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Perry County, KY

Perry County, Kentucky - Wills
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Transcribed by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews

Will of James Stacy
Abstracted by Jackie T. Burton

Dated 1917

John Stacy
Clayton Stacy
Sylvester Stacy
Manford Stacy
Melda Stacy
Riley Stacy
Jasper Stacy
Alice Stacy
Fannie Stacy
Belle Stacy
Mollie Stacy
Robert Stacy
Chester Stacy

Wife: Sally

(Other) Heirs:
Lewis Stacy
Pearly Stacy
Nora or Nola Stacy

Executor: L.B. Brashear to be executor

Codicil: Jasper Stacy to be executor.

Clayton Stacy md. Leitha Williams 29 August 1890
Riley Stacy md. Nannie Messer 9 May 1908
Fannie Stacy md. Monroe Combs 19 August 1915
Melda md. Mr. Fugate


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