Owsley County Kentucky
Vital Statistics Deaths - 1854
(Extracted by Debi Houser Kendrick)

of Birth
Parents or
Date of
Place of
of Death
Nancy ABNER 66 married Green Briar Co VA William & Patsy Loving 14 Oct Buffalo consumption
Anna BAILEY 2 y 9 mo single Owsley Co Minter & Louiss BAILY 14 Dec Devil Cr flux
Andrew BAKER 43 married Clay Co Robert & Katharine BAKER 1 Sep Clay Co shot with rifle
Lucinda BOOTH 12 single Harland Co KY William BOOTH &
20 Oct Devil Cr flux
Rachel BOOTH 8 single Harland Co KY William BOOTH &
27 Sep Devil Cr flux
Edith BOWLIN 24 married Cow Creek KY Rebecca WOODS 4 May Cow Creek inflamation brain
Eda BOWLING 26 married Clay Co Rebecca MOORE 5 May Owsley Co Epileptic fit
Pender  (colored - female) 55 - VA Luther BRAUNER Jan Owsley Co palsy
John L. COLE 9 y 7 mo single Clay Co John & Margarite L. COLE - Owsley Co drowned
Daniel COMBES 7 dy single Clay Co Kenneth & Lucretia COMBS 14 May Owsley Co unknown
Lena CRAFT 80 widow not known not known 1 Dec Walker Cr flux
Solomon CRAWFORD 5 single Madison Co George & Martha CRAWFORD 1 Dec Owsley Co fits
Riley DAULTON 20 single Lee Co VA Peter & Sarah DAULTON 4 Jul Cow Creek consumption
John M. DAY 11 mo 13 d single Owsley Co Newberry & Diannah DAY 1 Dec Owsley Co pneumonia
Jame DRAKE (female) 55 married Russell Co VA not known 19 Dec Devil Cr died forth with
?Sweet DUNAWAY 3 yr 2 mo single Owsley Co Moses & Delana DUNAWAY 1 Dec Owsley Co pneumonia
Mar H. EVE 15 single Talladega, AL John S & America EVE 8 Mar Booneville consumption
Mary EVE 15 single Taladega Co AL J. S. & America L. EVE 8 Mar Owsley Co consuption
Icy FOREMAN 42 married Hawkins Co TN Robert & Sarah FROST 10 Apr Owsley Co consumption
?Drurrildah FROST 1 single Owsley Co Stephen & Elizabeth FROST 3 Aug South Fork KY River inflamation ?chest
Drusidia FROST 2 single Owsley Co Robert & Elizabeth FROST 30 Aug Owsley Co -
Elizabeth FROST 29 married South Fork
KY River
James & Elizabeth MOORE 26 Jul South Fork KY River Typhoid fever
Lovina FROST 25 married Campbell Co TN William & Elizabeth BAKER 27 Jan Owsley Co consumption
Sarah W. GIBSON ?5 mo single Clay Co James E & Bethena GIBSON 21 Nov Owsley Co unknown
William GUM 7 single Clay Co Stephen & Elizabeth GUM 6 Aug Owsley Co unknown
John D. HAMPTON 5 single Owsley Co Thomas HAMPTON 8 Nov Devil Cr flux
John HELTON 37 married Harlan Co Shad & Sarah HELTON 24 Apr Owsley Co dropsy of the chest
Mary E. HOBBS 1 single Owsley Co Ezekiel & Ana HOBBS 4 Sep Devil Cr flux
Mary HORTON 20 single Lee Co VA William & Martha HORTON 17 Oct Devil Cr flux
Elijah JUDD 1 m 18 dy single Owsley Co Leander & Nancy JUDD 20 Aug Owsley Co croup
Henry LUTES ?4 mo 24 d single Owsley Co Charles & Lucind LUTES 7 May Owsley Co ?worms
Jesse McGEE 22 single Hawkins Co TN unknown 24 May Owsley Co acute rheumatism
Alexander MOORE 6 singel Owsley Co Elias & Sarah MOORE 3 Aug Owsley Co croup
Cornelius MOORE 5 single Owsley Co Louis & Matild MOORE 20 Jun Owsley Co ereupales?
Elizabeth MOORE 23 single Owsley Co James & Elizabeth MOORE 16 Jul Owsley Co remittent fever
Elizabeth PROFFITT 5 y 9 mo single Owsley Co Stephen & Rebecca PROFFITT 22 Nov Devil Cr flux
Phebe PROFFITT 23 married Perry Co Sarah PROFFIT 26 Oct Owsley Co flux
William F. PROFFITT ?9 mo 25 dy - - illigitmate 25 Nov - -
James E. REECE 9 mo single Owsley Co Joseph & Indy REECE 20 Oct Owsley Co fever
Jefferson REYNOLDS 11 mo 20 dy single South Fork 
KY River
Richard N. & Icy REYNOLDS 4 Sep South Fork KY River Flux
Samera ROBERTS 9 dead not known Joseph ROBERTS - Devils Cr -
Robert ROSE 2 single Meadow Creek
Robert & Francis ROSE 25 Dec Meadow Cr croup
Robert ROSE Jr 3 single Owsley Co Robert & Fany ROSE 25 Dec Owsley Co spasmonic croup
George SANDERS 1 yr 5 mo single Owsley Co Hiram & Susan SANDERS 20 Oct Devil Cr flux
Hiram SANDERS 59 married Randolph Co NC Joseph & Susan SANDERS 27 Oct Devil Cr flux
Elijah SPENCER 52 married Lee Co VA Aaron SPENCER 4 Nov Owsley Co flux
Elijah SPENCER 5 single Breathitt Co Elijah SPENCER 22 Oct Owsley Co flux
Malache SPENCER 9 single Owsley Co Wm T & Jemima SPENCER 5 Sep Owsley Co flux
Noah B. SPENCER ?11 mo 15 d single Owsley Co Brantly & Louisa SPENCER 15 Nov Devil Cr flux
Emeline STAMPER 2 single Owsley Co Larkin & Eda STAMPER Sep Devil Cr inflamation
of brain
John D. STAMPER 8 single Owsley Co Joel & Mary STAMPER 14 Nov Devil Cr flux
Sarah STAPLETON 96 widow Adkins River NC Thomas & Sarah JOHNSON 24 Oct Cow Creek general debility
Cashins STEEL 1 mo 11 d single Owsley Co William & Patsey STEEL 11 Aug Owsley Co cholera infantism
Andrew TAULBEE 10mo 24 d single Owsley Co ?Arch & Indy TAULBEE 6 Nov Devil Cr flux
Elizabeth TAULBEE 60 married Wilks Co NC Arch & Elizabeth TAULBEE 22 Sep Devil Cr flux
William TAULBEE 7 single Owsley Co Arch & E TAULBEE 4 Oct Devil Cr flux
Nancy TURLEY ?5 mo single Clay Co Michael & Rebecca TURLEY 7 Jan Owsley Co unknown
James M. VANDERPOOL 1 y 5 mo single Clay Co Joseph & Lovina VANDERPOOL 7 No Owsley Co flux
George WARD 16 single Estill Co Tilson & Ruth WARD 27 Jun Owsley Co consumption
?Alaviva WHISMAN 1 y 5 mo single Owsley Co Michael & Isabel WHISMAN 14 Nov Owsley Co flux
Elizabeth WHISMAN 1 y 6 mo single Owsley Co Michael & Isabel WHISMAN 7 Nov Owsley Co flux
Curtis WHITE 11 y 11 mo single Owsley Co Aquilla & Sarah WHITE 16 Jun Owsley Co dropsy
Sylvester WIREMAN 6 y 11 mo single Owsley Co John & Elizabeth WIREMAN 16 Sep? Owsley Co flux
John WYATTE 70 married NC William & Katharine WYATTE 27 Sep Devil Cr flux
Shadrick WYATTE 53 single Ash Co NC John & Susan WYATTE 25 Sep Devil Cr flux



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