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Do you have Cedar County photographs you would like to share? We are looking for photographs of Cedar County residents, events, or places. If you have photos of unidentified Cedar County residents, we will also post those in hopes someone can identify them! Please contact me for details on submitting photographs.

To submit photographs, e-mail Carol Tramp,
Coordinator for Cedar County

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Nohr Family Barn  Newer View of Barn   Built in the 1920's; damaged in the 1930's by a tornado and repaired. Bands including the Lawrence Welk band played upstairs on the barn's hardwood dance floor. The barn has a bench setting around it, basketball hoops, etc. Submitted by Rod Nohr

Nohr Family Home & Standard Oil Station   This picture shows the house I grew up in. The right side (roof peak) is the old Standard Oil Station which is one of the reasons Aten stayed on maps after the post office and Standard Station closed. Standard Oil maps showed Aten and were copied by most other map makers. The left side (roof peak) is the old Aten Store. James Marsh started the store in the summer of 1881 after to big flood that destroyed Green Island, NE. My grandfather Henry Nohr came to work for Marsh at the Marsh farm and store about 1894. Submitted by Rod Nohr

Parker Hotel & Henry Nohr Family Home   View looking north. This is the Henry Nohr family home where my father grew up. The house was the Parker Hotel in Aten and reportedly had some materials salvaged from Green Island used in its construction. My great uncle John married Sadie Parker and they ran the hotel until moving to the Kanarado, Kansas area to homestead about the turn of the 20th century. There they ran a hotel near the rail line through Kanarado, KS. This Aten house was unused for years, deteriorated, and was torn down and removed in the early 2000's. Submitted by Rod Nohr

George Bailey Home & Blacksmith Shop   Looking NW at the east end of Blacksmith Shop   George Bailey was one of Aten's blacksmiths. The blacksmith shop was moved about a block and is still used by the Nohr family as a shop building.
Submitted by Rod Nohr

One of Aten's original homes     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Boat repair shop, now closed      Submitted by Carol Tramp

Aten Resort Sign - Murdo's      Submitted by Carol Tramp

Murdo's Resort      Submitted by Carol Tramp

Murdo's Outdoor Seating Area      Submitted by Carol Tramp


Coleridge Street Scene
I believe this photo was taken ca. 1885, and the man in the buckboard may be my great-grandfather John R. Robinson. He came to the area working on the railroad from St. Joseph MO to Yankton SD. Submitted by Quentin Robinson

Henderson's Hardware Store
Owned and operated by Kelly Henderson, Coleridge NE, early 1900s.     Submitted by Jackie Hensley

Carmack/Patrick Barbershop, Coleridge NE, ca 1910.
Opened by David Carmack using proceeds from a land sale. He homesteaded a 40 acre tree claim of walnut trees halfway between Hartington and Coleridge (later the site of a country school called "Happy Valley School" by the children) and purchased an adjacent 40 acre farm. All property was sold just prior to opening this barbershop. Photo may be more accurately dated based on a sale deed. Front chair: co-owner Irving L. Patrick, b.9/9/1876; d.10/29/1936. Middle chair: co-owner David Frank Carmack b.1/6/1865; d.9/17/1922. Back chair: believed to be Jessie Patrick b.2/12/1881; d.3/2/1935. Submitted by Mike Dooley

Carmack Restaurant/Hotel, Coleridge NE, ca. 1910
George Leroy Carmack (b.4/9/1895 Hartington, NE; d.2/21/1987 Billings, MT) seated at rear table (facing camera). Vella Josephine Carmack (b.9/18/1894 Hartington, NE; d.1/5/1989 St. Onge, SD), Vera Frances Carmack (b.3/19/1890 Ute, IA; d.12/7/1961 Billings, MT) and mother Carrie Elizabeth Patrick Carmack (b.6/28/1870 Ute, IA; d.3/1/1952 Billings, MT; m.6/17/1888 to David Frank Carmack b.1/6/1865 Harvard, IL; d.9/17/1922 Sioux Falls, SD) preparing to serve. David F. Carmack was co-owner of the Carmack-Patrick Barbershop while his wife operated the adjacent restaurant and hotel. Submitted by Mike Dooley

Coleridge NE, ca. 1905-1910
I believe this photo was taken ca. 1905-1910 based on both the Carmack-Patrick Barbershop and the Carmack Restaurant/Hotel in the lower-right corner. A local historian may be able to date this from other buildings in the photo. Submitted by Mike Dooley

Urquhart Confectionary and Tobacco Shop, Coleridge NE, ca. 1900
George Jay Urquhart (b.10/28/1885 Greene Co., IA; d.4/1968 Post Falls, ID) and sister Agnes Darling Urquhart (b.11/20/1870 Rockford, IL; d.9/23/1961 Yankton, SD) at the counter. The shop was owned by their father, James Urquhart (b.10/1833 Scotland; d.5/15/1925 Pierre, SD). Submitted by Mike Dooley

Steam Tractor, ca. 1905
This steam tractor was operated in Cedar County, NE by William Archibald Urquhart (seated on tractor; b.11/30/1876 Rockford, IL; d.10/10/1956 Billings, MT) and his brother Peter James Urquhart (standing; b.12/25/1872 Rockford, IL; d.2/7/1960 Pierre, SD). The Urquhart brothers threshed grain and husked corn in the area from 1900-1910; William also sold farm machinery and worked as a farm equipment mechanic. William owned one of two cars in Coleridge; the other was owned by the town doctor.  Their father owned the Urquhart Confectionary and Tobacco Shop. Submitted by Mike Dooley


Former Gas Station/Store    Submitted by Carol Tramp


Cedar County Courthouse  Built in 1857 a mile north of present day St. James. 30 head of oxen were used to move it.
Cedar County Museum Collection

War Ration Book cover, Mynne Carlson     War Ration Stamps, Mynne Carlson
War Ration Books, May Morten     Ration Books Holder
   Cedar County Museum Collection

1905 Directory, The Cedar County Farmers Telephone Company   Donated by Mrs. Alfred Anderson. Cedar County Museum Collection

Cedar County Road Construction   Cedar County Museum Collection

History of Meridian Highway Bridge     History of Discovery Bridge

Meridian Highway Bridge Under Construction, Nebraska to Yankton, SD, 1923
Photographer Alma Tramp had a life-long fascination with the bridge. In 2008, Discovery Bridge replaced the Meridian Highway Bridge, which is now a walking bridge maintained by the State of South Dakota. Submitted by Carol Tramp

Meridian Highway Bridge Under Construction, Nebraska to Yankton, SD, 1924, View 1
Photographer Alma Tramp. Submitted by Carol Tramp

Meridian Highway Bridge Under Construction, Nebraska to Yankton, SD, 1924, View 2
Construction of the Meridian Highway Bridge from rural Cedar County, Nebraska, to Yankton, SD, was completed in October 1924. Photographer Alma Tramp took this photo from the Nebraska side of the bridge. Submitted by Carol Tramp

Meridian Highway Bridge, 1927  Submitted by Carol Tramp

Meridian Highway Bridge, 2009  Taken from the Nebraska side. Submitted by photographer Carol Tramp

Meridian Highway Bridge, 2009  Taken from the South Dakota side. Submitted by photographer Carol Tramp

Discovery Bridge, 2009, View 1  Submitted by photographer Carol Tramp

Discovery Bridge, 2009, View 2  Submitted by photographer Carol Tramp

Crossing the Missouri River, June 2009  Submitted by photographer Carol Tramp


Downtown Fordyce, photo taken from the south looking north.   Submitted by Carol Tramp

Fordyce Fire Hall  Submitted by Carol Tramp

Fordyce Co-op Credit Association, now closed.  Submitted by Carol Tramp


Aerial View of Hartington     Cedar County Museum Collection.

Cedar County Institute  August 27, 1914, Hartington.   Cedar County Museum Collection.

Hartington Picture Postcard    Submitted by Connie R. Loftus

Cedar County Historical Marker     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Hartington Historical Marker     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Cedar County Museum     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Cedar County News     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Globe Clothing Store, est. 1901     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Hartington City Auditorium     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Cedar County Courthouse, 2009     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Hartington Hotel     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Old Hartington Public Library     Submitted by Carol Tramp

New Hartington Public Library     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Wintz Funeral Home     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Laying Sidewalk on north side of Goetz Hardware Store, 1900     Cedar County Museum Collection

Official Program Hartington Rodeo, 1947     Page 2     Page 3     Back Cover    Cedar County Museum Collection

Road Construction in Cedar County   Donated by Mrs. Alfred Anderson. Cedar County Museum Collection

Great Northern Mills payment letter, 1939  Cedar County Museum Collection

City Auditorium Construction  Cedar County Museum Collection

John Herfkens Elevator receipt, 1937  Cedar County Museum Collection

View of Hartington  Cedar County Museum Collection


E.L. Dimick, Contractor, Laurel NE   Cedar County Museum Collection

16 ft. ditch, E.L. Dimick, Contractor, Laurel NE   Cedar County Museum Collection

MASKELL, Dixon County

Maskell Cemetery, Maskell NE, ca. 2004   Submitted by Carol Tramp


St. Boniface Church and Rectory, Menominee NE, 2002
The cemetery lies to the south of the church and the old school is across the street from the church. Submitted by Carol Tramp

Menominee Shelter House     Submitted by Carol Tramp

Chalkrock Hill Lake, View 1     View 2    St. Boniface steeple can be seen in the distance. Submitted by Carol Tramp


Paragon Historical Marker  Submitted by Connie Loftus


St. Helena Town Sign, cir. 2008. Submitted by Carol Tramp

St. Helena Store, cir. 2008. Submitted by Carol Tramp

St. Helena Social Club, View 1     St. Helena Social Club, View 2
Est. 1913. Once a very popular dance hall. Submitted by Carol Tramp

St. Helena Cemetery Directions Sign, cir. 2008. Submitted by Carol Tramp

St. Helena, cir. 2008, taken from the south. Submitted by Carol Tramp

St. Helena Hall & Old Parochial School, cir. 2008. Submitted by Carol Tramp


SS. Philip and James Church, St. James NE, ca. 2004  Submitted by Carol Tramp

Home of Dr. H.E. McKenzie, Old St. James NE  Submitted by Carol Tramp

Wynot Mill at St. James   Cedar County Museum Collection

St. James Mill Fire  View 1     View 2  October 1908. Mill was built in 1867. Cedar County Museum Collection


Wynot Cemetery Entrance, ca. 2004   Submitted by Carol Tramp

Wynot Harness Shop   Submitted by Carol Tramp

Wynot 1913 Horse Show  Cedar County Museum Collection

Cable Hotel, Wynot, 1907  First hotel, built by J. Cable. Cedar County Museum Collection

Wynot Oil Co.   Submitted by Carol Tramp


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