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Cedar County, Nebraska

Do you have Cedar County photographs you would like to share? We are looking for photographs of Cedar County residents, events, or places. If you have photos of unidentified Cedar County residents, we will also post those in hopes someone can identify them! Please contact me for details on submitting photographs.

To submit photographs, e-mail Carol Tramp,
Coordinator for Cedar County

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Beaver Creek ball team
Please e-mail me if you can identify anyone in this photo or know the year it was taken. Submitted by Carol Tramp

Paragon Church Confirmation Class, year unknown
Top row from left: Harvey Olsen, (Helen Swan's brother,) Clara Schager, Herbert Bottolfsen, Mabel Riibe (Louis Riibe's sister), Louis Riibe, Alice Lentz. Bottom row from left: Allen Olsen, Mary Bottolfsen, Elvina Jensen, Rev. Thompson, Cleone Olsen (Leland Olsen's sister).
Submitted by Connie R. Loftus

Carmack/Patrick Barbershop, Coleridge NE, ca 1910.
Opened by David Carmack using proceeds from a land sale. He homesteaded a 40 acre tree claim of walnut trees halfway between Hartington and Coleridge (later the site of a country school called "Happy Valley School" by the children) and purchased an adjacent 40 acre farm. All property was sold just prior to opening this barbershop. Photo may be more accurately dated based on a sale deed. Front chair: co-owner Irving L. Patrick, b.9/9/1876; d.10/29/1936. Middle chair: co-owner David Frank Carmack b.1/6/1865; d.9/17/1922. Back chair: believed to be Jessie Patrick b.2/12/1881; d.3/2/1935. Submitted by Mike Dooley

Carmack Restaurant/Hotel, Coleridge NE, ca. 1910
George Leroy Carmack (b.4/9/1895 Hartington, NE; d.2/21/1987 Billings, MT) seated at rear table (facing camera). Vella Josephine Carmack (b.9/18/1894 Hartington, NE; d.1/5/1989 St. Onge, SD), Vera Frances Carmack (b.3/19/1890 Ute, IA; d.12/7/1961 Billings, MT) and mother Carrie Elizabeth Patrick Carmack (b.6/28/1870 Ute, IA; d.3/1/1952 Billings, MT; m.6/17/1888 to David Frank Carmack b.1/6/1865 Harvard, IL; d.9/17/1922 Sioux Falls, SD) preparing to serve. David F. Carmack was co-owner of the Carmack-Patrick Barbershop while his wife operated the adjacent restaurant and hotel. Submitted by Mike Dooley

Hammond and Worth
This appears to be a well-drilling rig. The hand-lettered sign reads Hammond-Worth.† I believe this is a photograph of my and other relatives.† It may have been taken in the 1890's.† It is the only record I have that they were in Cedar County, NE. Please let me know if you can identify anyone in the photo or have additional information about it.
Submitted by Barbara Rainey

Hartington IOOF Lodge
This photo includes my great grandfather, David S. Ewing. It is a photo of the Hartington IOOF lodge (Odd Fellows) taken about 1890 as best I can tell. My grandfather is the second from the left in the second row. At one time I had an e-mail from the IOOF that explained the various props in the photo but I have misplaced it. As I remember, everything signifies the rank or office of the person. My great-grandfather is holding a gavel and I was told that the gavel signified that he was the "president." I have been unable to identify any of the other lodge members. Several years ago I sent a copy to the Hartington paper and they ran it to see if anyone could ID the others.
My grandfather & son of David S., David E. Ewing, lived diagonally across from the grocery store. He owned and ran the Globe clothing store in Hartington for many years, finally selling it in the 1940's.
Submitted by David Ewing

Ladies Aide Group, Laurel, NE, cir., early 1900s
The back reads: Taken of the Ladiesí Aid from the Laurel Church in Laurel, Nebraska at Henry Gartnerís farm. Mrs. Gartner sitting in the front seat with the unidentified driver. Back seat is Mrs. Paulson, Mrs. John Heitman, and Mrs. Aug Ohlhorst. Sitting on the fender is Mrs. Regina Evers, an unidentified girl, and Mrs. Clara (Gartner) Walter.
Submitted by Jackie Hensley

Pumpkin Rollers Baseball Team, ca. 1924
This was a Northeast Cedar County baseball team. Included in the photo are three Guenther boys, two Goebels,
a Jackson and a Steffen in the picture. Please e-mail me if you can identify anyone in this photo.
Submitted by Carol Tramp

Steam Tractor, ca. 1905
This steam tractor was operated in Cedar County, NE by William Archibald Urquhart (seated on tractor; b.11/30/1876 Rockford, IL; d.10/10/1956 Billings, MT) and his brother Peter James Urquhart (standing; b.12/25/1872 Rockford, IL; d.2/7/1960 Pierre, SD). The Urquhart brothers threshed grain and husked corn in the area from 1900-1910; William also sold farm machinery and worked as a farm equipment mechanic. William owned one of two cars in Coleridge; the other was owned by the town doctor. †Their father owned the Urquhart Confectionary and Tobacco Shop. Submitted by Mike Dooley



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