1880 Owsley County Kentucky Mortality Schedule
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Schedule 5 - Persons who Died during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in En. Dist. No. 80, in the County of Owsley,
State of Kentucky, Robert W. MINTER, Enumerator.


Marital Status
Father's Birthplace
Mother'e Birthplace
Month of Death
Cause of Death
Attending Physician
Polly WINKLE 65 F W M KY - - - Sept Epilepcy none
Charles ALUMBAUGH 1 M W S KY KY KY - Sept - none
Lucretia SHORT 35 F W M TN TN TN keeping house Mar Child bed fever C. R. HOLBROOK
Mary BURCH 32 F W M KY TN TN - Dec Child bed fever C. R. HOLBROOK
Carles NANTZ 1/12 M W S KY KY KY - Feb Croop none
George R. BALL 21/30 M W S KY KY KY - Nov Croop Edward FIELDS
Margret BURCH 18 F W M KY KY KY keeping house Oct Consumption Edward FIELDS
Prier HARVY 48 M W M TN TN TN farmer Aug Hart disease C. R. HOLBROOK
Merada AMBROSE 75 M W M KY - - farmer May Malignent tumor S. G. SANDERS
Cora BOWELS 6/30 F W S KY KY KY - Dec Hives none
Daniel MCCOLLUM, Sr 65 M W M - - - farmer Feb Pneumonia fever S. G. SANDERS
Wm E. FLANERY 8 M W S KY - - - Aug Dysentery W. H. GLASS
Mary HURST 19 F W S KY - - seamstress Jan Influenza John WARD


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