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December 2001
January 2002

Bachelor or Friendship Cemetery 1/02/02
Ebenezer Cemetery Plat with some listings
Holland Private Cemetery
Hunt Private Cemetery
Hunter Private Cemetery
Mt. Zion Cemetery [ near Mokane]
Myers [Meyers] Private Cemetery - not numbered]
New Hope Baptist Cemetery
Nine Mile Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Brick Providence Cemetery - 1/1/02
Old Cedar Primitive Baptist Church
Old Mt. Tabor Cemetery - 1/06/02
Todd Cemetery
Trimble Cemetery
Washington Cemetery [ not numbered ]
Weeks Private Cemetery [ not numbered or on list]
Westminister Presbyterian Cemetery
White Cloud Cemetery
Wise Family Cemetery
Wright Family Cemetery
Yates Family Cemetery

C Name Marriage file 1/02/02
B Name Marriage file 1/03/02
D Name Marriage file 1/04/02
E Name Marriage File 1/05/02
F Name Marriage File 1/06/02



Battle of Moore's Mill- Official Report of Federal Officers

Battle of Moore's Mill - Engagement Report- Casualty list

Black Hawk War - History of the Campaign- Fulton Telegraph 13 August 1875

Callaway County Guard- Civil War- list of the Guard- 1861

Oath of Allegiance- Loyalty Oath of 1865-

Tate Family in the Civil War - records of pension applications

Trial of John Owen of Callaway County, 1862- and Sentencing to be shot to death

War of 1812 Soldiers - Residents of Callaway 1858-1871-1879