May, Ky.

Certificate 10264
not named (ROSS), boy, white, stillborn, died 1 Apr 1911 probably due to cord being wrapped around its neck;  Father:  Green ROSS b Lee Co;  Mother: Edna BRANDENBURG Ross.

Certificate 7336
A.P. ROWLAND, male, white, married, age 61 yrs; occupation: laborer, worked at sawmill;  born Owsley Co KY; died 8 Mar 1911 of chronic Brights Disease;  Father:  Sandford ROWLAND b VA;  Mother ? born VA;  Buried: River View Cem 9 Mar 1911 by W.S. ROWLAND of Beattyville, KY.  Informant:  Greeley ROWLAND of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 8547
Lula ROWLAND, single, white, female;  age: 12yrs;  born:  unknown, Owsley Co KY;  died about 3/2/1911 Banford, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  anaema?; father:  Alford ROWLING b Owsley Co KY;  mother:  Mallsia BOND b Owsley Co KY; buried: don't know;  informant:  H C UNDERWOOD, Delvinta, Ky;  note at bottom:  some of the or data are guessed at.

Certificate 22432
Luther SEALE, single, white, male;  age 14 mos;  occupation:  none;  born:  6//1911 [sic] Lee Co KY;  died 8/30/1911 Beattyville, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  simple acute meningitis;  father:  Whitley SEALE b Owsley Co KY;  mother:  BRANDENBURG b Lee Co KY;  informant:  J H EVANS, Beattyville, KY

Certificate 5163
Cordie SHOEMAKER, white, male;  age:  6yrs;  born: 1/29/1905 Lee Co KY;  died: 1/29/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  diptheria;  father:  Wm R. SHOEMAKER b KY;  mother:  Louetta SPENCER b KY;  buried at home 1/30/1911 by Barnie SPENCER, Primrose;  informant:  Louetta SHOUMAKER, Primrose, KY

Certificate 4290
Tilman SHOEMAKER, male, white, single, 1 yrs 10 mos 15 ds, born 31 Mar 1909 Browne, Lee Co Ky;  died 18 Feb 1911 of pneumonia;  Father:  Henry SHOEMAKER b Lee Co Ky;  Mother: Evalina HAYS b Wolf Co Ky; Buried Private Ground 21 Feb 1911 by neighbors;  Informant: J.S. THOMAS of Browne, Ky.

Certificate 147
John M. SNODGRASS, single, white, male;  age 63 yrs, 7 mos, 22ds;  occupation: farmer;  born 4/24/1848 Lee Co VA;  died 12/17/1911 Ida May, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  pneumonia;  father:  Francis K. SNODGRASS b Germany;  mother:  Jane S. GALLAHER b mid ocean;  buried: Proctor 12/18/1911;  informant:  Felix COLE, Ida May, KY

Certificate 7335
not named stillborn (SNOWDEN), female, white;  died 3 Mar 1911 Lee Co Ky; Father: John Will SNOWDEN b Lee Co;  Mother:  Omega ROBINSON Snowden;  Buried: Proctor Cem. 1 Apr 1911 by Wm ROBINSON of Beattyville, Ky;  Informant: Wayne PRYSE of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 19779
Winnie SOUTHALL, white, female, age 5 mos 14 ds;  ocupation: none;  born 11/13/1910 Lee Co KY;  died 4/27/1911 Fincastle, Lee Co KY; cause of death: infforeza accute gastritis; father:  unknown;  mother:  Ellefair CAUDILL b Leslie Co KY;  informant:  Jas M OLINGER of Fincastle;  buried Edgar Lane 4/28/1911 by J M OLINGER, Fincastle

Certificate 12987
Ida Myrtle SPENCER, female, white, single, age 17 yrs, 11 mos, 19 ds, occupation: farmer's daughter;  born 12 May 1893 Ky;  died 1 May 1911 of tuberculosis;  Father:  A.D. SPENCER b Ky;  Mother:  Isabelle DEATON b Ky;  Buried: at nome near Fillmore, Ky 2 May 1911 by A.D. SPENCER;  Informant:  A.D. SPENCER of Fillmore, Ky.

Certificate 145
Still Borned SPICER;  single, white, male; born and died 12/5/1911 Heidelberg, Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  premature delivery at about 7 months;  father:  Elias SPICER b Estill Co KY;  mother Ellen SPICER b Lee Co KY;; informant:  Ben GRIFFIN, Old Landing.

Certificate 29089
Hanna STACY, Place of death:  Vot. Pct. Sturgeon, Ida May, Lee Co KY;  white, female;  age:  100yrs;  born 11/22/1811 Harlan Co KY;  died:  11/22/1911;  cause of death:  senility;  father  don't know b Harlan Co KY;  mother:  Anna YOUNG b don't know;  informant:  Mattie JEWELL, Ida May, KY.

Certificate 15721
Charles STAMPER, male, white, age 8 mos 8 ds, born 22 Sep 1910 Ky;  died 20 Jun 1911 of bronchitis cupilary;  Father:  Garfield STAMPER b Ky & Elizabeth DEATON b Ky.

Note:  Listed in death index as Chaler Stamper

Certificate 18736
Manuel STAMPER, male, white, married, age 24 yrs, 13 ds;  occupation:  farmer;  born 15 Jun 1887 Lee Co Ky;  died 7 Jul 1911 of tuberculosis;  Father:  Peter STAMPER b Breathitt Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary STAMPER b Breathitt Co Ky;  Buried: Stamper Burial 8 Jul 1911 by Houston HORN of Old Landing, Ky.

Certificate 15722
Mary STAMPER, female, white, married, age 37 yrs 9 mos 13 ds;  occupation:  housewife; born 17 Sep 1873 Ky;  died 30 Jun 1911 of tuberculosis;  Father:  Stephen ?GUMM? b Ky;  Mother:  Elizabeth MALONEY;  Informant:  Jesse STAMPER of Fillmore, Ky.

Mary STAMPER, female, white, widow, age 37, 9 months, 13 days, born Kentucky, housewife.  Born Sept. 18, 1872 d. July 1911.Cause: T.B. Father: Stephen (really faded bad) Mother: Elizabeth MALONEY born KY.  Informant: Hiram Stamper. Buried: can't read or it has faded.  I can't read day but the certificate was filed, July 2. (Carole Bays)

Note:  Mary's father was Stephen GUMM.

Certificate 18378
Gladis STEEL, female, white, age 11 mos, 22 ds, born: 14 Jul 1911 [sic] Heidelburg, Ky;  died 6 Jul 1911 of dysentary;  Father:  Robt. STEEL b Pebworth, Ky;  Mother:  Malina BRANDENBURG b Beattyville;  Buried 7 Jul 1911.

Certificate 12984
Robert STEELE, male, white, single, age 15 yrs, 11 mos, 11 ds;  occupation:  farmer;  born 15 Jun 1895 Lee Co Ky;  died 26 May 1911 of epilipsey;  Father:  ?Jim STEELE b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Isabel ANGEL b Lee Co Ky;  Buried:  Steele Burial Ground 27 May 1911 by Jas. STEELE;  Informant:  James STEELE of Beattyville.

Certificate 1812
Harold McDonald STERNBERG, male, white, single, age 2 yrs 3 mos 8 ds, b 18 Oct 1908 Lee Co Ky;  died 26 Jan 1911 of diptheria;  Father:  Felix STERNBERG b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Mary. H. COMBS b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried Proctor, Ky 27 Jan 1911 by S. L. COMBS of Beattyville;  Informant:  S. L. COMBS of Beattyville, Ky.

Certificate 11334
not named THOMPSON, single, white, male;  age 20ds;  occupation: none;  born:  3/30/1911 Lee Co KY;  died 4/19/1911 Lee Co KY;  cause of death:  acute enteritis complicated by meningitis;  father:  Robert THOMPSON b Lee Co KY;  mother Pryse TYLER b Lee Co KY;  buried:  St. Helens 4/20/1911

Certificate 1816
Gracy TINCHER, female, white, single, age 4 yrs 11 mos 20 ds, born 16 Jan 1906 Lee Co Ky;  died 5 Jan 1911 of chronic gastitis due to eating dirt;  Father:  Isaac TINCHER b Lee Co & Amanda BUNDY b Lee Co VA;  Buried: by Isaac TINCHER of Pebworth, Ky on 6 Jan 1911;  Informant: Isaac TINCHER of Pebworth, Ky.

Certificate 18741
Mary Lizzie TRYRE [sic], female, white, single, age 27 yrs, 6 mos, 21 ds, born 18 Jan 1883 Lee Co Ky;  died 3 Jul 1911 of inflamtory Rheumatis and tuberculosis;  Father: Harve TYRE b Owsley Co Ky;  Mother: Lucy THOMAS b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried: Proctor 5 Jul 1911;  Informant:  Harve TYRE of Pebworth, Ky

Certificate 12989
Zachirah WARNER, male, white, single, age 17 yrs, 9 mos, 24 ds born 1 Aug 1893 Lee Co Ky;  died 24 May 1911 of meningitis;  Father:  James WARNER b Madison Co Ky;  Mother: Demia COLE b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried:  Horn Burial Place 25 May 1911 by Jas. WARNER;  Informant:  Jas. WARNER of Old Landing, Ky.

Note:  Listed in death index as Zachariah Worner

Certificate 18735
Lina WHISMAN, female, white, single, stillbirth, died 18 Jul 1911;  Father:  Wm WHISMAN b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Ethil FALKNER b Wolfe Co Ky;  Buried:  Torrent, Ky 19 Jul 1911 by J.J. BUSH of Torrent, Ky;  Informant: Wm WHISMAN of Fincastle, Ky.

Certificate 10262
Nora Verga WHISMAN, female, white, single, age 2 yrs, 1 mos, 8 ds, born 22 Mar 1909  Browne, Lee Co Ky;  died 30 Apr 1911 of measles;  Father:  James G. WHISMAN b Lee Co Ky;  Mother:  Lena THOMAS b Lee Co Ky;  Buried: at home 11 May 1911 by neighbors;  Informant:  James G. WHISMAN of Browne, Ky.

Certificate 18379
Mirtie WILSON, girl, white, stillborn, died 29 Jul 1911;  Father Elisha WILSON b Harlan Co Ky;  Mother:  Rachel HACKER b Owsley Co Ky.

Certificate 7337
Jess YORK, male, white, married;  age 60 yrs; occupation: farmer;  born 26 Apr 1850 Owsley Co Ky;  died 27 Mar 1911 of tuberculosis of lungs & bonichos;  Father:  Alford YORK b Clay Co Ky;  Mother:  Sarah COLE b Owsley Co Ky;  Buried: Beattyville, Ky 28 Mar 1911;  Informant: Wm KENDRICK of Ida May, Ky.


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