Owsley County Kentucky
Vital Statistics Deaths - 1909
(Extracted by Debi Houser Kendrick)

As I was transcribing these records for 1909 I noticed part way down on the 2nd page of records that the parents of the deceased were not aligning with their child.
It appears that whomever wrote these records down had skipped some names of deceased but listed their parents, causing confusion on who the actua parents were.
I have tried to correct this the best I can by looking to other records and with a little common sense.


Name of Deceased
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Father's Birthplace
Mother's Birthplace
Lucy ADISON W 2 dy F single - 29 Sep unknown Owsley Sturgeon Sturgeon W A & Mary BOWMAN Owsley Owsley
Charlie BAKER W 20 M single farmer 15 Jan blead to death Perry Buck Creek Buck Creek Abner & Nancy BAKER Owsley Owsley
Rosey BAKER W 1 F single - 8 Apr numone Perry Doorway Doorway Lee & Lucy BAKER Breathitt Owsley
Daniel BEARD W 33 M married farmer *9 Jul murdered Owsley Eversole Eversole John & Susan BEARD
Harlan BEGLEY W 2 M single - 14 Oct ??? Owsley Booneville Booneville John & Emma BEGLEY Owsley Owsley
Ester BISHOP W 2 mo F single - 15Aug scarlett fever Owsley Green Hall Green Hall Luther & Lucy BISHOP Clay Owsley
Allie Bert BOTNER W 20 F married housekeeping 8 Mar consumption Owsley Travelers Rest Travelers Rest Jackie & Jane Smith Lee Lee
Robert BOWMAN W 89 M married farmin 12 Jul bronchatis Clay Turin Turin Charlie & Edna BOWMAN Clay Clay
Mirlie BRANDENBURG W 23 F single housekeeping 7 Jul spinnalingtious Owsley Earnestville Earnestville James & Bettie GRIFFEY Owsley Owsley
Emry B BREWER W 36 F married housekeeping 26 Apr bronchitus Owsley Ida May Ida May Oliver BOND & Marge WHITE Owsley Owsley
Chester BRYANT W 7 M single - 19 Jun numone Owsley Blake Blake Walter & Elen BRYANT Owsley Owsley
Carline CALAHAN W 19 F married housekeeping 4 Feb consuption Owsley Eversole Eversole George & Sarah BRYANT Brethitt Brethitt
?Mirlie CALHON W 4 F single - 10 Mar pneumonia Owsley Island City Island City Isaac & Susia CALHON Owsley Owsley
S M CECIL W 75 M married farmer 27 Sep hart trouble VA Tasle VA Vincent Mat & Cathern CECIL Lee VA Lee VA
Mary COLE W 28 F married housekeeping 8 Mar lung trouble Owsley Booneville Booneville Henry & Sarah SMITH Owsley Owsley
Pearl COUCH W 13 F single housekeeping 4 Feb braun-itious Owsley Doorway Doorway Henry & Nancy COUCH Owsley Perry
Willie COUCH W 30 M married farmin 30 Dec consumption Harlin Lee Rose Lee Rose Eli & Emily COUCH Hazard Per----
Sarah CREECH W 61 F married housekeeping 11 Feb unknown Owsley Earnestville Earnestville Jessie & Lucy SEALS Owsley Owsley
Edna DAVISON W 3 F single - 1 Oct numone Owsley Booneville Booneville Emory & Dora REYNOLDS Owsley Owsley
Juley DUFF W 9 F single - 1 Oct scarlett fever Owsley Buck Creek Buck Creek Logan & Mary DUFF Perry Owsley
Polley DUFF W 70 F married housekeeping 3 Aug lagripp Perry Booneville Booneville Willia & Betty EVERSOLE Perry Perry
Mitchell FLANERY W 48 M married farmer 10 May consumption Owsley Earnestville Earnestville Walker & Mary BRANDENBURG Owsley Owsley
Fannie FREEMAN W 10 mo F single - 1 Sep numone Owsley Major Major - - -
Dora FROST W 3 F single - 7 Oct croupp Owsley Cow Creek Cow Creek Jack & Haner FROST Owsley Owsley
Martha FRYE W 25 F married housekeeping 25 Sep consumption Breathitt Cow Creek Cow Creek Sam & Lizie SMITH Owsley Breathitt
Cathern GABBARD W 32 F married housekeeping 28 Oct consuption Owsley Rice Town Rice Town Green & Pollie JACKSON Perry Owsley
Nancy GABBARD W 1 mo F single - 9 Oct hooping cough Owsley Earnestville Earnestville Michell & Mary GABBARD Owsley Owsley
Able GILBERT W 45 M married farmer 20 Aug murdered Owsley Doorway Doorway Henry & Martha GILBERT Perry Perry
Rosco HALLEN W 2 mo M single - 20 Aug spinal trouble Owsley Lee Rose Lee Rose Gatrie & Ida HALLING Breathitt Breathitt
John HARVEY W 19 M single farmer 14 Aug tyfoyd fever Owsley Blake Blake George & Esabell HAREY Owsley Owsley
Ray HELLING W 3 mo M single - 28 Sep spinal trouble Owsley Lee Rose Lee Rose Gatrie & Ida HALLING Breathitt Breathitt
Hanner HENSLEY W 18 F married housekeeping 20 Jun unknown Taft Taft Taft Samuel & Nancy KING Breathitt Breathitt
?Leonard HENSLEY W 4 mo M single - Sep unknown Owsley Taft Taft Amos & Haner HENSLEY Breathitt Breathitt
Vergie HENSLEY W 1 F single - 20 Sep scarlett fever Owsley Island City Island City John & ?Clarmes HENSLEY Owsley Owsley
Edna HUFF W 2 F single - 15 Sep numone Owsley Rice Town Rice Town Wm & Jane HUFF Perry Owsley
Richard IANSON W 8 mo F
single farmin 10 Apr croup Owsley Cow Creek Cow Creek J D & Fannie IANSON Breathitt Breathitt
Nancy KELLEY W 86 F widow housekeeping 9 Nov old age Estle Pebworth Pebworth John & Nancy KELLEY WV WV
Charlie MAINOUS W 9 M single - **9 Jun numone Owsley Major Major G S & Lucinda MAINOUS Owsley Lee
John MAISON W 21 M single farmer 19 Jun murdered Owsley Booneville Booneville David & Amia MAISON Owsley Breathitt
Green MASON W 9 dy M single - 12 Jun diptheria Owsley Booneville Booneville Harm & Sinda MAISON Owsley Lee
Sinda MARROW? W 22 F married housekeeping 18 Jun consumption Owsley Booneville Booneville Lark & Della YOUNG Owsley Lee
Clint & Virgil McCOLLUM W 1 mo M single - Oct unknown Owsley Sturgeon Sturgeon F F & E E McCOLLUM Owsley Owsley
Ema McCOLLUM - 28 F single mission 8 Oct tyfoyd fever Owsley Conklin Conklin Daniel & Emily McCOLLUM Owsley Owsley
Arch McINTOSH W 5 M single - 27 Oct rheumatisam Owsley Cow Creek Cow Creek Wm & Lizzie McINTOSH Breathitt Breathitt
Stephen McINTOUSH W 3 mo M single farmin 18 Jun unknown Owsley Cow Creek Cow Creek Andy & Merica McINTOUSH Breathitt Breathitt
Bula MOORE W 11 mo F single - 18 Aug diptheria Owsley Booneville Booneville Elisha & Lila MOORE Owsley Lee
Bulla MOORE W 1 F single - 21 Aug burnt to death Owsley Booneville Booneville Levi & Lilla MOORE Owsley Owsley
James MOORE W 4 M single - 7 Apr numone Owsley Mistleto Mistleto
Pleasant MOORE W 6 dy M married [sic] farmin 7 Mar unknown Owsley South Fork South Fork Witson & Addie MOORE Owsley Owsley
Alfherd MURRELL W 33 M married farmer 31 Jan murdered Owsley Eversole Lee Rose Wiley & Cathar MURRELL Perry Lee Co VA
Lester NEWNAM W 13 mo M single - 15 Apr spinel mengetious Owsley Pebworth Pebworth Robert & Sallie NEWNAM Owsley Owsley
Nancy J NOBLE W 2 F single farmin 25 Sep dire? Owsley Cow Creek Cow Creek ? W & Alas NOBLE Breathitt Breathitt
Wilson PAYNE W 2 M single - 30 Sep numone Owsley Beattyville Pebworth J A & Rettie PAYNE Lee VA Owsley
Charlie PENDERGRASS W 10 mo M single - 15 Nov hooping cough Owsley Conklin Conklin Thomas & Mary PENDERGRASS Owsley Owsley
Lishie PETERS W 57 F [sic] married farming ***28 Nov unknown Owsley Earnestville Earnestville James & Lizzie PETERS Owsley Owsley
?Earia PHILLIPS W 11 F sinle farmer 1 Feb burnt to death Owsley Travelers Rest Travelers Rest W H & Lucy PHILLIPPS Owsley Owsley
Ethel PIERSON W 5 F single - 1 Sep diphera Owsley Green Hall Green Hall Luther & Jane PIERSON Owsley Owsley
Henry PIERSON W 18 mo F [sic] single - 1 Jun eczema Owsley Sturgeon Sturgeon John & Nancy PIERSON Owsley Owsley
Lizzie REED W 1 F single - 6 Jan throat trouble Owsley Cortland Cortland Daniel & Lieusinda REED Breathitt Breathitt
Mattie REED W 1 F single - Aug numone Owsley Rice Town Rice Town Daniel & Lieusinda REED Breathitt Breathitt
Edna ROBERSON W 2 F single - 15 Feb scarlet fever Owsley Rice Town Rice Town Danel & Dora ROBERSON Clay Owsley
Lucie ROBERSON W 44 F married housekeeping 20 Dec bright disease Jackson Pebworth Pebworth Willie & Marget SELE Lee VA Jackson
James ROSS W 24 M married farmer 7 Jan shot himself Owsley Buck Creek ****Levi W H & Emley ROSS Owsley Owsley
Ady SMITH W 10 ds F single - 1 Mar diptheria Owsley Booneville Booneville William & Elen SMITH Owsley Lee
Lucy SMITH W 15 mo F single - 23 Oct hooping cough Owsley Earnestville Earnestville Kerkey & Cathern SMITH Owsley Owsley
John STEWARD W 1 mo M single farmin 15 Aug unknown Owsley Lee Rose Lee Rose louis & Fare STEWARD Owsley Owsley
M C TAYLOR W 84 M widow minister 20 Jul old age TN Eversole Eversole Pentlane & Cathan TAYLOR NC NC
Lucy THOMAS W 4 F single - 18 Jul numone Owsley Rice Town Rice Town George & Lizzie THOMAS Jackson Owsley
John TYRE W 9 mo M single - 3 Sep ?numone Owdsley Major Major Waker & Ida TYRE Owsley Owsley
Louis WEBB W 2 M single - 6 Sep diptheria Owsley Booneville Booneville Milton & Lucy WEBB Lee Lee
?Oriales WHITE W 9 ds F single farmer 19 Feb unknown Owsley Travelers Rest Strait Creek Charles & Arie WHITE Ohio Ohio

* Daniel Beard was killed by U.S. Marshal William Mays at his moonshine still on 9 June not 9 July
**Charlie Mainous' headstone lists he died 16 July not 9 June
*** Elisha's headstone lists death at 20 May 1909
**** James Ross died in Cincinnati, OH


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