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the Sesquicentennial publication of Todd County (1819 - 1969)
Submitted by Karthryn B. Young.

The Allensville Community was one of the first settlements. Before 1808 the following had established homes on Elk Horn Creek: George and Thomas Cross,John Hill1 James Lowry, John Graham, a Mr. Bainbridge and a Mr. Vallandingham. Horatio and Estley Muir, brothers, came from Fayette County in 1809.

John Graham from North Carolina and Peter Cartwright were the "only Apostles of "Methodism" in the county until 1810.

John Small a native of Shelby County came in 1810. He constructed one of the oldest mills, William Randall, W.J., Hooser and Squire Lowery were later owners. Other millers were: M.L. Lesley, Graham and Gill, Charles A. Bailey, John Petrie and Joseph Watkins. In 1845 Estley Muir built a horse-powered mill. Greer and Chestnut operated a tannery.

Squire Boone, nephew of Daniel Boone came to the Allensville section in 1815. He died a year later as result of wounds suffered in the late war. His widow and son operated a tavern in Elkton, possibly the first.

Capt. James Gill settled in the district in 1814. His wife, Margaret, was a sister to Governor Wickliffe. John Bellamy, a Virginian, came from Fayette County in 1819. He operated one of the first distilleries in the county near Daysville and another on Elk Horn Creek.

Fairview - James and John Montgomery were the first settlers in the Fairview
section, arriving from Virginia in 1782 and immediately constructed a block house for protection against the Indians. Not far away John and Ruth Fritz had a home in the Vaughn Grove neighborhood. They came from Pennsylvania in 1790-91.

Samuel Davis, father of Jefferson Davis came from Georgia in 1793 and built a home where the Bethel Baptist Church now stands.  In 1800 another settler, Edward Shanklin halted his journey at Sam Davis' Inn 'Wayfarer's Rest".  A son, Fielding Shanklin married Mary Tillman, daughter of George Tillman, who came early. Brother, Gideon came about 1802. Others came before 1803, many of them from Virginia.

In 1814-15 Spottswood Smith of Virginia settled in the section near Spring Creek. Contemporary arrivals were Henry Jetter, Squire William M. Terry, William Willis,  Samuel Taliaferro, William King, John Roach, Daniel Hasser, Frank Eddington, John P, Balor and Hock Madison, Settlers who came in 1820 were William Taylor, Alfred Coulter, Nathan Parker and "Pouchy" Anderson.

 The first settlers in the Bell' 5 Chapel section were Thomas Bryan, Andrew and John Mann and Peter Burrus, arrival uncertain.  Hazel Petrie and the Rev. Caleb Bell were active in establishing the church which is closely identified with the community.

Hebron Camp Ground was the site for Presbyterian meetings in early years. One of the first pastors was Dr, J. Me Gill and among the members were the McClain and Lee families.

Guthrie - Among the first to settle here were Henry Gorin, Gabriel Roach, John Moore, Elliott Vauter, John Gray, James Allen, Ezeriah Davis, John R. Byars, John C. Frazier. In 1808 Dr, Charles Meriweather and Henry Barker came  prospecting. They received a 4000 acre grant for service rendered in the American Revolution.

Many thanks to Kathryn B. Young, for graciously allowing the use of her work on the Todd County KYGenWeb.

Submitted Feb. 27th, 1999 by Kathryn B. Young

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