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The following are abstracts from 
Montgomery County, Tennessee newspapers.
Each of these marriages has KENTUCKY connections.

Generously submitted by Kathryn BrownYoung, Route 2, Calhoun, KY 42327

Alphabetical order by groom's surname...use Edit and Find on page buttons for bride.

Adams, R. M. married Miss M.J. Grady on the 27th Dec. at Moore's Hotel by Rev. T.D. Wardlaw all of Todd County, KY (CJ 5 Jan. 1866)

Allenworth, Stephen P. married Miss Lucie Gill on 22d Feb. in Todd County,  KY (CWC 2 March 1866)

Anderson, C.B. married Miss Vestina Willis on the 27th  ult by Rev. S.A. Holland in Christian County  (5 Oct. 1866)

Barnham, Alexander of Montgomery County married Miss E.J. Rosseter on the 5th at the bride's father's in Lafayette, KY (6 July 1866)

Barnum, Charles of this county married Miss Belle Walker of KY in Montgomery, TN on the 16th of Aug. 1860 by Rev. Dr. Ridley (CJ 29 Aug. 1860)

Boyd, W.T. of Cheatham County married Miss Sarah Gertrude, daugther of Dr. W.H. Kidd of Exchange, KY, on 12 Jan. 1860 by Rev. Mr. Gardener

Buckner, Henry C. married Miss Sue S. Holt of Bourbon Co. on the 10th at Woodlawn, Bourbon Co., KY (13 July 1866)

Cardin, James C. of Lewisburg, KY married Miss Juliet Sutcliffe of Crittenden Co. KY on 6? Dec. 1860

Davis, Capt. C.J. of Montgomery Co. TN married Miss Cora T. Goodloe of Woodford Co. KY on the 25th May (CWC 8 June 1866)

Dickerson, R. of KY married Miss Sarah, daugther of J.D. Watts of Clarksville, on the 15th at the bride's father's by Rev. A.D. Sears (CWC 18 May 1866)

Donaldson, J.C. married Miss Bettie V. Homar of Roaring Springs, KY on the 16th Oct. by N.J. Mills, Esquire near Asbury Church in this county (CJ 3 Nov. 1865)

Embory, Samuel F. married Miss Lockart Quarles on 6 Feb. in Christian Co., KY (CWC 2 March 1866)

Fowler, Wells of Clarksville married Mrs. E. Poindexter of Todd Co. KY on 28 Feb. 1860 in Elkton, KY

Gill, C.B. of Allensville, KY married Miss Dona Mallory of Robertson Co. TN on the 19th by Rev. I.B. Walton at the home of the bride's mother in Robertson Co. (27 April 1866)

Gill, Samuel H. of Todd Co. KY married Miss Maggie Wilcox of Montgomery Co. TN on 3 Dec 1861 by Rev. Plasters.

Gourd, Hard. married Miss Elizabeth Hobbs of Ohio Co. KY on 18 Oct. 1860 by Eli Lockert, Esquire

Grant, Sam B. of Tait's Springs, TN married Miss M.F. Clark of Hopkinsville, KY on the 29th inst. in Hopkinsville (30 Nov. 1866)

Green, Edward H. of Henderson, KY married Mrs. Martha House of Clarksville on 24 Jan. 1860 at the home of John F. House, Esquire by Rev. W.D.F. Sawrie.  (CJ 25 Jan. 1860)

Green, James M. of St. Louis, MO married Miss Ada S. Sebree of Todd Co. on the 18th ult by Elder C.M. Day (4 Jan 1867)

Gunn, B.S. of Clarksville married Miss Cassie D. Penice of Todd Co. on 10 Jan 1860 by Rev. Gill

Harris, Walter of Clarksville married Miss Mollie Barker of Todd Co. on 15 Nov 1860 in Todd Co. by Elder Campbell (CJ 28 Nov. 1860)

Harrison, James H. married Miss Vetrua(Vetura) Carneal 30 Aug. 1861 in McCracken Co. KY

Hays, Richard L. married Miss Mollie Cole on the 2nd at Elkton, KY by W.E. Mobley, all of Todd Co. (CJ 5 Jan 1866)

Jones, Dr. Shelby W. of Montgomery Co. TN married Miss Mollie Hunt of Christian Co. KY on the 5th by Rev. A.T. Crawford (20 April 1866)

Keesee, John A. of Montgomery Co. TN married Mrs. Fannie D. Whitlock, daugther of D. Parrish of Christian Co. KY on 4 Dec. 1860 by Rev. A.D. Smith

Kelly, Capt. Edwin, formerly of New Providence, married Mrs. Marie Evans of Christian Co. KY on the 7th in Christian Co. (CWC 25 May 1866)

Kimbrough, T.R. of KY married Miss Bettie Kimbrough of Montgomery Co. TN on the 18th inst. at home of J.M. Rice by Rev. R.S. Hunter (CJ 19 Jan 1866)

Merriwether, W.D. married Miss Maria Winston on 30 Jan 1861 by Rev. Plasters, all of Todd Co. KY

Metcalf, Joseph of Christian Co. KY married Miss Eddie, daugther of George P. Allen, Esquire of Montgomery Co. TN on the 16th inst. by Rev. J.B. West (19 Oct. 1866)

Moore, William S. of Clarksville married Miss Nannie Durrett of Hopkinsville, KY on the 13th in Christian Co. by Rev. Miles (CWC or CJ 16 March 1866)

Northington, Ed W. married Miss Maria Watkins of Todd Co. KY on 18 Dec 1861 by the Rev. Plasters

Page, J.W. married Miss Mary E. Dawson on the 20th by Rev. S.P. Chestnut at Moore's Hotel, all of KY (7 Dec. 1866)

Poindexter, R.H. of New Providence married Miss Bunnie Poindexter of Todd Co. KY on the 5th by Rev. S.A. Holland (CJ 13 Oct. 1865)

O'Donell, P.H. married Miss Mary Killroy of Bowling Green, KY on the 20th April by Rev. Ringgold (CWC 4 May 1866)

Ragan, D.J. of Cadiz, KY married Mrs. Fannie W. Long of Montgomery Co. on the 31st Jan by Dr. Pirtle (CJ 2 Feb. 1866)

Ragsdale, William married Miss A.B. Collins near Lafayette, KY, all of Christian Co. KY (7 Dec 1866)

Simmons, R.M. of Adairsville married Miss Lenna Orndoff of Hadensville, KY on the 25th Oct. by
Rev. J.B. West (CJ 3 Nov. 1865)

Sinclair, Dr. J.G. of Canada West married Miss Bettie P. Edwards on the 22nd in Russellville, KY by Rev. Gardiner (25 Jan 1867)

Stall, Leroy J. married Miss Mollie Coyle both of Hopkins Co. KY on the 30th Oct. in Clarksville by C. Faxon, Esquire (CJ 10 NOv 1865)

Thomas, Dr. Ben H. son of our senior editor married Miss Lucy West on the 5th in Trigg Co. KY
(7 Dec. 1866)

Thompson, Dr. Jo. W. of Paducah married Miss Vic. O'Brien of Allensville, KY on the 12th at the bride's mother's by Rev. Foggie (15 Feb. 1867)

Tickner, George P., late of Rockville, IN married Miss M.A. Allen of Hopkinsville, KY on 29th July in Hopkinsville, KY (CJ 8 Aug. 1860)

Wall, Joseph W. of near Palmyra married Miss Sue J. Martin on the 31st Jan. (CJ 2 Feb. 1866)

Ward, George H. married Mary J. Wilson both of KY on the 20th by J.N. Bailey, Esq. (2 Nov. 1866)

Watson, Thos. of KY married Miss Mary E. Pride of Montgomery Co. TN on the 15th by Rev. Adams (CJ 24 Nov. 1865)

Williams, Dr. Ben L. of Garrets, KY married Ellen, youngest daughter of R.W. Thomas, editor of this paper on the 17th in Clarksville by Rev. A.W. Meacham (CJ 19 Jan. 1866)

Wilson, L.H. married Miss Frannie Miller 23 Aug 1860 in Pembroke, KY

Wood, Dr. Ben S. married Miss M. Helen Bowling both of Christian Co. on 22nd by Rev. A.D. Sears in Clarksville (CWC 23 Nov. 1866)

Vaughn, Joshua P. of Ballard Co. KY married Sarah V. Mallory of Cheatham Co. 18 June 1861 (CWC 26 June 1861)

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