Perry County Kentucky Death Certificates

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married, white, male, miner
Resides: Christopher, Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Florence COMBS, age 28 years
Age 38 years, 7 mos, 2 ds
Born 22 March 1910 Perry County Ky;
Died 26 Oct 1948 Christopher, Perry Co Ky of cancer - stomach
Buried:  Christopher, Ky 27 Oct 1948,(Maggard -Blair & Garrett)
Father:  Jasper COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Betty JONES b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  Florence COMBS, Lothair, Ky

Anderson COMBS
married, white, male, farmer
Resides: Anco, Knott Co KY
Spouse:  Polly Ann COMBS, age 68 years
Age: 73 years
Born:  28 Apr 1870 Perry Co Ky
Died:  16 Jul 1943 Knott Co Ky -chronic passive congestive angina peltoris & hypertensin
Buried:  Anco, Ky 18 Jul 1943 (Engles)
Father:  Jack COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Mary YOUNG b Ky
Informant:  Mrs. Anderson COMBS, Anco, Ky

Andrew COMBS, Sr.
married, white, male, farmer
Age:  72 yrs, 4 mos, 20 ds
Born:  25 Dec 1845 Kentucky
Died:  15 Apr 1917 - Brights Disease
Buried:  Stamper Senitary 16 Apr 1917
Father:  Jeremiah COMBS b Ky
Mother:  Sarah KELLEY b Kentucky

B. Morgan COMBS
single, white, male, teacher & ministered? ?student?
Age:  27 yrs, 9 mos, 7 ds
Born:  16 Aug 1897 Ky
Died:  23 May 1925 Hazard, Perry Co Ky - tuberclosis & meningitus
Buried:  ?Lennut, Ky 24 May 1925 by R.O. DAVIS, Hazard, Ky
Father:  Elijah C. COMBS b Ky
Mother:  Sarah SPENCER b Ky
Informant:  J.A. BOGGS, Typo, Ky

widower, white, male,
Resides:  Isom, Ky
Spouse:  Anna COMBS
Age:  about 55 yrs
Born:  about 1882 Perry Co Ky
Died:  15 Apr 1937 Letcher Co Ky -tuberculosus - enteritis
Buried:  Smoot Cem. 16 Apr 1917 (Family)
Father:  Robert COMBS b not known
Mother:  not known b not known
Informant:  John MOORE

married, white, male, farmer
Resides:  Glomawr, Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Polly COMBS age 41 years
Age:  62 years
Born:  14 July 1884 Knott Co Ky
Died:  2 Dec 1946 Glomawr, Perry Co KY - angina pectoris
Buried:  Bill Hill, Jeff, Ky 4 Dec 1946 (Maggard & Blair F.H.)
Father:  Red John COMBS b Knott Co
Mother:  Delcenia SMITH b Knott Co
Informant:  Polly COMBS, Glomawr, Ky

Boney P. COMBS
widowed white, male, farmer
Resides Hazard, Ky
Spouse:  Betsey COMBS
Age:  88 yrs
Born:  Perry County, Ky
Died:  25 Apr 1935 Happy, Perry Co Ky  - old age infirmeties
Buried:  Happy, Ky 26 Apr 1935
Father:  Massingille COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Betsey COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  B--- COMBS, Happy, KY

married, white, male, coal miner
Resides, rural, Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Mary COMBS age ?
Age:  62 yrs
Born:  Perry Co Ky
Died:  3 Feb 1941 Glomawr, Perry Co Ky - bilateral milsary tuberculosis
Buried:  Glomawr, Ky 4 Feb 1941 (Engle & Howe?)
Father:  Allen COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Presella DODSON b Breathitt Co Ky
Informant:  Manuell COMBS, Glomawr, Ky

married, white, male, farmer
Resides:  Kodak St/Rd, rural, Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Veda COMBS, age 59 years
Age:  about 74 yrs
Born:  Perry
Died:  26 May 1942 Kodak, rural, Perry Co Ky - acute euremic poison
Buried:  Kodack, 28 May 1942 (Engle & Howe)
Father:  Wash COMBS b Perry Co
Mother:  Sallie SUMMERS b Perry Co
Informant:  Sam MAY, Kodak

Cryous COMBS
widower, white, male, farmer
Age:  about 78 yrs
Born:  Virginia
Died:  22 Jun 1928 Hazard, Perry Co Ky - heart failure
Buried:  Happy, Ky 23 Jun 1928 (F.W. BAILEY)
Father:  Unknown b Unknown
Mother:  Unknown b Unknown
Informant:  Dr. K.N. SALYERS, Jeff, Ky

cert#27061 (Delay)
married, white, male, dentist
Resides:  214 East Main, Hazard, Ky
Spouse:  Callie COMBS
Age 54 yrs, 27 ds
Born:  3 Oct 1886 Jeff, Perry Co Ky
Died: 31 Oct 1940 Hazard, Perry Co Ky - cerebral hemorrhage
Buried:  Jeff Cemetery, 2 Nov 1940 (Engle, How & ---d Co)
Father:  William COMBS b Jeff, Ky
Mother:  Rebecca COMBS b Jeff, Ky
Informant:  Mrs. Callie COMBS, Hazard, Ky

Daniel COMBS
married, white, male, miner
Spouse:  Pearlinia COMBS
Age:  29 yrs 7 mos
Born:  31 Oct 1897 Vest, Knott Co.
Died:  31 May 1927, Lots Creek, Perry Co Ky - pulmonary tubersculosis
Buried:  Vest, Knott Co Ky,  - June 1927
Father:  Andrew COMBS b Vest, Ky
Mother:  Dulcenia CORNETT b Vest, Ky
Informant:  Pearl COMBS, Tribby

Daniel COMBS
widowed, white, male, carpenter
Resides:  Ary, Perry Co Ky
Age:  72 yrs, 0 mos, 18ds
Born:  Lee Co Ky
Died:  30 mar 1945 Hazard Hosp., Perry Co Ky - acute poisoning
Buried:  Ary, 1 Apr 1945 (Engles)
Father:  Jim COMBS b Ky
Mother: Armenia EVERSOLE b Ky
Informant:  Jesse COMBS, Ary, Ky

Elizabeth Suddeth COMBS
Resides: Hazard, Ky
married, white, female, housewife
Age:  37 yrs
Born 29 Jan Ky
Died:  21 Nov 1911 St. Joseph's Inf., Louisville, Ky - obstruction of bowels
Buried:  Mt. Sterling, Ky 22 Nov 1911 (Lee E. CRALLE)
Father:  M.C. BAILEY b Ky
Mother:  Matilda TUTT b Ky
Informant:  Dr. Marshall E. COMBS, Hazard, Ky

Fielden COMBS
widowed white, female [sic], farmer
Resides:  Hazard, Ky
Age:  71 yrs
Born:  1843 Kentucky
Died:  25 Feb 1914 Vo-ton Inf., Louisville, Ky - acute vien-------
Buried:  Hazard 25 Feb 1914 (Chas H. BODEN?)
Father:  Jerry COMBS b Kentucky
Mother:  not known b Kentucky
Informant:  Chas H. BODEN?, Louisville

Goodloe COMBS
married, white, male, farmer
Spouse:  Bessie COMBS
Age 31 yrs
Born:  25 Apr 1897 Ky
Died:  16 Aug 1927 Glomawr, Perry Co Ky - maslard itis & middle ear abcess
Buried: Cornetts Hill 17 Aug 1927
Father:  Jerry COMBS b Ky
Mother: Ralchel PATRICK b Ky
Informant:  Chas PALLOW, Hazard, Ky

Green A. COMBS
married, white, male
Age: 76 yrs
Born:  14 Aug 1848 Perry Co Ky
Died:  31, Mar 1926 Manchester, Clay Co Ky
Buried:  (blank)
Father:  William COMBS b North Carolina
Mother:  Margaret KELLEY b Perry Co Ky
Informant: (blank)

Grover C. COMBS
single, white, male, farmer
Age:  38 yrs, 7 mos 8 ds
Born:  26 Oct 1890 Kentucky
Died:  31 May 1929 Glomawr, Perry Co Ky - tuberculosis pulmonary
Buried: Glomawr 1 Jun 1929, (G.W. NICHOLSON)
Father:  Jerry COMBS b Kentucky
Mother:  Martha BARNETT b Kentucky
Informant:  J. W. COMBS, Glomawr, Ky

widowed, white, male, teamster
Age:  61 yrs, 4 mos, 29 ds
Born:  10 June 1868 Kentucky
Died:  9 Nov 1929 Clemons, Perry Co Ky - chronic myocarditis hypostatic pneumonia
Buried:  (blank)
Father:  Woodson COMBS b Kentucky
Mother:  Rachel BOWMAN b Kentucky
Informant:  Ledford COMBS, Clemons, Ky

widowed white, male
Age:  81 yrs 3 mos 5 ds
Born:  4 April 1842 Perry Co Ky
Died:  9 Jul 1923 Lower Ball, Knott Co Ky - old age no physian
Buried:  Richies Ky 10 Jul 1923
Father:  Mose COMBS b no record
Mother:  Nancy CAMPBELL b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  Lee COMBS, Talcum Ky

Hurkus COMBS
married, white, male, coal mining
Resides:  Clemons, Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Ruth COMBS
Age:  39 yrs, 4 mos 13 ds
Born:  19 May 1909 Perry Co Ky
Died:  2 Oct 1948 Clemons, Perry Co Ky cadiac failure
Buried:  Hazard, Ky 4 Oct 1948 (Maggard, Blair & Garrett)
Father:  John H. COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Clearinda HURT b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  Earshel COMBS, Clemmons, Ky

married, white, male, minister & farmer
Resides:  Jeff, Ky (for whole life)
Age:  89 yrs 10 mos 10 ds
Born:  29 May 1845, Jeff, Perry Co Ky
Died:  8 Apr 1934 Jeff, Perry Co Ky - old age
Buried:  Jeff, Ky 9 Apr 1934 (?H. Engle)
Father:  Talton COMBS b North Carolina
Mother:  Elizabeth ISOM b Letcher County Ky
Informant:  Talton COMBS, Hazard, Ky

married, white, male, miner
Resides Rural (Lothair, Ky), Perry Co Ky
Spouse:  Margurite COMBS age 66 yrs
Age:  80 yrs 5 mos 9 ds
Born:  30 Apr 1861 Breathitt Co Ky
Died:  9 Oct 1941 Lothair, Perry Co Ky - cardiac decompensation
Buried:  ?Manuel, Ky 11 Oct 1941 by Maggard & Garrett
Father:  Larkin COMBS b unknown
Mother:  Aggie COMBS b unknown
Informant:  Jerry COMBS, Lothair, Ky

married, white, male, farmer
Age:  76 yrs, 2 mos 5 ds
Born:  24 Jan 1838 Knott Co Ky (should be Perry)
Died:  29 Apr 1914 Knott Co Ky - pneumonia fever
Buried:  Old Hill Grave - 30 Apr 1914 by Anderson COMBS, Smithsboro, Ky
Father:  Jerry COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Sally KELLY b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  Thos. GIBSON, Smithsboro, KY

married, colored, male, farmer
Resides: Jackson, Breathitt Co KY
Spouse:  Thursea COMBS, age 65 yrs
Age:  72 yrs, 3 mos, 26 ds
Born:  27 Mar 1871 Perry Co Ky
Died:  23 Jun 1943 Jackson, Breathitt Co Ky - organic heart disease
Buried:  Kings Br. Cem., 24 Jun 1943 by Friends & family
Father:  William COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Mary JACKSON b Breathitt Co Ky
Informant:  Thursea COMBS, Jackson, Ky

cert#9143 (Delay)
widowed, white, female, housekeeping
Age:  79 yrs 3 mos, 11 ds
Born:  10 Dec 1833 Perry Co Ky
Died:  21 Mar 1913 Jackson, Breathitt Co Ky - organic heart disease
Buried:  Sewell graveyard 22 Mar 1913 by John DEAN, Jackson, Ky
Father:  Bonapart COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Susan ISON b Perry Co Ky
Informant:  Sophia COMBS, Jackson, Ky

Jeremiah COMBS
married, white, male, farmer
Resides:  Emmalina , Ky
Spouse:  Rachel PATRICK
Age:  73 yrs, 8 mos
Born:  Nov. 1858 Perry Co
Died: 31 Aug 1931 Emmaline, Knott Co Ky
Buried: Knott Co Ky 1 Sept 1931 G.W. Nicholason
Father:  Wesley COMBS b Perry Co Ky
Mother:  Polly PATTON b Ky
Informant:  John W. COMBS, Glomawr, Ky


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